Accord NPC Redeemed

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Accord NPC

Sil M.png

Creature Type: Varies
Division: The Accord
City: Varies
VST: aNST Accord

In the Accord

The Accord
Operation: Redemption

In early 2013, Accordists whom the Accord had forgotten began to show up on the doorsteps of cells all over the Accord. Remembering nothing from the past decade, the Accord eventually realized that they were individuals who had been part of the Redemption, Texas Quarantine for the last fourteen years.

Manifesting acute psychological distress as well as extremely high RQ, some of these Accordists took their own lives, causing trouble for the Accord in their location. In most cases, Cells cared for their Redeemed long enough for Son of Wolf to put out his call for building the Enclave in Breckenridge, Colorado. Once the Enclave was complete many of the Redeemed were relocated there and treated under the oversight of Mr. Warden.

At the Enclave, the Redeemed were cared for while the Accord fixed the strain on Reality during Operation: Redemption. Afterward, the Redeemed were allowed to return to their cells, or were put to use elsewhere by the Council.

Early History

In 1999, infighting in the Redemption, Texas cell led to a high RQ situation, leading the Redemption cell to put out a call for aid in pushing back an overwhelming number of abominations which had taken over the local oil refinery, rail system, and downtown area. Volunteers from across the Accord came in Redemption's defense, but ultimately the city was Quarantined and memory of it excised from Reality.

In 2013, a former Cell Leader of Houston known as the Captain asked permission to take a Hero's Walk. Permission was granted and he entered the Redemption Quarantine. Instead of simply joining the fight, however, the Captain chose to try and free members of the Accord trapped there. By adjusting a set of crystals along ley lines in the city, he managed to weaken the Quarantine and release the Redeemed.

Unfortunately, the destabilized Quarantine bled out with the Redeemed and needed outside Accord aid to fix it, leading to Operation: Redemption.



  • Seriously. They died every night for years, and we just left them there doing it.