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Accord PC

Player: Riley Crowder
Creature Type: Vampire
Division: None
City: Portland, OR
VST: Shawn Kneupper

Character Information

Name: Abraxa

Creature Type: Vampire

Cell: Portland, OR

Accord Status: 2

Notable Traits: Cold Angry and Bitter. Abraxa always comes off as somewhat hostile and short tempered, but hes never been seen to actually lash out at another Accordian. He seems to know quite a bit about vampires, and spirits. Hes shown to be much more short tempered with supernaturals that make any inclination that their mortal forms are 'hosts.'

Position and Title: None Known

Known Information

No one is quite clear when Abraxa joined the accord since in some ways people feel like he had always been around. It is hard to tell if it is a magical effect or if he really always had been lingering on the fringes. He became a far more public figure after the Langley Massacre though. He has always made it very public hes a vampire, and a ritualist whose mastered a number of powerful blood magics. He doesnt talk about where he comes from or how long hes been alive, but his lack of acceptance of much of modern technology tells people that he is fairly old. What is very clear though is that he is a very accomplished and remorseless killer. He also seems to be able to acquire information he should not know from the above mentioned blood magics.


None Known


Abraxa is tall and lanky, but is clearly very well muscled and powerful. His features seem somewhat gaunt though and notably inhuman. Those who have seen him fight have observed blades bursting out of his skin at impossible angles. They will also say that his features become even more inhuman and monstrous warping into some sort of terrifying mien, but every person's description seems different.


He is cold and disconnected, emotionally withdrawn and detached. If he cares about the others he works with it is only because he makes efforts to keep them alive in conflict, because he shows it in no other ways.


No one knows quite how old Abraxa is and he refuses to answer, but it is known that he became an active and public figure after the Langley Massacre, before that he was around and some people remember him, but he seemed to simply drift around.


He is plain and simple a killer, he seems to know a dozen ways to kill both men and monsters. Beyond that he seems to have a number of unusual information gathering abilities that revolve around his magic. He also has a considerable amount of stealth skills and is remarkably good at shadowing others.

Known Associates

Endless - It is good to see that others know the shadows like I do.

Aurora Coventry - A strange child, but she is useful in her own way.

David Anderson - Enemies become reluctant allies. The Silence hides many surprises.

Shagohad the Mountain - I would be disappointed that my old opponents keep becoming allies, if they weren't the ones that I also had the hardest time dealing with.

Known Activities

The Accord
Accord Membership - It is said that he joined the Accord in 2001 as one of its early members, but their is some suspcions of this. People remember him most active in 2010 after the Langely Massacre
Operation: Rising Phoenix Mission Patch
Operation Rising Phoenix - It was good to give them the beating they gave us with Langley. It also showed us that they have more tricks to them than simply quiet corruption and violent conflict. They have many more tricks than we first expected.
Operation: Smoke & Mirrors Mission Patch
Operation Smoke and Mirrors - With each great mission their is a sacrifice. This was a quest of blood and fire, as much as smoke and mirrors. I am not sure how to gauge the success of this mission.
Operation: Caldero del Sol Mission Patch
Operation Caldero del Sol - The enemy isn't always a CUT. And sometimes the best thing to purify it with is sacrifice and fire.


  • You know I don't need a knife to kill you, right? Would you like me to show you? -Abraxa
  • "Violent, wrathful, a monster. Abraxa is these things. There is a reason however, one which might surprise." - Setah-sefer
  • "I still can't figure out why Abraxa likes me. I represent his weakest moment, and feed off of a thing he destroys. I'm not going to bitch about an ally though. Especially one who can pop bone shivs out of his arms. Seriously, dude? Creepy." - Endless
  • "Every bit as bad as he used to be. As long as he's pointed at the enemy ... I'm okay with that." - David Anderson
  • "I don't like the way he looks at Aurora, but at least he is better than Manny." - Frankie
  • "A creature who truly understands the nature of power and his place in the world. What better ally could we ask for?" - The Dominus
  • "Creepy as hell how this one just pops out of no where" - James Saulnier
  • "Abraxa was found to be a closeted Pony lover during the Beijing mission. Certain pony items were found in the rubble of the group's first HQ" - Malakel
    • "Can anyone tell me what hes talking about?" -Abraxa
  • "May all the gods defend me from being on the wrong end of this guy's claws... a second time." - Eva Carlisle
  • "He's like, the best guy ever. Big teddy bear." - Aurora Coventry
    • "Stupid Girl." - Abraxa
  • "Didn't he spend more time than not with a wooden spike through his chest in Beijing? From what I saw of that last battle, though, he got his revenge. Scary guy." - Mili
  • "I don't know him well, but I don't need to know him well. I don't know where the fuck he is right now exactly, but I don't need to know that either because wherever he is, he's ruining the fuck out of our target's evening, and that is more than I can say for a lot of people." - F1R3W@LL
  • "Little more than a beast in a man-like form. It is refreshing to see one so honest with one's own nature without using it as an excuse for undisciplined action." - The Dominus
  • "I knew people like him in my world. They were my generals." - Lilith
  • "He certainly set a high bar for himself when he chose his name." - 43


  • Abraxa has known no life other than murder.
  • Abraxa once had a childe, who was killed at the Langley Massacre.
  • It is said that out of revenge he once murdered an entire Truth Cult himself and was cast out of a city for it due to the damage he did to the reality stability of the place.
  • He appears to actually like changelings, for no apparent reason.
  • He secretly serves a cult that wishes to end the world.
  • He once tried to murder David Anderson. Neither of them will speak about the reason they both walked away.
  • He is the influence for Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo.
  • The Hound in Game of Thrones is modeled after him.
  • He killed a Prince in Peru. This was not the first time.
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OOC Info

Player: Riley Crowder

MES Number: US2002021992

Location: Portland, OR