Accord NPC Proteus

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Accord NPC

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Player: aNST Accord
Creature Type: Promethean
Group: The Accord
City: Sri Lanka
VST: aNST Accord

Character Information

  • Name: Proteus
  • Type: Promethean
  • Accord Status: 5
  • Notable Traits:
  • Position / Title: Cell Leader

In the Accord

The Accord

A cell leader in the Sri Lanka, and more importantly the coordinator of attacks against the Truth all across South and Southeast Asia, Proteus maintains the only consistent, permanent cell in the area.

Early History

None commonly known.


From Him


  • The cells across South and Southeast Asia are temporary, often forming only long enough to manage a specific task before dissolving and being reabsorbed into the Accord at large. Many cells seem to function as Proteus' own versions of the Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) seen in the United States.