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Accord NPC

Sil M.png

Player: ANST Accord
Creature Type: ?
Location: The Enclave
VST: ANST Accord

Character Information

Name: Mr. Warden

Creature Type: ? He hangs out with a Mage, anyway

Accord Status: 5

Notable Traits: Lavender eyes matching his lavender tie

Position and Title: Assistant to Councilor McMullin, Overseer of The Enclave.


Warden has a somber, serious bearing, but polite. Roughly 5'8" and no more than a 150 lbs, he dresses in a fitted grey suit and lavender tie. His hair was once brown but is now gray, and his eyes match his tie. His pale skin may suggest a vampiric nature, but his reflection would suggest otherwise.

In the Accord

The Accord

Most Accordists were unfamiliar with Warden before he was named overseer at the Enclave, serving the needs of the Council. Attentive to his duties in aiding the Redeemed until Redemption and its survivors were treated and re-home, he has since appeared in a number of places to represent the Council's interests.

Early History

Known Associates

Blair McMullin


From Him

  • "Welcome to the Enclave. I promise you, here in this place, you are safe. And we will do everything we can to repay the great debt we owe to you."
  • "If my calculations are correct, then the distortion will grow exponentially, though being unable to ascertain its initial size...means that it could take time. Or it may have already encompassed this particular reality."