Accord NPC Kurtz

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Accord NPC

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Player: aNST Accord
Creature Type: Abathakathi
Group: The Accord
City: Kinshasa
VST: aNST Accord

Character Information

  • Name: Kurtz
  • Type: Abathakathi
  • Accord Status: 5
  • Notable Traits:
  • Position / Title: Cell Leader

In the Accord

Operation: Heart of Darkness
The Accord

A cell leader in the area of the Congo, who has claimed the dark heart of Africa for his cell. His effectiveness has so far been enough to allow the Council to permit him his freedom, even in the face of the frighting numbers of Abominations.

Early History

Little is commonly known of Kurtz before his role as a cell leader in the Congo.


From Him


  • Kurtz has reached some agreement with Councilor Tepes over his right to control his territory, backed up by his effectiveness.