Accord NPC Captain

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Accord NPC

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Player: aNST Accord
Creature Type: Abathakathi
Group: The Accord
City: Casablanca, the Congo
VST: aNST Accord

Character Information

  • Name: The Captain
  • Type:
  • Accord Status: (Missing as of 7/15)
  • Notable Traits: Dresses in all black, including armor, with a red necktie
  • Position / Title: Former Cell Leader

In the Accord

The Accord

The Captain is most recently known for breaking members of the Redemption Cell out of their Quarantine. By attuning the ley lines within the Quarantine, he loosened the Quarantine and began a countdown to a Reality implosion that was stopped with the intervention of Operation: Redemption.

He was reported missing, possibly kidnapped, by the Houston cell in the mid-2015.

Early History

The Captain was a Cell Leader in Texas who asked the Council for a Hero's Walk, and given permission to head into the Redemption Quarantine.


From Him

  • "We owe it to these people to not abandon them."

About Him

  • "He's a traitor. Why else would anyone break a Quarantine and risk Reality?"


  • How did he know how to break the Quarantine? Was he McMullin's lover at one point?