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Magistrate of Nightmares
Ashen Notary
Dread Esquire

College of Rangers
Owen Conway
Vyktor Primm
Doctor Sage

College of Scriveners
Professor Mercury

College of the Bitter Winds
Dorian Black
Ambrose Crom Cruach
Arthenion the Silent

Legate of Mists
Dread Esquire


Any university thrives on its reputation; The same can be said of the Academy of Ashes. The Institution as a whole works to project a sinister reputation to other Courts and Institutions in order to minimize interference with studies and experiments others might see as too unsavory or risky to pursue.

Not all Scholars, as members of the Academy refer to each other, pursue darker studies – a large number of Scholars are pursuing above-board and reputable research and investigation, choosing to work with the Academy for the wealth of resources and information at their disposal.

While within the Academy, Scholars may bicker about the morality of another researcher’s or college’s methods, outside of the Academy’s harrowed halls the group presents a unified front. In the end, the Academy serves as an institutional reinforcement of the methods and ideals of Autumn.

The Academy was founded in colonial New England on October 31st, 1663. While Halloween wasn’t yet widely celebrated in the Americas, the timing was almost certainly deliberate and the date holds special significance to the Academy. Three Autumn Courtiers are credited with the founding of the Academy’s three colleges. The Academy’s original charter, rumored to have been written in the blood of these founders, has long been lost, but their names are remembered to this day.

“Nimble” Jack Pageant was, by far, the least scholarly of the three. A wizened woodwalker with a penchant for spending time in the Hedge, his preference was to spend time out in the wilds rather than in a room studying. None, however, could dispute his unrivaled knowledge of the Hedge, hobgoblins, and tactics for avoiding and confronting the Gentry. Nimble Jack founded the College of Rangers.

The second of the founders, Braham Radcliffe, was a Fairest historian, record-keeper, and an expert at reading portents from stars. His predictions were legendary and frighteningly accurate. Rumors even exist of a collection of predictions written by Radcliffe, known as “Omens.” Braham is the founder of the College of Scriveners, the historians, lore-keepers and prophets of the Academy.

The third and final founder was a Darkling by the name of Agatha Addler. Agatha, an occultist and expert in Contracts, pledges and forbidden fae lore, long ago embraced the moniker “witch of bitter winds.” She passed the title of “Witch” along to the members of her College, The College of Bitter Winds. They serve today as the magicians and forbidden knowledge-keepers of the Academy.

The founders are no longer around, though rumors exist of this researcher or that catching sight of an old, gnarled woman outside the corner of their eye. The Colleges haven’t changed much in function over the Academy’s storied history, and today serve much the same purpose as they did in olden-times.

Similar to a class ring awarded by mortals upon graduation from a learning institution, a ring is awarded to any Autumn Courtier inducted into the Academy. The ring is a simple band of metal – copper for the College of Rangers, gold for the College of Scriveners, and silver for the College of Bitter Winds. The ring is always hedge-spun, it’s mein indicating to fae and ensorcelled observers the Scholar’s name and date of induction in glowing script.

As a member, you would be part of discussions for all of our activities and you would have a vote on each measure we put forward and election we hold. You would also be privy to secrets and resources that only the Academy can offer.


  • Autumn Mantle 3 or more.

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