Accord NPC Janus

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Accord NPC


Contact: E-mail
Creature Type: Mage
Group: The Accord
Location: Anywhere
VST: aNST Accord

Character Information

  • Name: Janus
  • Type: Archmage
  • Accord Status: 5
  • Notable Traits: Crooked glasses, ugly bowtie, often drinking tea
  • Position / Title:

In the Accord

The Accord

Janus is a recent addition to the Accord. In the middle of 2014, Accordists began to notice that they were being marked by ribbons, and their investigations led them to the fight for Janus' God Machine, a Reality-altering creation that interested Frank Langley. Langley's attack on the Accord during Cincinnati's September 2014 Servant Hunt trapped a series of Accordists between past, present, and future as they tried to repel the Truth's influence and stabilize Reality.

At the end, when the Accord won, Janus agreed to dismantle his God Machine.

Listed as MIA after Operation Stairway to Heaven, in September 2016.

Early History


From Him

  • "I am bound by a higher authority, now that the machine has been removed. The Seekers have a...detente', to prevent any single person with such power to truly change things without consequence."

About Him

  • "You can take that pot and give yourself a hot tea enema, Janus. I am not your playtime buddy, I am not your friend, I am not even your colleague. I am your tool, and nobody needs forgiveness from his tools. Tell us what you brought us here to tell us and don't expect gratitude for the privilege of you trying to put a bandaid over your poor ego." -- F1R3W@LL


  • There is a reason Janus is presented as Two Faced throughout history. Do not trust this man. Do not take his words or actions at face value. There is a dual meaning and a dual loyalty to everything he does.