Absolom Mateyka

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Name: Absolom Mateyka
Type: Vampire
Status: Lance 0 (ex 3), Nosferatu 1
Cell: Rattle Watch, NYC
Status: 2 (pending)
Division: None
Status: N/A

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Absolom is a Caucasian male, roughly six feet tall and with an apparent age in his late thirties. His pale skin is often adorned with ritualistic markings, such as a cross in blood on his forehead. He black and seemingly soulless eyes, short dark hair with a long wiry beard, and jagged row of teeth on the top of his mouth. Absolom's voice is a raspy, throaty croak when he speaks, with a tendency to take pauses before key words when speaking to emphasize feelings of unease. He always wears long, flowing black clothes with a hood and walks around with a black cane carved to look like a serpentine dragon.

Absolom is insatiably curious about dark or nefarious practices (demonic contracts, secret nasty vampire rituals, cannibalism, etc.) and is an accomplished Theban sorcerer, especially fond of making blood rain down from the sky upon the wicked.


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Ahlsom Mateyka was born in the Austrian town of Judenberg in the mid 1860's. His parents and he emigrated to the United States shortly after the formation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to seize opportunities written about by family friends who had been living in New York City after the Civil War.

Ahlsom's parents were devout Lutherans and his father was an ordained minister in the church. After having seen the negative impact of the rampant gang warfare in the Five Points, Ahlsom joined the seminary like his father before him to spread the word of God. When he was in his late thirties, Ahlsom began to exhibit peculiar injuries on his hands and feet and became distraught. One evening, when the wounds reappeared, he raced out to his church to seek guidance and solace from God...but never made it inside.

As he ran through the cemetery and approached the side doors to the church that evening, a dark shadow stood in his path. The shade spoke only this in a low whisper: "Are you a man of God?" Ahlsom could barely utter his frightened "Yes" before it attacked him in the dead of night. We he regained consciousness, he saw that same specter looming over him as he laid amidst wet garbage in a tunnel below the streets. The specter introduced itself as Korvin, and revealed the nature of his attack. Alhsom was embraced, and became Kindred.

The first two years of his requiem were difficult, coming to grasp with what he had become...how this existence could possibly be allowed under God's divine providence. Then, when Ahlsom's parents died when the PS General Slocum caught fire and sank in the East River in 1904, his last ties to the mortal world were severed.

Accepting what he had become, Ahlsom was born again, being baptized in the Church of the Lancea Sanctum and taking the new name Absolom. As one of the Sanctified, Absolom learns the miracles of Theban sorcery and discovered his holy purpose as one of God's damned on Earth. Now, as a member of the Rattle Watch, Absolom fights against to prevent the damnation of not just mankind, but of reality itself.



Quotes From Him

  • "Keep the fight within you strong, for many an asshole yet needs ripping, but it is The Lord's will that we serve as his rippers."

Quotes About Him

  • "Well he's definitely not afraid of jumping in and getting his hands dirty. Guess we'll just have to add umbrellas and a pressure washer to our standard equipment list." - F1R3W@LL
  • "He's definitely a competent Vampire for Jesus, which is godsend--now if we can find a way for him to be more subtle..." - Simon


  • Rumor has it he only dresses the way he does is so that he can be like his daddy Korvin.


Player: Kevin Little
MES Number: US2009104822
Domain: NY-004-D
VST: Matt B.