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OOC: It goes without saying, but while these are IC events, they are happening with fictional journalists, and fictional organizations.
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July, 2017

ICC Begins Supernatural Investigation

VOX News, 7/14/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The prosecutor’s office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is ready to initiate a full investigation of a range of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity, perpetrated by supernaturals against the world wide civilian populace. Multiple sources have indicated that the chief prosecutor may also seek to investigate crimes committed against supernaturals by individual governments. Officials from twelve countries, including the United States and Russia, visited the Hague recently to discuss the potential investigation and to help define its scope. Even once an investigation begins, which is likely to take up to ten years, it is not clear that the prosecutor would ever bring charges against sovereign nations such as the United States or Russia, neither of which signed the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Springfield Obelisk Vanishes

PCN News, 7/14/17 - Anchored by Julianne Bennett
The Springfield Obelisk appears to have suddenly and spontaneously disintegrated, transforming in seconds into black smoke. Curiously, the Obelisk also appears to have been hollow, with walls only 0.1 millimeters thick. Inside appears to have been empty space. With summer winds carrying away the bulk of the smoke, the rest has collected at the bottom. Sources do not yet understand who or what is responsible for this phenomenon. However the radiation cloud is still present, and according to scientists, is set to dissipate by 2020. The CDC, FBI, and DPS are currently investigating the matter.

Dead Sailors Returned

The New Atlantic, 7/14/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
An anonymous source has delivered the bodies of 461 sailors to the US Naval Support Facility on Diego Garcia. All appear to have been victims of the attack on the USS Saratoga late last month, which was part of Task Force 151, assigned with locating a nuclear submarine belonging to the Indian Navy, which itself went missing six months ago. Ironically, the nuclear reactor belonging to the aforementioned submarine was also anonymously delivered to the Indian Naval base at Venduruthy. The US and Indian Navies both declined to comment.

June, 2017

Changeling Advocate Wanted for Questioning

VOX News, 6/26/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Shkira Kushnir, a Changeling Advocate out of Seattle, released a YouTube video announcing the destruction of extra-dimensional beings known as the Gentry, beings who he claims are responsible for the abduction of thousands of people. Mr. Kushnir states that this act was made possible after working in collaboration with other supernaturals, and Mr. Kushnir warns that those freed by this act may be suffering from severe mental disorders, and are to be considered extremely dangerous. The Department of Paranormal Security is investigating these claims, and Mr. Kushnir is now wanted for questioning by the authorities.

USS Saratoga Sunk in the Indian Ocean

PCN News, 6/26/17 - Anchored by Julianne Bennett
The USS Saratoga, a Ticonderoga-Class Cruiser, has been sunk in the Indian Ocean. The Saratoga was part of Task Force 151, assigned to locating the INS Nerpa, an Akula-Class nuclear submarine belonging to the Indian Navy, which went missing six months ago. The Task Force, which also included a destroyer and two support vessels, encountered a man-made island 400 miles North East of the Kerguelen Islands. The man-made island, constructed entirely out of atramentous steel, is populated by individuals who claim the island as their own. After diplomatic efforts failed, the inhabitants of the island attacked the Task Force, crippling the Saratoga and severely damaging the remaining three vessels. As the Task Force now regroups with the Fifth Fleet, it is not yet known how many sailors have died as a result of this incident. Both the US State and Defense Departments declined to comment.

Pope Grey Calls for Utopia

The New Atlantic, 6/26/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Pope Elijah Grey, leader of the Church of Ultimate Truth, released an announcement early this morning, calling for all true believers to join him on New Lebanon, a man-made island in the Southern Indian Ocean. The statement reads: "With the Fall of the Obelisk we have seen our illusions vanish, and recognize a world filled with darkness and evil. A world where the wicked prey upon the righteous. We can no longer trust Governments to protect us, and we have and will defend ourselves if necessary. Thus we must take matters into our own hands. We must claim a land of our own, and from there, spread our light upon the world. Therefore we name this speck of dirt upon the ocean as New Lebanon, and call the faithful to join us in our utopia. For the sun shall rise the next day, illuminating a path forward. We are here to lift humanity out of that darkness. To defend them against evil. To shape a world full of hope. A world that knows the Truth." Pope Grey and the Church of Ultimate Truth are now believed to be responsible for the attack on the USS Saratoga.

Attack on the GAC in Paris

VOX News, 6/15/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The Archivist, home to the Paris based Guild of Archivists and Conservators, was attacked early this morning by a half dozen supernaturals. Witnesses describe one as a large grey giant, and a second as a small petite woman on fire. The group stormed the building in the early hours, killing and wounding several before setting the building ablaze and escaping the scene. The GAC was founded in 1702, and is tasked with promoting the care and preservation of historical archives. It is not yet clear how many historical documents were destroyed in the attack, but nine adults have been killed, and seventeen others wounded. The General Directorate for Internal Security is currently investigating.

Brian Baer, Dead at 67

PCN News, 6/15/17 - Anchored by Julianne Bennett
PCN mourns the loss of one of our own today. Brian Baer, age 67, suffered a sudden psychological break and took his own life late last night. Baer did not have a history of mental illness. He was a former adjunct lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and was a Senior Fellow to the Future of Diplomacy Program. He received numerous honors, including the Legion of Honor from the French Republic, the Urbino World Press Award from the Italian Republic, and a lifetime achievement award from the International Committee on Foreign Journalism. He is survived by his wife, Anne, two children, and three grandchildren.

NIMH Requests Additional Funding

The New Atlantic, 6/15/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The National Institute of Mental Health is requesting additional government funding to combat an increase in childhood mental health disease. NIMH has an annual budget of 1.5 billion, and is requesting an additional 200 million to specifically target children. Normally one in ten children suffers from depression, anxiety or another diagnosable mental health problem. Over the past week however doctors have witnessed a sharp uptick, with children under the age of 18 suffering from "PTSD-level" nightmares, and with no immediate discernible cause. NIMH also warns that intervening early with effective, evidence-based support can not only stop a child’s condition deteriorating to crisis point, but can also have a transformative effect on long-term recovery and life prospects in adulthood.

New Polling Data on Supernaturals

VOX News, 6/12/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Chorus Squared, a private polling company, has completed a year long survey, tracking the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of supernaturals. With the fall of the Obelisk and the F13 revelation, Chorus Squared conducted telephone interviews with approximately 52,000 adults over twelve months. With a margin of error of 3%, their findings are as follows: 31% of Americans view supernaturals in a positive light, while 58% of Americans remain fearful of supernaturals, and 11% remain unsure. These figures are on par with Canada, Europe, and Japan, and are above average when compared to South America, Africa, and Asia. Chorus Squared has no data as it pertains to Russia and China.

Supernatural Prison Break in Algeria

PCN News, 6/12/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Abdelkader military prison outside of Algiers, accused last week by Amnesty International of systematically killing 2000 vampires over the last year, was raided on Friday by unknown elements. Non-lethal means were used to immobilize the local garrison, and twelve prisoners, set for trial in late June, escaped. The culprits for this incident have not yet been identified. The Algerian Department of Intelligence and Security is currently investigating the matter, and claims that the twelve escapees are extremely dangerous. The ADIS has also requested assistance from the US DPS, French DGSE, and Russian FSSS.

IAAP Meets in Vienna

The New Atlantic, 6/12/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The International Association of Applied Psychology is convening an emergency meeting in Vienna to discuss the recent and dramatic increase of psychological occurrences over the past week. The IAAP has not ruled out the possibility of mass supernatural influence, and is coordinating their meeting with global intelligence agencies. The IAAP is an NGO under United Nations umbrella and an associate member of the International Social Science Council under UNESCO. The IAAP includes 3000 scholars and researchers from 90 countries.

Air Force Officer Formally Charged

VOX News, 6/9/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The US Air Force has formally charged Second Lieutenant Dean Pembleton under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. While stationed at a Minuteman Three silo, Lieutenant Pembleton picked up a signal of an incoming projectile, the speed, arc, and trajectory of which suggested that it was a Russian ICBM headed for New London, Connecticut. The base was already at DEFCON Delta, and the launch crew initiated Response Code Orion, which calls for the first in a series of steps to arm their 50 LGM-30 Minuteman rockets. Instead of carrying out this series of steps, Lieutenant Pembleton engaged in a verbal argument for two minutes before Air Force Global Strike Command and the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center confirmed that the object was not an incoming Russian missile but, instead, a harmless meteor. Article 92 is a failure to obey any lawful order or regulation, and carries with it a potential dishonorable discharge, the forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for two years.

Polar Star Now Missing

PCN News, 6/9/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Polar Star, a US Coast Guard Polar icebreaker, has failed to rendezvous with its scheduled port of call in Australia. Originally tasked with locating the INS Nerpa, an Akula-class nuclear submarine belonging to the Indian Navy which went missing six months ago, the Polar Star was recalled one week ago, but has failed to report in. The Polar Star is a 399-foot vessel, weighing 13.5 tons, and carries a crew of 120, along with 30 scientists, and a 6-person helicopter detachment.

Sean Craig Retires from Acting

The New Atlantic, 6/9/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
At the world premiere of his new film "Ursa" in Reykjavik, actor Sean Craig, age 54, surprised the crowd by announcing his retirement from show-business. Craig was scheduled to begin work on a movie called "Into the Light," centered on the struggles of the Church of Ultimate Truth, but the future of that project is now in limbo. Craig is married to Elise Leclair, a UN human rights commissioner, and was made famous by the Vengeful Dead franchise. He won two Emmys for the police drama "Boston Badge," and was Oscar-nominated for Best Actor for his 2011 portrayal of Nikola Tesla in "Currently Alternate."

AFSP Reports Sharp Increase in US Suicides

VOX News, 6/8/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is reporting a sharp uptick in daily suicides in the United States. Dr. Charles Reed, Director of the AFSP, clarified that, on average, there are 121 suicides each day. However over the past three days, some 250 suicide deaths have been reported each day. Dr. Reed also informed VOX News that similar reports are coming out of Europe and Asia, and that in general, there has been a dramatic, global shift in mental health services. Psychiatric facilities across the globe have seen a sharp uptick in the number of patients, and the DPS and other global intelligence agencies have not ruled out possible supernatural influence.

JNJA Sees Record Profits

PCN News, 6/8/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
JNJA, an American multinational provider of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods, gained 6% over five days with increased consumer confidence. Sales in over-the-counter and prescription medication, ranging from head-ache medicine to anti-psychotics, have increased substantially over the past week as manufactures race to keep up with demand. Many of JNJA's competitors have also seen an uptick in sales, leading to a very robust third quarter for the health care sector.

Knife Attack in Munich

The New Atlantic, 6/8/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
One person has died and three others have been injured after being stabbed at a train station in the town of Grafing, east of Munich. The perpetrator, a thin, alien-looking male, was clearly distraught, and did not respond to verbal demands by police. After already killing one person and wounding three others, the attacker was shot and killed by police. The perpetrator has been identified as one Abel Bohm, who has been reported missing for the past twenty-one years. Gabriele Hildebrand, age thirteen, died from her wounds at Dr. von Haunersches Children's Hospital at (03:02 GMT) on Thursday. The German Federal Intelligence Service is currently investigating.

NATO Prepares for War

VOX News, 6/5/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
NATO is said to be preparing a military force of up to 300,000 personnel, capable of being deployed within just one month, in response to growing tensions between the West and Russia. The NATO Secretary General said the allied nations are putting hundreds of thousands of troops in a state of high alert in an effort to deter a mounting threat from Moscow. NATO has also procured two THAAD missile systems from the United States. While NATO cut its defense budget and military investment since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has been bolstering its military capabilities, holding parades involving more than 100,000 troops each year. The measures come in response to Russia flexing its military might abroad, allegedly conducting cyber attacks on Washington and holding nuclear war drills at home. This includes an ever growing show of Russian force in the Baltic, Black, and Mediterranean Seas.

South African Vessel Missing

PCN News, 6/5/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
A South African cargo vessel is missing after making its last contact in the Indian Ocean, South Africa’s foreign ministry and news reports said on Sunday. "A search operation is continuing for the 22 people," a South African foreign ministry official in Johannesburg said by telephone, adding that eight of the missing are South African nationals and 14 are Australian. South Africa has requested Australian, Indonesian, and Indian aid in the search and rescue, the official said, asking not to be identified. The very large ore carrier (VLOC) Stellar Rose, owned and operated by Polaris Productions, was sailing from Cape Town to Perth carrying iron ore when it sent a distress signal to the ship operator on Friday.

Algeria May Have Killed 2000 Vampires

The New Atlantic, 6/5/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Since the revelations of F13, the Government of Algeria has executed up to two thousand vampires in a secret program carried out in the basement of a military prison near Algiers, according to Amnesty International. A new report by the human rights group alleges that the Algerian Office for Supernatural Affairs carried out a calculated campaign of mass extermination. Prisoners are kept in a hulking three-winged prison until they are taken before a military court in Algiers. There they are sentenced to death in show trials “which last between one and three minutes,” according to the report. Detainees are then brought back to the prison and blindfolded and then transferred to the prison’s “red room”. The main doors are then opened for the sun, incinerating vampires in groups of between 10 and 20 people, Amnesty said. The killings are believed to be continuing even today.

May, 2017

Verdict Reached in Kingsly Trial

VOX News, 5/24/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
A verdict has been reached in the Ellis Kingsly murder trial, with Mr. Kingsly, a known supernatural, accused of accidentally killing a twelve-year-old girl in Seattle, Washington, four years ago. The Defense argued that at the time of the accident, Mr. Kingsly was not responsible for his actions. Furthermore, the Defense took great efforts to educate the public on the basic nature of werewolves undergoing what is described as a First Change, arguing that while Mr. Kingsly is responsible for the incident, he cannot be held accountable for his actions. Mr. Kingsly showed great remorse during the trial and offered his sincere apologies to the family. After seven hours the jury came back, declaring Mr. Kingsly not guilty of murder, but rather guilty of manslaughter, though they did unanimously sign a request to the Judge, asking for leniency in terms of sentencing. The Judge ultimately sentenced Mr. Kingsly to three years, set to start in August, at the newly constructed supernatural wing of the Monroe Correctional Facility.

Pro and Anti Supernatural Protests Clash in Seattle

PCN News, 5/24/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
During the Kinglsy trial, pro and anti supernatural demonstrations clashed outside the court house, highlighting the continued divide within the United States and around the world. According to police, at least 21 people were arrested, with eleven people injured, seven of whom were transported to the hospital. Hundreds of people had gathered outside the US Federal Court. Police set up a barrier of orange mesh fence to separate the two sides but it quickly fell down as protesters started fighting. Police donned gas masks as they used pepper spray on the crowd, and ultimately confiscated prohibited items including hand-held flagpoles, a knife, and one stun gun.

DPS is Denied Extradition of Kingsly

The New Atlantic, 5/24/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The New Atlantic can confirm that during the Kingsly trial, a secret request was made of the Superior Court by the Department of Paranormal Security, asking that Mr. Kingsly be extradited into their custody for suspected federal crimes. When the DPS failed to produce evidence of these federal crimes, the request was denied, coupled with a rare statement from the Court, reading: "Until such time as Congress passes a law stating otherwise, Mr. Kingsly is and remains a United States citizen, and is protected under the Constitution with the same rights and privileges as non supernatural citizens. Mr. Kinglsy has been charged and convicted for a single crime. Simply being a supernatural is not one of them." The DPS has chosen not to file an appeal.

Anniversary of F13 Approaches

VOX News, 5/1/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
As we approach the one year anniversary of F13, pro and anti supernatural demonstrations continue to clash in major American cities. In the spotlight is the Department of Paranormal Security and their crackdown on known supernatural threats, using the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 to catalog suspected supernaturals, interrogate without warrant, and rendition without trial. Still these measures, when compared to other countries, remain civil. The European Union continues the forced deportation of supernaturals to the Greek island of Dulichium, while Russia and China continue campaigns of public executions for capital crimes. Still other regions of the world, from South America to Africa and South East Asia, continue to struggle with civil unrest, public paranoia, and outright violence.

CUT Attacked in Tanzania

PCN News, 5/1/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Suspected supernatural terrorists lay siege to the Church of Ultimate Truth in Dodoma, the capital of the United Republic of Tanzania. Police and paramilitary forces were called to the scene, resulting in a two hour battle which left seventy-nine dead and over one hundred wounded. Similar attacks against the Church of Ultimate Truth have been launched in recent months in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Kampala, Lusaka, and Mogadishu. This has, in turn, prompted heightened security in the region, and massive crackdowns on suspected supernaturals.

US and Chinese Navy Nearly Collide

The New Atlantic, 5/1/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
A US destroyer nearly collided with a Chinese oil tanker in the South China Sea late last night, adding further tensions to an already delicate situation. Peace and stability are being challenged in the region by three forces: an increasingly bellicose North Korea, a resurgent Russia and the the economic powerhouse of China, both of which continue to challenge the United States in the wake of F13. Beijing also continues to build and arm the Paracel Islands, a collection of rocks and banks claimed by Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei in the South China Sea. These reefs have been buttressed by the Shenyang destroyer, along with several support cruisers, surface-to-air missile batteries and continuous combat air patrols. The Chinese military assets, in such close proximity to the Saratoga, a Ford-Class supercarrier, along with other elements of the 7th Fleet, make further escalation more likely.

April, 2017

Amazonian Cease Fire Extended

VOX News, 4/5/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Celebrations erupted throughout Brazil as the South American Defense Council announced a year-long continuation of the cease fire with la Cavaleiros de Pangea. According to sources, the negotiations were spearheaded by agents of General Fausto Silvas, and included the withdrawal of CP forces to the State of Amazonas. With a total land mass of almost 607 thousand square miles, the state of Amazonas is the 9th largest country subdivision in the world, being roughly the size of the US state of Alaska, and is equivalent to 2.25 times the area of Texas. As of today, the four million displaced residents of Amazonas, half of whom came from Manaus, are currently petitioning the UN for refugee status, as their presence has largely overwhelmed Brazil's independent capacity to house them.

The World Reacts to the Amazon

PCN News, 4/5/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Battle for the Amazon began nearly one year ago when la Cavaleiros de Pangea seized the Amazon rain forest. This stalemate continued until January of this year, when the werewolves launched their attack on Manuas. While a cease fire has been reached, this act has both emboldened other supernatural populations around the globe, and inspired fear in equal measure. While nothing has yet to match the scope and size of the Amazonas conflict, instances of werewolf uprisings have occurred in Malaysia, Thailand, and Liberia. Other countries, such as Germany, China, and Russia, have meanwhile taken proactive steps to counter any potential supernatural violence, using the Dulichium Initiative in the case of the EU, and using more violent means in the case of the latter two. But what is now perfectly clear is that the supernatural have proven that, through force of arms, they can take for themselves, and it is now only a matter of time before we see a second Amazon-level event. What remains is an ever evolving world that continues to struggle and stumble in the wake of F13.

SADC Surrounds Amazonas

The New Atlantic, 4/5/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
As la Cavaleiros de Pangea has withdrawn to the state of Amazonas, they have in turn set fire to at least a dozen cities within their new found territory, including Manaus and Parintins. Meanwhile SADC forces, in accordance with the cease fire, have set up forward operating bases in Santerem, Rio Branco, Boa Vista, and in the Peruvian city of Iquitos, effectively surrounding the state of Amazonas. In addition to a hundred and fifty thousand infantry, these deployments include a new fleet of Russian made Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopters, short range TOS-1 batteries, and six RT-2PM Topol missile batteries, capable of firing ICBs with a range of 10K kilometers.

March, 2017

Attack on Clocks World Wide

VOX News, 3/13/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Early this Sunday morning an unknown effect disrupted clocks in fifty meteorological facilities around the world that are used to measure the standard of time. Temps Atomique International, the organizing body responsible for this standard, released a statement that the cause of the effect was still being investigated, but signs pointed to an intentional disruption using supernatural means. The effect struck exactly when the United States switched to Daylight Savings Time, and has significantly disrupted world wide scientific research.

DPS Links Kidnappings to the Supernatural

PCN News, 3/13/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Reports are coming out of the US Department of Paranormal Security linking recent mass kidnappings in Dyer Brooke, Maine, and Lagos Texas, to the realm known as the Hedge. DPS Director Jenner confirmed these reports in a press conference in Washington, citing evidence found at the scene of the events. Director Jenner refused to give details of the evidence, citing the ongoing investigation, but pledged that his department is working alongside world wide intelligence agencies to bring those responsible to justice.

Refugee Crisis in the Amazon Continues

The New Atlantic, 3/13/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Almost two million people have fled the Amazon since the start of the war in January, with several hundred thousand believed to be dead. The daily flow of men, women and children has become one of the largest forced migrations since World War Two, with a flotilla of makeshift boats sailing East toward the cities of Macapa and Belem. While the cease fire appears to be holding, SADC forces have dug into Santarem and are on high alert in preparation for a massive offensive. Meanwhile foreign aid is flooding the continent via private institutions and religious organizations, ranging from the Catholic Church to the Church of Ultimate Truth.

Small Towns Across the World Vanish

VOX News, 3/6/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Several small rural communities around the world have been mysteriously depopulated over the past month. The FBI, in concert with international intelligence groups, have linked these disappearances to suspected supernatural forces, and have been coordinating with DPS and other agencies to prevent any further incidents. So far, the toll includes a wide range of villages and towns across the world, including Dyer Brook, Maine, Lago, Texas, Hum, Croatia, Betoota, Queensland, and La Estrella, Spain.

Wells Laid to Rest at Arlington

PCN News, 3/6/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The body of Eleanor Wells, the NH Senator assassinated last week, was laid to rest with her fellow veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. Wells was one of the first female generals in the US Army, and served as Senior Intelligence Officer during the First Gulf War, Commanding General, USAIC, and Commander, 66th MI Group. Her many awards include the Defense Superior Service award, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, and multiple Meritorious Service Medals. She was laid to rest in the same cemetery as her father, Major General Richard Wells, and her brother, Lieutenant Archimedes Wells.

Craig Faces APC Backlash

The New Atlantic, 3/6/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Sean Craig, A-list Hollywood Actor and CUT representative, has faced significant backlash for spearheading aid assistance to the Africa Poverty Center. Accused of self-serving acts to promote his own self-image, the African Poverty Center has politely declined Craig's endowment. The APC has since replaced its primary aide provider with the Africa Humanitarian Action group.

February, 2017

Senator Wells Assassinated in DC

VOX News, 2/27/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
In breaking news, Eleanor Wells, United States Senator, was assassinated on Monday morning in Washington DC. Following a closed door intelligence briefing, Senator Wells was exiting the Capitol Building when she was shot twice in the neck by a single assailant. The attacker was shot and killed by police and private security. Senator Wells was rushed to George Washington University Hospital, and was declared dead at 11:21 AM Eastern.

Wells Assassin Identified as Cynthia Lahr

PCN News, 2/27/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The assailant who killed Senator Eleanor Wells has been identified as thirty-nine year old Cynthia Lahr of Duval County, Florida. Lahr is a divorced mother of two, the oldest of whom died in a suspected supernatural attack overseas. Lahr’s social media shows anti-supernatural rhetoric and condemnations against Senator Wells, who was identified as a member of the Gang of Seven in December of last year. A message on her social media was posted two hours before the assassination, stating simply: “Mankind over Monsters.”

Senator Wells Remembered

The New Atlantic, 2/27/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Eleanor Wells, a US Army veteran and a US Senator from New Hampshire, has died at the age of sixty two. A controversial figure, Wells was a member of the Gang of Seven, who secretly authorized and funded various classified supernatural programs both within the United States, and on foreign soil. The G7 revelations have prompted worldwide condemnation, increased anti American sentiment, and heightened tensions with US allies. Wells was a retired two star general, having served the bulk of her career at the Pentagon, and in a profession held almost exclusively by men. She also served as Commander of Task Force Valkyrie’s North American Operations from 1995 through 2006. She has no living relatives.

Cease Fire Declared in the Amazon

VOX News, 2/22/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Sources are confirming a thirty day cease fire in the Amazon as Cavalieros de Pangaea forces withdraw from Santarem. According to the press office of General Fausto Silvas, commanding officer of the South American Defense Council, the cease fire was initiated by the CP terrorists after being influenced by foreign werewolves. While the SADC is cautiously optimistic, they are using this opportunity to assist refugees fleeing the conflict area, coordinating between local governments and outside aid groups. Meanwhile Santarem continues to be reinforced by SADC forces, with medium range missile launchers, with a range of 2000 kilometers, set for installation by the end of the week.

Supernatural Attack in Kuala Lumpur

PCN News, 2/22/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Nine supernatural terrorists staged a barricade style attack on the Malaysian police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Small IEDs were detonated and the supernaturals engaged security forces for almost two hours before disengaging, resulting in thirty one fatalities and an unknown number of wounded. These barricade style attacks have become common throughout South East Asia as governments continue to enforce harsh policies against local supernatural populations. Since F13, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines have all utilized forced deportations, warrantless arrests, and public executions against suspected supernaturals in the name of national security.

Sean Craig Speaks at African Poverty Center

The New Atlantic, 2/22/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
On Monday actor Sean Craig spoke on behalf of the Church of Ultimate Truth at the Africa Poverty Center in Senegal. There he condemned the West for not providing enough for the three hundred million starving citizens of Africa, and pledged not only his own personal capital, but that of the CUT, which has initiated a lobbying campaign in DC on behalf of the APC.

Two Hundred Air Strikes Against the CP

VOX News, 2/10/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
There have been nearly two hundred airstrikes against Cavaleiros de Pangea targets in the Amazon since a SADC led campaign began on January 27th. More than 95% of these have been conducted by the Brazilian air force, with secondary support from Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. Meanwhile SADC ground forces continue to push into Santarem, experiencing bloody resistance against CP supernatural terrorists. The Red Cross have set up emergency camps in Macapa, Belem, and Porto Velho, but have already requested additional assistance from global humanitarian organizations.

Tensions Rise in Europe

PCN News, 2/10/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Russia views the deployment of NATO troops and military hardware to the Baltic states, Poland and Germany as a threat, Russia's state-run RIA news reported on Friday. This follows the United States deploying thousands of soldiers and heavy weapon systems, including offensive surface-to-air systems, in the largest military buildup in Europe since the Cold War. Meanwhile German troops and armor are due to reinforce Lithuania this month as part of NATO's plans, which are designed to reassure European countries after Russia's 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimea.

RAAT Under Investigation

The New Atlantic, 2/10/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Elements of the DPS, FBI, and DC police raided an office building owned by a company named Research and Applied Technologies two weeks ago. Early reports leaked by a source inside the DPS suggest that the technology firm may have been engaged in illegal and dangerous activities related to the supernatural. The report states that these experiments have lead to the deaths of 20 or more innocent people. Research and Applied Technologies has received contracts with various governmental agencies worldwide to assist in research to better understand the supernatural. Sources from the United States government have confirmed that all contracts with the company have been canceled. All company assets have been frozen and arrest warrants have been issued. DPS authorities have declined any further comment.

Supernatural Star Wars Fan Film Released

VOX News, 2/6/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The release of a Star Wars fan film, ostensibly produced by anonymous supernatural artists, has taken the internet by storm, going viral within hours of its debut. According to the accompanying FAQ, the production features magic alongside CGI, stunt doubles, and "clever camera angles." Though their stated intent in creating the film is an homage to the source material, speculation runs rampant that it is, in fact, a propaganda project, and many of the responses have been hostile. Whatever the case may be, sources inside Hollywood indicate that highly placed producers are looking into the masterminds, hoping to scout fresh talent.

Conflict Continues in Santarem

PCN News, 2/6/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
While the Brazilian city of Manaus has officially fallen to the Cavaleiros de Pangea, the city of Santarem enters its eleventh day of conflict. South American Defense Council forces, including a hundred thousand infantry, have secured positions East and South of the city, and are reinforced by battle tanks and mechanized units. Meanwhile aerial sorties continue to bombard targets deep in the Amazon. Current reports estimate that, all told, one hundred thousand civilians have been killed in the Amazon, with another two million displaced.

NATO Plays Cat and Mouse with Russian Subs

The New Atlantic, 2/6/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
U.S. Navy and NATO force are currently attempting to track down two Russian nuclear powered submarines operating in the Mediterranean. Believed to be fourth generation Yasen-Class guided missile submarines, these Russian deployments are designed to counter and eliminate aircraft carrier battle groups. At nearly 20K tons, the Yasen-Class submarine has a crew compliment of 90 and is armed with 72 cruise missiles, including a mix of P-800 Oniks and Kaliber-NK missiles. These maneuvers highlight Moscow's undersea resurgence in the North Atlantic and European theaters, and to a general state of heightened concern.

January, 2017

Manaus Falls to the Cavaleiros de Pangea

VOX News, 1/27/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The city of Manaus was overrun yesterday by roughly fifty thousand werewolves. Having claimed vast territories in the Amazon some eight months ago, the Cavaleiros de Pangea swarmed into the jungle city shortly after dawn, slaughtering local residents and prompting an emergency evacuation and full scale clashes with the South American Defense Council. SADC forces attempted to set up blockades and safe zones but were overrun within hours. While the city of Manaus has seen a dramatic decrease in population since the start of the siege, a half million refugees are currently heading East, while two hundred thousand remain unaccounted for. A counter attack by SADC forces is currently underway.

Massive Humanitarian Crisis Underway in the Amazon

PCN News, 1/27/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The attack on Manaus is part of a broader assault upon cities along the Amazon, with reports of smaller incidents coming out of Fonte Boa, Tefe, Coari, Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Parintins, Oriximina, and Santarem. Thousands of werewolves are participating in this assault, targeting both military assets and civilians, and prompting an unprecedented refugee crisis as millions now escape the jungle. One report out of Santarem suggests that their evacuation began twelve hours before the initial werewolf assault, prompted by early warnings and the assistance of flying supernatural eagles. These are early reports of a rapidly unfolding crisis, and we will keep you informed as news continues to break.

SADC Strikes Back

The New Atlantic, 1/27/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
In response to the attack on Manaus and other cities along the Amazon river, the South American Defense Council has launched initial strikes against key targets. Focused almost exclusively on Jau and Matupiri National Parks, the counter attacks include an unprecedented bombing campaign, executed by AMX A1 ground-attack aircraft and assisted by Mi-35 combat helicopters. Meanwhile some five hundred thousand SADC soldiers are currently being deployed East of Santarem.

Attack on US Embassy in Jakarta

VOX News, 1/9/17 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
An attack on the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, has killed three security guards and wounded seven others. At approximately 3:00 PM local time, six kilograms of trinitrotoluene were detonated outside the main entrance of the embassy, and was followed by six belligerents armed with rocket-propelled grenades, automatic rifles, and hand grenades. Embassy defenses, consisting of private security forces and armed US marines, fought an eleven minute battle, during which some were fired upon by snipers from adjacent buildings. In the midst of the battle, a car bomb exploded at a second security ring of concrete blocks in an unsuccessful attempt to blow a hole in the wall. No Americans working at the embassy were injured or harmed during the incursion. This is the first outright attack against a US consulate since the release of leaked G7 testimony, prompting a worldwide heightened state of alert by the US State Department.

Anti US Demonstrations in Caracas

PCN News, 1/9/17 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Venezuelan riot police used tear gas and stun grenades in Caracas on Monday to disperse about 5000 anti-American protesters. In the wake of leaked G7 testimony, the protesters stormed the 'Parque Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda' before engaging in running street fights with police. Venezuelan authorities deployed more than 10,000 police and banned demonstrations in large swathes of the city, mostly centered around the US Embassy and prominent US commercial businesses. Thus far twelve police have been wounded, along with some two hundred protestors.

Wells Issues G7 Statement

The New Atlantic, 1/9/17 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Early this morning Senator Eleanor Wells issued her first and only public statement since the release of her classified testimony to the G7 Oversight Committee. The statement reads: "For seventy years, seven individuals have quietly safeguarded the United States. Like a torch passed down through the generations, seven individuals, at any given time, have used the tools at our disposal to protect our country, and our way of life. Most of those tools were used in secret, and done so in order to protect the overall security of the United States. To be clear, these were not covert actions. These were military operations. And therefore the President does not, by law, have to approve every individual operation, and the intelligence committees need not be notified. This is how JSOC has conducted themselves for the past thirty years, and how Company Zero operated before then. Our victories, which are numerous, must remain secret. For it is secrecy which protects not only our national security interests, but the lives of individual Americans. If my head must be placed on the block to protect those secrets, then I do so willingly. And to quote Nathan Hale, my only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my country." The G7 Hearings continue, and are likely to do so over the course of the year.

December, 2016

Russia and China Condemn US

VOX News, 12/19/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
With the release of testimony given by Senator Wells and the revelation that the US used supernaturals against foreign powers via clandestine operations, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China publicly condemned the United States. Claiming the irresponsible use and proliferation of "weapons of mass destruction," the condemnations were joined by a call for UN sanctions against the US. The UN Security Council can take action to maintain or restore international peace and security under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Sanction measures, under Article 41, encompass a broad range of enforcement options, including political, economic, and military sanctions. However the US, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has the right the veto any UN resolution, and will likely exercise that right if and when the UN sanctions are voted on.

NATO Mobilizes Against Russia

PCN News, 12/19/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
In the midst of deepening tension between NATO and Russia, NATO is planning the largest military buildup along the Russian border since the Cold War. NATO called on allied governments this week to contribute whatever troops and equipment they can to the effort. According to PCN, thousands of troops are expected to arrive in the coming days and weeks. It was reported that Italy, France, Denmark and other European states are expected to join the NATO military divisions that will be led by the United States along Russia's border. In addition to the forces allocated for this specific operation, NATO has an army of over 40,000 ready to be called up to fight at any time. This takes place as eight ships from Russia’s Northern Fleet, including the Kuznetsov and the Peter the Great, a missile-carrying battle cruiser, join a Russian flotilla operating in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile two Russian cruisers, which carry long-range nuclear-capable missiles, are set to join Russia’s Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad.

Tensions Rise in the South China Sea

The New Atlantic, 12/19/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
In addition to public condemnations against the US, China has begun combat air patrols over disputed regions of the South China Sea. These air patrols consist of both strategic bombers, aerial tankers and air superiority fighter aircraft. These have been executed, in concert, with unprecedented Chinese naval exercises, and the deployment of surface-to-air missile batteries on the Paracel Islands. In return the US Navy has dispatched a small armada to the South China Sea, including the Saratoga, a Ford-Class supercarrier, along with several destroyers and cruisers from the 7th Fleet. The carrier strike group is the latest show of force in the tense region, with the US asserting that China is militarizing the region to guard its excessive territorial claims.

Senator Wells Revealed on the Gang of Seven

VOX News, 12/16/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
On the eve of concluding their legislative schedule for 2016, leaked classified testimony from the Gang of Seven Hearings have identified New Hampshire Senator Eleanor Wells as one of the key custodians of the program. Unbeknownst to the public or even the President, the Gang of Seven authorized, empowered, and funded various classified programs, including Zero Company, which employed supernaturals in the US armed forces, and has done so for the past several decades. Senator Wells is 61, and serves on the US Senate's Armed Service Committee. She is also a retired two star General in the US Army, and served as Commander of Task Force Valkyrie's North American Operations from 1995 through 2006. Her father, Major General Richard Wells, died in an accident in 1965 while assisting the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

Senate Considers Expulsion for Wells

PCN News, 12/16/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
In the wake of revelations regarding Senator Wells' membership in the Gang of Seven, the Senate has begun discussing courses of action once Congress re-convenes on January 3rd. Under Article I, Section 5, of the United States Constitution, each House of Congress may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with a two-thirds majority, expel a member. Since 1789 the Senate has expelled only fifteen of its entire membership. Of that number, fourteen were charged with support of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The US Attorney General has also not ruled out potential criminal proceedings.

US Used Supernaturals Against Foreign Powers

The New Atlantic, 12/16/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Leaked classified testimony from Senator Wells has revealed the birth of Task Force Valkyrie and the origin of the Gang of Seven. In 1944, without the knowledge of President Roosevelt, the Joint Chiefs of Staff established the G7, and TFV, to combat supernaturals being utilized by the Nazis. After WWII, the G7 created Company Zero - a US Army Company comprised of supernaturals and utilized under US Special Operations Command. Their official designation is Company Alpha of the first and second Battalion of the 231st Infantry Reconnaissance Section, and they have been directly involved in over a hundred clandestine operations, both in the United States and on foreign soil, over the past seven decades.

Resettlement of Dulichium Begins

VOX News, 12/14/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The resettlement of European supernaturals began today with violent protests and minor incidents of bloodshed. Since the September EU ratification that authorized the relocation of European supernaturals to the Greek island of Dulichium, EDA vessels have re-positioned themselves in the Mediterranean Sea, and EDA forces have been deployed in the port cities of Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Thus far six thousand supernaturals have been resettled on the island, with another four thousand to be resettled by the end of the year.

Thailand Begins Surgical Strikes

PCN News, 12/14/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Thailand’s military says it has carried out the first of several surgical strikes against suspected supernatural militants along the border with Laos and Cambodia. The missions are aimed at preventing attacks being planned by several werewolf tribes operating in the area, and are being executed by AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters and Fennec AS550 gunships. The werewolves appear localized to Eastern Thailand, clustered in and around Phu Cong Na Yoi and Pha Taem National Park. The aerial bombardments, which do not include ground forces, are authorized for the next several weeks, and have been approved by the Thai, Laos, and Cambodian governments.

Pro and Anti Government Supporters Clash in Tunis

The New Atlantic, 12/14/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Opposition and government supporters both took to the streets of Tunis in a day of competing demonstrations. As of this article, both marches prove to be massive, with sporadic instances of violence between the two. The opposition called for the protests in order to put pressure on the country’s anti-supernatural policy, which since F13 has included the wholesale incarceration of suspected supernaturals without due-process. However all indications from the government show massive country-wide approval for the policy. This comes as three suspected supernaturals were hanged outside Kasbah Square over the weekend.

UN Peacekeepers Clash with Supernaturals in Myanmar

VOX News, 12/12/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Violence between UN Peacekeepers and supernaturals in Myanmar escalated over the weekend as twelve soldiers were killed in an early morning ambush. In retaliation, UN Peacekeepers used helicopters to fire at suspected supernatural strongholds east of Mandalay. The supernaturals, mostly consisting of vampires, were found to have enthralled the local Government and are suspected of murdering dozens of local police and city officials over the past decade. Most of these claims are courtesy of the hacker group known as Network Zero, who have spent the past six months revealing previously suppressed news stories relating to supernatural activity. The urban centers of the South East Asian country have been staging grounds for violence since F13 and the deployment of twenty thousand UN Peacekeepers in late September.

Nuclear Indian Submarine Goes Missing

PCN News, 12/12/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The INS Nerpa, an Akula-class nuclear submarine belonging to the Indian Navy, has gone missing in international waters west of Australia. The vessel was involved in a search and rescue operation last week and is now missing in action. Indian officials are hesitant to speculate, but there are no indications that this was some kind of accident or act of terrorism. The INS Nerpa has a crew compliment of 72, and includes a pressurized water nuclear water, 38 torpedoes and surface-to-air missiles.

Portal to Heaven Opens in Jefferson City, MO

The New Atlantic, 12/12/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
A portal opened at a nativity scene in Jefferson City, MO. A few brave people went in and explored the portal, claiming that they had found God within it. Local KRCG News 13 interviewed the leader of this expedition as they prepared to return into the portal to talk with God and the Devil, both of whom supposedly resided within the portal, to convince God to return to the earth to help in a time of dire need. Several people entered the portal over the course of the night. The portal closed just before midnight, and as of now, none of those who entered have been heard from. KRCG is still working to compile names, but Public Defender Dorian "D.G". Goldman and Pastor Rose Katherine are among the identified missing persons.

German Police Combat Supernaturals

VOX News, 12/09/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Members of the German GSG 9 were involved in a firefight in Berlin yesterday when supernatural terrorists attacked a prominent temple belonging to the Church of Ultimate Truth. Following initial reports of shots being fired, some 2000 officers were deployed throughout Berlin from the greater area and surrounding states. The firefight, which took place outside the temple, resulted in three dead suspects and nineteen wounded officers. Investigators after the fact discovered the body of the CUT Bishop and six aides, all executed. A manhunt has been initiated for a half dozen suspected insurgents who remain at large.

NATO and Russian Jets Nearly Collide

PCN News, 12/09/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Dramatic footage has emerged showing a NATO air force pilot being forced into an emergency maneuver to avoid a mid air collision with a Russian fighter jet. The close encounter occurred in international airspace 'north of Norway' but the armed forces did not say when. The incident has added to mounting tensions between Russia and NATO member states in recent months, underlined by claims of other recent near misses with Russian military jets. The NATO Secretary said last month that the alliance had reported 600 intercepts of Russian military flights so far this year.

Singapore Continues Week Long Riots

The New Atlantic, 12/09/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Tonight the angry citizens of Singapore continued their week long protest, angry over joblessness and harsh police tactics. The citizens are calling for the resignation of the government, and currently number in the tens of thousands. Having surrounded the Istana, the official residence of the President of Singapore and home to the office of the Prime Minister, the revolutionaries continue their clash with police. Of at least 316 wounded, medical sources say 19 have been blinded through police use of birdshot, and newly elected UN Human Rights Commissioner Elise Leclair condemned the government on Monday for what she called excessive violence.

Supernatural Terrorists Killed in Johannesburg

VOX News, 12/07/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Nine suspected supernatural terrorists were killed by South African Security forces in Johannesburg early this morning. The firefight took place in an urban center in Rosettenville, and included sixteen dead security forces and an unknown number of civilian casualties. The terrorist group is linked to several high profile attacks against Polaris Productions, an oil and natural gas company, and several holdings belonging to the Church of Ultimate Truth. An official statement was released by the South African Government, reading: “We will diffuse any attempts to undermine the local Government by any terrorist group, supernatural or otherwise. Our people should also be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the police.”

Fire Breaks Out in Casablanca

PCN News, 12/07/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
A series of violent fires broke out early this morning on the outskirts of Casablanca. The injured are currently being evacuated to the hospital to receive medical care. Firefighters, who were dispatched immediately to the scene of the incident, have managed to extinguish the fire and prevent further loss of life and destruction of property. While the origin of the fire has yet to be identified, authorities have initiated an investigation to determine the circumstances that caused the incident.

Russia and China Conclude War Games

The New Atlantic, 12/07/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Russian and Chinese warships concluded a joint naval exercise, seeking to extend their military sway in a region torn by territorial disputes between Asian countries. Nine Chinese vessels, including the Shenyang destroyer, arrived at Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East. The scope of the exercise was unprecedented, with 24 Russian and Chinese combat ships, 40 aircraft, 40 armored vehicles and 1000 troops taking part. The drills, conducted in the waters off Russia’s Pacific coast, featured simulated battle-stance intervention by foreign aircraft carriers.

DPS Plans to Investigate the Hedge

VOX News, 12/05/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
DPS agents in the North West, citing a confidential source, have revealed the existence of a parallel realm known as the Hedge. Since F13, such alternate planes of existence have been identified, but the Hedge appears to include supernatural s that are directly responsible for untold kidnappings dating back at least a century. The DPS, in concert with the DHS and DOD, appear to have the means of entering the Hedge and are currently coordinating several reconnaissance missions. DPS Director Jenner, who was in Washington for the Gang of Seven hearings, gave a brief statement: “In the wake of F13, the world is now aware of the clear and direct threat that supernaturals pose to the mortal community. We now have a target which we know is directly responsible for the abduction of citizens around the globe, and we are coordinating with world powers for a joint venture to free our captive brothers and sisters, and will strike with the fury of God’s own thunder, and at a time and place of our choosing.” Following the announcement by the DPS regarding the Hedge, the agency has issued a call for volunteers among the Changeling community. Changelings are being encouraged to contact the DPS and serve as scouts for eventual incursions into the Hedge. After appropriate investigations and background checks, the volunteers will join the DPS watch list and be granted authorities and responsibilities in line with the service they are offering to their country.

The Siege of the Amazon Escalates

PCN News, 12/05/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The siege of the Amazon enters its sixth month, pitting some one hundred werewolf packs against the combined Brazilian, Venezuelan, Colombian, Peruvian, and Bolivian militaries. Lead by a group calling themselves Cavaleiros de Pangea, the werewolves control an area roughly 240,000 square miles. To prepare for an early 2017 offensive, the South American Defense Council has acquired the purchase of 26 Russian Mi-35 combat helicopters, 18 Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, 20 US CH-47 Chinooks, 2 US AC-130 specter gunships, and an unknown number of US-made Mark 77 incendiary bombs.

Gang of Seven Hearings Resume

The New Atlantic, 12/05/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
After a brief recess during the Presidential election, closed door hearings restarted on Capital Hill today on the Gang of Seven – those seven individuals who, operating at the highest levels of our government, were aware of the existence of supernaturals prior to F13. While the witness list remains strictly classified, sources indicate that the hearings resumed with a report by DPS Director Clint Jenner, a former Naval officer and former Deputy Director of the CIA. The report apparently included the status of DPS efforts in the United States, a full report on the current findings of the Obelisk Quarantine, and the causes of F13.

November, 2016

Logistical Challenges for Diadem

VOX News, 11/26/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Linnea Larson, CEO of Diadem Logistics, was hospitalized several nights ago after falling from an elevator after an eventful evening that started with a communications disruption in the corporate home office. The disruption was caused by a meteor shower that was predicted to hit the building at that time. It is unclear why further protective measures on the part of Diadem Logistics were not taken. As of this broadcast, the multi-national corporation is under investigation by the Ministry of Finance for possible corruption charges. CEO Linnea Larson was released from the hospital, but no one from Diadem responded to our requests for an interview.

Corruption Sting Wraps Up

PCN News, 11/26/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Embattled Diadem CEO Linnea Larson was arrested today for corruption and conspiracy charges. This comes as the result of the conclusion of a year long sting that involves several high-ranking Swedish officials, including the head of ARD, Yolanda Karlson, and the Swedish Minister of Finance, Olaf Runtz. Acting Minister of Finance, Tyrell Anderson, gave a brief statement. "There was no individual who deserves sole credit for this. These series of arrests were the work of a lot of agents doing good work."

Street Drug Plagues China

The New Atlantic, 11/26/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Health officials in Guangzhou have issued an alert after a sudden spike in suicides and hospitalizations in the area. The health crisis appears to be linked to a street drug called Utopia. According to official sources, the drug Utopia appeared on the streets within the last month, but the supply has now vanished. Those addicted to the drug are now going through severe withdrawal. Reports of symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and other common withdrawal symptoms. As of yet, health officials have not discovered an effective way to treating the illness, its side effects, or the withdrawal itself.

Carbon and Diadem Linked to Human Trafficking

VOX News, 11/25/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
In Nicaragua, one hundred fifty people were freed during a massive raid after an investigation into a local transportation company known as Carbon revealed evidence of human trafficking. Authorities have shut down the center of the ring based outside of Managua. The Nicaraguan Government is also providing evidence that links Carbon’s activities to the European based multinational corporation Diadem Logistics. The investigation is alleging that the corporation was not only employing black market resources in order to achieve its nefarious goals, it was also employing a number of violent and manipulative supernatural beings in order to hold the local economy and police force hostage. It is believed that upwards of fifteen hundred people were moved through Managua illegally over the last six months. Authorities are not releasing the names of the victims but they pledge to put an end to the supernatural scourge that has torn apart their country.

Supernaturals Help Refugees in Managua

PCN News, 11/25/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Many of the human trafficking refugees in Managua, Nicaragua cannot go home because of continued conflict, wars and persecution. Many also live in perilous situations or have specific needs, and Nicaragua itself is still a third world country with little money or resources to provide them with the legal and physical protection they need to feel safe after their difficult time, including access to civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Help has come from an unlikely source - supernatural creatures. A group of magic users, fairies, vampires, psychics and shape changers have funded a local charity to take care of the initial needs of these refugees, promoting education and starting two new industries in the area, a fishing and fish processing plant and a factory to make butterfly themed bags and accessories. Alejandro DaCosta, the mayor of Managua, issued the following statement: “Well you know, at first we all grabbed our guns and wanted those supernaturals out, cause we all heard the stories. But they've been respectful of us and none have drank our blood or made us into them, and the money and help they provided was really needed, especially with all those refugees now here. I don't think they will ever be like us, but yeah they are pretty good guys.”

Hathaway Joins the Private Sector

The New Atlantic, 11/25/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
After garnering a mere 2.1% in the US Presidential election, Senator Jackson Hathaway retired from politics and accepted a job with Diadem Logistics, serving as their Regional Director of South East Asia. His appointment comes at a time of scandal for the company, with accusations of human trafficking, exploitation of indigenous populations, and suspected ties to terrorism. Senator Hathaway was unreachable for comment, and according to local authorities in Manila, may even be missing.

October, 2016

World Intelligence Agencies Meet in Munich

VOX News, 10/27/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Intelligence agencies from around the world concluded a secret three day meeting today in Munich to discuss coordinated efforts to combat supernatural threats. Representatives included the US DPS, British MI6, Germany’s BND, France’s DGSE, Russia’s FSSS, China’s MSS, Mossad and Interpol. A joint statement was released, declaring that progress was made in the global fight against the supernatural, and that all parties are working in concert for continued peace and prosperity. This statement was regarded skeptically by analysts who continue to site unilateral clandestine operations currently being conducted by the United States, Russia, and China.

Brazilian Deputy Defense Minister Assassinated

PCN News, 10/27/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Brazilian Deputy Defense Minister was assassinated in Salvador late last night while attending a conference. The lone assailant was killed during the course of the attack, and while their name has not been released to the public, sources inside the Brazilian Government claim a connection between the attacker and the Church of Ultimate Truth. The CUT has disavowed all knowledge of this incident and has assisted local police in arresting two co-conspirators. Two other individuals were wounded during the incident, and remain in critical condition.

Pakistan Repels Attack on Nuclear Reactor

The New Atlantic, 10/27/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The Pakistani military claims to have repelled an attack against supernatural forces at the Chashma Nuclear Power Complex. Reports indicate that eighteen supernaturals were killed, along with sixty-six soldiers and an unknown number of wounded. Reports also indicate that no nuclear material was extracted from the complex. The CNPC is located near Chashma Colony, in the Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan. Commissioned in 2000, it utilizes a pressurized water reactor, authorized by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and produces 4200 gigawatts per hour to Pakistan’s energy grid.

Hathaway Campaign in Decline

VOX News, 10/25/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Given the two historically unpopular major party candidates, this was the year for a Third Party underdog. Presidential candidate Jackson Hathaway made it on the ballot in 41 states, drawing support from fiscally responsible Democrats and socially liberal Republicans. Things, however, have taken a turn for the worse for Senator Hathaway. His numbers are dropping, from about 27 percent in national polls in August to 9 percent now. Much of this is due to the recent sex scandal involving his top aide, but also due to increased scrutiny of his faith. Senator Hathaway is a member of the Church of Ultimate Truth, and recent surveys suggest that some 46 percent of Americans are uncomfortable with a member of the CUT serving as Commander and Chief.

FSSS Cracks Down on the City of Perm

PCN News, 10/25/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Federal Supernatural Security Service, the Russian equivalent to the DPS, began operations against the city of Perm early this morning. Assisted by Russian ground forces, T-14 Armata tanks, and Mil Mi-24 attack helicopters, the FSSS has cut off a twenty-one block area of the city, believed to house supernatural dissidents. While this action has prompted international outcry, the Russian Federation has cited UN Article 51, which grants the right of sovereign nations to engage in self-defense and against an armed attack.

Violence in Nairobi Continues

The New Atlantic, 10/25/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
In the latest development in the rapidly escalating situation in Central Africa, the Kenyan President authorized the use of military force to deal with a growing insurrection. Amidst fears of supernatural influence, failed economic reforms and increased police crackdowns, massive protests have erupted in Nairobi, claiming the lives of several thousand, along with the destruction of public and private businesses. An Ultimate Truth church was also destroyed, which mirrors similar instances of violence across the entire continent. Of the fifty-four nations that make up Africa, some thirty are all experiencing some form of civil unrest, prompting worldwide condemnation, but little action.

Senator Hathaway Under Intense Scrutiny

VOX News, 10/9/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Presidential hopeful Jackson Hathaway has stated that he wants peace in our time and that he wishes to stabilize the country. But how can we trust someone whose track record includes voting to impeach President Clinton in 1999, voting for the Iraq war in 2002, and voting against raising the minimum wage in 2004? For someone who supported enhanced interrogation techniques and who, as an active duty officer in 1991, called all Palestinians terrorists? While these questions linger, the FBI has launched an investigation into Hathaway for accepting illegal campaign contributions on behalf of foreign satellites of the Church of Ultimate Truth, which maintains a Tax Exempt status as a religious institution. These are heavy obstacles for the candidate, especially so close to November. More to come as information is passed on from the investigation.

Inter Faith Panel Calls the CUT a CULT

PCN News, 10/9/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
A US inter-faith panel, including two sitting Cardinals, one prominent Rabbi and one Imam, released a joint statement today against Presidential candidate Jackson Hathaway. The statement reads: “We must remember the values and the spiritual beliefs that this country was founded upon. By any measure, Senator Hathaway, and the CUT, is nothing more than a cult.” Hathaway's press camp immediately issued the following response: “Said accusations are ridiculous. The Church of the Ultimate Truth is far from a cult. We are a philanthropic group, giving back to our community.” In spite of these rebuffs, in a poll released earlier today, more than 60% of the country is ‘concerned’ with Hathaway’s religious fanaticism, and the candidate’s poll numbers have dropped five points in the past week.

Hathaway Chief of Staff Caught with Prostitutes

The New Atlantic, 10/9/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
In a political week already rocked by scandal and innuendo, a video tape has surfaced today that captures Presidential candidate Hathaway’s chief of staff in a compromising position with several high-end escorts. According to sources this took place while the Presidential hopefully was meeting with potential backers. No comment has been made as of yet, but sources inside the Hathaway campaign suggest that the aforementioned chief of staff will likely be fired within the next twenty four hours.

September, 2016

UN Sends Peacekeepers into Africa and Southern Asia

VOX News, 09/26/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today the fifteen members of the United Nations Security Council, including all five permanent members, authorized the use of UN Peacekeepers in Africa and Southern Asia. Directed to assist local governments with maintaining peace and security against supernatural threats, eight thousand Peacekeepers have been assigned to Sierra Leone, fifteen thousand assigned to Eritrea, six thousand assigned to Bangladesh and another twenty thousand assigned to Myanmar.

Supernatural Gangs Ignite Washington Skyline

PCN News, 09/26/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Olympia was rocked Saturday evening in the woods near the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Search parties had been combing the woods all day and into the evening looking for three missing Pokémon players when suddenly a blast of scorching heat flooded the woods, killing all plant life in a half mile radius. Rescue parties were then treated to what appeared to be an aerial battle that included a flying pillar of fire, a man who seemed to be made of or surrounded by winds, and a winged, armor-clad rhino. Riding on the rhino's back was what appeared to be some kind of humanoid figure wearing a Donald Trump mask and was conjuring various substances to attack the pillar of fire. After the battle was over, the combatants seemingly flew off into the night. When officials investigated they found human, rhino, and bear footprints. Locally there is the well known comedian, Dorian Kitchens, who is still wanted for the murder of 14 DPS agents. We cannot currently rule out that the alleged murderer isn't also responsible for this latest outrage. Officials are currently theorizing that the events were the result of some sort of supernatural drug deal between rival gangs that went awry. The three missing individuals as well as two people who had been part of the original search party are still missing and presumed dead. This incident, in addition to a supernatural attack on the state capital, have lead the DPS to declare martial law over Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, and have done so with the full support of city councils, local mayors, and the Governor.

DPS Issues Clarification

The New Atlantic, 09/26/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Today the Department of Paranormal Security revised their list of known low-risk supernaturals, adding some 600 names to those released late last week. In a statement issued only hours ago, DPS Director Clint Jenner clarified the status of those listed. "Low-risk targets include former and active military supernaturals who have yet to be vetted by DPS, individuals assigned to Task Force Valkyrie and the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit who have yet to be vetted by DPS, and various supernaturals known to the United States Government. While there are active investigations on many of those listed, it is the opinion of DPS that they do not pose an immediate threat to national security. All other inquiries remain classified and will not be opined upon."

Battle in the Amazon Continues

VOX News, 09/23/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Having claimed a large section of the Amazon rain forest some four months ago, the werewolves known as Cavaleiros de Pangea repelled a massive attack today by elements of a joint military operation, conducted by the Brazilian, Peruvian, and Colombian governments. Reports suggest some one thousand killed and some three thousand wounded, with both sides of the conflict now firmly entrenched. This fight is still ongoing and we will provide you with updates, as they emerge.

Springfield Radiation Levels Decrease

PCN News, 09/23/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Center for Disease Control, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, released a report today confirming that the radiation levels surrounding the Springfield Obelisk have subsided slightly. "To be clear," began EPA Spokeswoman Christy Keller. "This decrease is very minute. Five months ago the radiation surrounding the Obelisk would have killed any and every living thing in under thirty seconds. By our readings today, that time table has now been doubled. If this pattern continues, we're optimistic that the radiation will dissipate, or least reach non-lethal levels, sometime in early 2020. Though obviously the long-term effects of this event will linger with us for several generations."

DPS Releases List of Low-Risk Targets

The New Atlantic, 09/23/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The Church of Ultimate Truth won an argument in Federal Court today, requesting under the Freedom of Information Act a list of all known supernaturals identified by the Department of Paranormal Security. While high-risk targets were exempt from the release, some six thousand names, listed as low-risk threats to the United States, are now available to the public. These six thousand are localized to the United States, and are currently being monitored by the DPS and other law enforcement agencies.

Hathaway Campaign Receives CUT Endorsement

VOX News, 09/19/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
In a somewhat surprising turn, Presidential Candidate Jackson Hathaway's press manager released a joint statement along with the Church of the Ultimate Truth, bringing to light the Churches full endorsement of the presidential nominee. "We attempted to stay out of the race, wishing to instead guide individuals spiritually to the light," stated a CUT spokesperson. "But, with how close the world has been brought to oblivion, we need someone who will be a light in the darkness. That is why we are backing Mr. Hathaway. Let us hope that he will be the leader that guides our country towards a brighter future."

Select Committee Hearings on the Gang of Seven Begin

PCN News, 09/19/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Closed door hearings began on Capital Hill today on the Gang of Seven - those seven individuals who, operating at the highest levels of our government, were aware of the existence of supernaturals before F-13. Represented by two Senators, two Congressmen, two Cabinet members and one Supreme Court Justice, this group authorized, empowered, and funded various classified programs that dealt with the supernaturals. The real names of the Gang of Seven remain classified Top Secret, but the witness list for the committee currently includes members of the Pentagon, DPS, FBI, CIA, NSA, and several hundred individuals from all three branches of Government. The select committee is hoping to conclude their report by late 2017.

Vampiric Blood God Killed in Nigeria

The New Atlantic, 09/19/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Four months ago a vampire named Adroa claimed the Gashaka Gumti National Park for himself and his followers, setting himself up as a self proclaimed Blood God. After heightened tensions, a flawed blockade and failed negotiations, the Government of Nigeria finally laid siege to the park. The military action resulted in the death of Adroa, along with two dozen of his vampiric followers, sixty-seven military personnel, and three hundred and forty-four civilians. The number of wounded are still being calculated, but estimates mark them as high as two thousand.

Explosion Targets CUT in Seattle

VOX News, 09/11/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Reports are coming in from Seattle where, at 8:42 PM local time, an explosion tore through a Church of Ultimate Truth facility. Onlookers report that the explosion could be felt as far away as southern King County, and the explosion was violent enough to toss debris over the lake into the city of Seattle. The compound, a city-block-sized complex built in 2005, was not just a place of worship. It also included apartments, retail stores, offices, a small park, a preschool, and daycare services. Rescue workers, accompanied by a dozen DPS agents, have been proceeding carefully through the rubble, on the lookout for more bombs or other attacks. The few eyewitnesses that survived the blast tell varying accounts of what happened. One firefighter, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that he's never seen an explosion like this, and proceeded to liken it to old news reel footage of nuclear testing.

DPS/TFV Conduct Operation in NOLA

PCN News, 09/11/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The Department of Paranormal Security, with unprecedented support from Task Force Valkyrie, conducted an operation in New Orleans late last week. Lead by a Major Hummel, USMC, the operation targeted a 'clear and credible danger to the United States,' taken in the form of Langley Pilgrims. The Pilgrims first emerged as an organization last year during the attack on Los Vegas, and have continued to be a pervasive and persistent threat. The operation shut down the city of New Orleans for 36 hours and resulted in the death and/or apprehension of nearly two dozen Pilgrims. Two DPS agents were killed and sixteen others were wounded during the event, and Frank Langley remains at large.

Thousands of European Supernaturals To Be Moved to Dulichium

The New Atlantic, 09/11/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The Republic of Greece concluded negotiations with the European Union today, officially handing over the island of Dulichium to the EU. The island, consisting of 1335 acres and located in the Ionian Sea, is set to house several thousand incarcerated European supernaturals. The EU plans on relocating the supernaturals until such time as a more permanent solution can be found to the crisis.

July, 2016

Ellis Kingsly Wanted for Murder

VOX News, 07/16/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Police in Salisbury, England are searching for one Ellis Kingsly, a UK native. Kingsly is wanted in connection with the murder of Mia Caste, a 12 year old girl, in Seattle, Washington, some three years ago. Kingsly was seen in Salisbury two weeks ago, and in the company of a supernatural "grotesque troll." Kingsly is wanted for questioning by the paranormal detachment of MI5, Interpol, and the Seattle branch of the Department of Paranormal Security here in the United States.

DPS Agents Killed in San Fran

PCN News, 07/16/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Last week in San Francisco, five helicopters associated with the Department of Paranormal Security (DPS) were reported to have crashed after being called in to investigate a rally of suspected meta humans in Marin County. According to footage taken from the site, violence was ignited by a magically potent flash grenade thrown by a young woman. None of the officers on site survived the confrontation. A fallen heroes fund is currently being managed through the SFPD. The DPS is currently seeking any information on suspected meta humans in the area.

Nine Weeks After F-13, and Still No Answers

The New Atlantic, 07/16/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
It has been nine weeks since the Obelisk arrived in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the city has struggled to find some sense of normalcy. While the bodies have been buried and reconstruction has begun, the quarantine on the Obelisk remains in effect, and the National Guard continue to prevent civilians from venturing into the radiation cloud that still surrounds the foreign structure. Scientists from across the globe are currently working on understanding the persistent radiation, though sources say that its level of lethality is unprecedented. The Army Corp of Engineers have also used robots and drones to try and analyze the Obelisk, and have determined that is is made of the atramentous steel that began to surface last year. Those responsible for the Obelisk, and the supernaturals who fought on the night of its arrival, are still being sought by authorities.

June, 2016

Six Dead DPS Agents Found in Vicksburg

VOX News, 06/20/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The bodies of six DPS agents were found in Vicksburg early this morning. The agents had been tasked with investigating a local werewolf pack, and went missing late last week. The bodies were found four days later in the Mississippi river, having died from apparent bite and claw wounds. Since the formation of the DPS some six weeks ago, roughly a dozen agents have been killed and several dozen wounded within the United States, all while executing high risk investigations upon suspected supernaturals.

Dorian Kitchens Appears on Oprah

PCN News, 06/20/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Stand-up comedian, Dorian Kitchens, who was caught on camera changing into a bear last month, was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey regarding the rumors of his supposed supernatural nature. During the interview, Kitchens revealed that he is indeed a supernatural. When asked about his plans now that the public knows about him, he said, ‘I hope to bring people together to create and encourage supernatural tolerance and equality, just as I have for people in poverty, and members of the LGBTQ+ community during my active years as a comedian.’ Kitchens stated that he plans on continuing his comedy career, despite the revealing of his true nature. In closing, Kitchens stated that he doesn’t support the suspension of Habeas Corpus by the Department of Paranormal Security in detaining supernaturals, claiming that their procedures are unconstitutional, and promote violence and hatred towards innocent Americans. Though Kitchens has received numerous requests by the Department of Paranormal Security to turn himself in for question, but so far he has been unresponsive.

Supernatural Wrestling Promotion Goes LIVE!

The New Atlantic, 06/20/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
On July 4th, the NCW (No Chill Wrestling) is planning on having it's first live show, entitled 'Brave New World,' at an undisclosed location for security reasons. They plan on inviting their fans to the live taping "somewhere in the NYC area". The event will be streamed on their website, The main event features a match between the Nacho Man Candy Savage vs. the Statue of Liberty, for the World Title, and a Junkyard Brawl match between the Great White Mark and Doc Faustus. The new federations promoter, a former wrestler named "Silky Smooth" Sam Stevenson, promises that it will be like nothing you've ever seen before. Pre-orders are available now on their website.

DPS Assault Unarmed Black Man in Boston

VOX News, 06/17/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
A video has surfaced out of Boston, depicting two DPS officers beating a young black man. The unnamed individual is believed to be a changeling, and did not appear to be resisting arrest. The individual who captured the incident on film shouted "Police brutality, smile for the camera." DPS agents then appear to focus on the camerawoman, which in turn bought time for the young black man to escape. The DPS claim that the young man depicted in the video is wanted in connection to several crimes perpetrated in the Boston area, and has asked the public for assistance in apprehending him.

DPS Investigate Incident in Homestead

PCN News, 06/17/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The public is now aware of the fire that took place last week at the Bank of America Center in Homestead, Florida, destroying the building and wounding the financial stability of the city. But few know of the events that actually took place during the incident. Eye witness reports speak of creatures that none could truly get a good look at or remember, who in turn assaulted the civilian populace, injuring several people and causing massive destruction. Local DPS authorities are looking into the image of the individual who killed local street reporter Ana Rodriguez. DPS authorities advise everyone to remain calm and in their homes while investigations continue on. More to come as information is obtained.

Danny Garofalo Killed While Resisting Arrest

The New Atlantic, 06/17/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Danny Garofalo, who outed himself as an Ogre late last month, was shot early this morning while resisting arrest by the Department of Paranormal Security. A spokeswoman for the DPS issued a statement, claiming that Mr. Garofalo was wanted for questioning in connection with a hijacking perpetrated in 2002. The DPS had a signed warrant and were assisted by local Law Enforcement, two of whom were wounded during the incident. The United Steelworkers Union will hold a memorial for Mr. Garofalo in Edison sometime early next week.

May, 2016

Feral Sanctuary Created in the Congo

VOX News, 05/30/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today Mr. M. Kingsley, representing a group of African preservation societies, announced the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a safe haven for feral supernaturals. Having purchased the wildlife reserve from the local government, Mr. Kingsley stated, "The refuge will be a territory of love and acceptance in a world that needs more of both." Created in 1992, The Okapi Wildlife Reserve includes over five thousand square miles of land, and is home to five thousand okapi, four thousand elephants, two thousand leopards, various chimpanzees and crocodiles as well as many other species of wildlife.

WH Reveals Gang of Seven

PCN News, 05/30/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The White House revealed a secret government program that, unbeknownst to the Oval Office, has existed for over fifty years and was fully aware of the existence of supernaturals. Represented by the Gang of Seven - two Senators, two Congressmen, two Cabinet members and one Supreme Court Justice - the group authorized, empowered, and funded various classified programs that not only sought to enforce supernatural activity, but also utilize it. A select committee is currently being assembled to investigate the Gang of Seven, and closed door hearings are set to start within the next sixty days.

Formation of the Society for Kindred Welfare and Governance

The New Atlantic, 05/30/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
A group announcing themselves as the Society for Kindred Welfare and Governance brought themselves into the spotlight this week by holding a press conference, to which all of the major news outlets were invited. During the conference, the group, represented by an individual calling herself Dame Eden Crestwell spoke against some of the more forceful measures that the government has taken against supernaturals. Crestwell commented that not all supernaturals are the beasts that humanity makes them out to be. “As a representative of one of the governing bodies of Kindred society, I find it appalling that all Kindred are being lumped into the same category as the lupines and other monstrosities that lurk within the night. Those who keep an open mind will find that not all Kindred are in fact the vampires of myth. We do no more than strive to maintain a peaceful existence like the rest of the world. We, especially, are a civilized group who hold manners and etiquette above all else. We mean humanity no harm. We are simply attempting to live our lives as we always have done. Our lives are merely longer than normal humans. Why should we face prejudice based on a perceived image told by folklore, fairy tales, and media? It is why we are here today. We outwardly face the world and represent ourselves respectively and confidently as we strive to find a peace between Kindred society and the governments of Humanity. It is the initiative of The Society for Kindred Welfare and Governance to meet with and cooperate with Government Officials as we negotiate our standing within this new society. It is our hope that even though this situation has forced our kind into the open, that we will be able to find a peaceful solution for Kindred and Human Society. Co-existence is key to the survival of both our races.”

Wizards Battle in Riyadh

VOX News, 05/28/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Like something out of a comic book, two wizards were caught battling each other in downtown Riyadh. Footage is seen depicting the two supernaturals utilizing bolts of lighting, streams of fire, and in one instance, throwing a large van 30 meters across the street. By the time police and private security belonging to Aegis Solutions showed up to the scene, one of the wizards was dead and the other had vanished. Three innocent bystanders were killed from a collapsed building as a result, and eleven more were injured. The body of the slain supernatural has been handed over to the Cheiron Group, which is working openly with the Saudi Government.

Maxwell Killian Calls for Humanity to Rise Up

PCN News, 05/28/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
YouTube footage is circulating a series of executions perpetrated by one Maxwell Killian – a former special forces soldier with suspected links to terrorism. Acquired by news agencies in Davao, the video shows Killian and several armed men opening three coffins in the middle of the day. The three individuals inside, believed to be vampires, spontaneously combusted before being shot to death by Killian and his accomplices. “Wake up, humanity,” declared Killian on the YouTube footage. “Rise up and kill the monsters underneath your bed. Kill them before they kill you.”

Danny Garofalo Outs Himself as Ogre

The New Atlantic, 05/28/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
In front of reporters one Danny Garofalo, a self-proclaimed "Ogre," made a public statement outside a town hall in Edison, New Jersey. "I know people are scared. But we're scared too. Most of the people like me aren't looking to hurt nobody. We're just trying to survive. To build something. Me, I've been building buildings for thirty-one years, and I'm a proud, card carrying member of United Steelworkers. After Springfield, I could have kept my mouth shut. I could have played it safe. But I went to my brothers at USW Local 4-200, I told them the truth, and they're standing right here with me now. We're men, women, gay, straight, black, white, brown, yellow...and now we're green. But we're all Americans. We know what's right and what's wrong, and that either matters or it don't. So if the black hats want to come for me, they can find me working on the Albany Street Bridge. I'll be there all summer."

Werewolves Seize the Amazon

VOX News, 05/26/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
A group of werewolves calling themselves Cavaleiros de Pangea have claimed a large section of the Amazon rainforest, killing construction workers belonging to Polaris Productions, along with private security forces. PP is an oil and natural gas company that won fracking rights along the Eastern corridor of the Amazon river. Hard numbers are still being calculated, but at least 29 individuals have been confirmed killed, with 73 still unaccounted for. The Brazilian government is mobilizing its military and requesting assistance from neighboring countries to eradicate the threat.

Vampire Blood God Claims Nigeria

PCN News, 05/26/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Reports are circulating of a vampire operating openly in Eastern Nigeria. Calling himself Adroa, the creature has set himself up as a Blood God, offering freedom from illness and even immortality to those who willingly submit to him. After overtures from the government went unanswered, the Nigerian military mobilized, surrounding a section of Gashaka Gumti National Park. This has led to clashes between the military and hundreds of Nigerians seeking to bypass the blockade and take advantage of Adroa’s offer.

KPR Pharmaceuticals Seeks to Unlock Super Genome

The New Atlantic, 05/26/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
KPR Pharmaceuticals today has issued an offer to all supernaturals and secondary-supernaturals interested in being a part of initial research into the supernatural condition. So far the company says they are only building a database on DNA affected by supernatural and secondary-supernatural changes. When asked how long it might be until a viable commercial product, KPR Pharmaceuticals responded with, “We are making this new need a top priority.” Other pharmaceutical companies have press conferences scheduled for later today, with speculation on whether stem cell research could solve supernaturalism.

Vatican Opens Its Doors to Supernaturals

VOX News, 05/24/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
While the rest of Europe is embroiled in supernatural investigations, crackdowns, and violent protests, the Catholic Church issued a proclamation today. Backed by the College of Cardinals, the Pope declared that the Vatican would open its doors to any and all who desired refuge. This includes those supernaturals in need of protection, regardless of their individual faith. The Pope called on all Christians to embrace their fellows, stating that God endorses the existence of all people with love, and that the existence of the different is merely the exploration of the mystery of the human being.

Politicians Call on the President to Declassify Reports on Supernaturals

PCN News, 05/24/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Today Senator Jackson Hathaway, Independent Presidential Candidate, joined former and current politicians from both sides of the aisle, calling upon the President to declassify documents pertaining to supernatural activity. The group states that they are aware of secret classified documents that reveal that the government has known about supernatural activity within the United States for the past sixty years. The group further insinuates that the government was not only aware of such threats, but at times utilized these supernatural agents against targets both foreign and domestic. The White House has yet to comment.

Russia Threatens the West with Military Exercises

The New Atlantic, 05/24/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
After tightening its borders in order to focus on “internal threats”, the Russian Federation has begun a series of military exercises, heightening tensions with both NATO and the EU. Relations between Russia and the West have been severely strained by Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 and what NATO says is direct Russian military support for separatists in a war that has killed more than 8,000 people in eastern Ukraine. "NATO does not seek confrontation with Russia," said a NATO spokeswoman. "We all have our own problems, and we are each dealing with the rise of the supernaturals to the best of our individual ability. But Russia has changed borders by force, supports separatists in Ukraine, threatens to base nuclear missiles along the Eurasian front, and has started executing supernaturals in Red Square. This is the worst time, in perhaps all of history, for dangerous military encounters.”

Pope Elijah Grey Stands With Humanity

VOX News, 05/22/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Pope Elijah Grey of the Church of Ultimate Truth issued a proclamation today, declaring that the CUT stands with humanity. Accompanied by joint statements from numerous Cardinals and Bishops, the CUT made their position crystal clear, branding all supernaturals as a threat to society, and offering safe haven to their fellow man. “The world is dark,” he said, speaking to reporters. “And there is evil there. But the sun shall rise the next day, illuminating a path forward. We are here to lift humanity out of that darkness. To defend them against evil. To shape a world full of hope. A world that knows the truth.”

Actor Richard Grant Not a Vampire

PCN News, 05/22/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
In response to accusations on social media that he looked ‘too perfect’ and ‘never aged’ and could be a vampire, actor Richard Grant posted pictures of himself holding today’s LA Times to Twitter while lounging next to his pool. The actor posted the pictures at 12:02 pm local time with the hashtag #HighNoonSelfie. Grant then tweeted “Hollywood is full of bloodsuckers, but I’m not one of them’.

Fire Claims Nine in Mumbai

The New Atlantic, 05/22/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
A fire broke out in a residential complex in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, earlier today. Fire brigades and first responders said that the fire started on the 13th floor of the building and spread due to strong winds, resulting in 9 deaths and 39 injured. Of the casualties, Esha Takhtani, a local news anchor and minor celebrity, lost her two infant sons in the blaze. “Where were they?” she demanded of the media. “Where were these Gods? These super beings? They have such power…they can do anything. They can fly and crush cars and live forever…they want to live with us and walk among us but they won’t do anything to save us. Shame on them. Shame on all of them. I hope they die. I hope they all burn.”

TSA Tightens Security Measures

VOX News, 05/20/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
TSA officials released a statement this week that it will be extending, indefinitely, its heighten security measures in regards to all flights leaving and arriving at United States Airports. In addition to the news that it will be maintaining its heighten security measures, TSA spokesperson Robert Concord announced that TSA security forces have also instituted a new ‘No Fly’ rule for supernatural creatures, human presenting or otherwise. These measures are being taken after the events of Friday-13 and have been set in place, according to Concord, “in order to protect American citizens from supernatural threats at home and abroad.” Concord also cited TSA’s desire to prevent any further “supernatural terrorism efforts on American soil or in American airspace.” Concord also stated that TSA and local airport authorities will be authorized to enforce the new ‘No Fly’ rule for supernaturals with any amount of force “deemed necessary on site.” Security officials will be trained specially by the Department of Paranormal Security in an attempt to identify and detain known and rogue supernaturals. This decision by TSA comes on the heels of a number of local and national initiatives to ensure the American public of its safety following the events of Friday-13.

Silver is the New Gold

PCN News, 05/20/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Silver is the new gold in the wake of F-13, as pawn shops, retail outlets, and even are finding themselves out of the precious metal. Resources are so scarce in some communities that mirrors and even chrome accents on a motorcycle have been reported stolen. Coin collectors may suddenly find that their collections are suddenly worth a lot more money than they were at the beginning of the month. YouTube videos demonstrating how to melt and mold bullets from the metal have seen their view counts skyrocket, as have videos demonstrating that the bullets can be used in common firearms.

Supernatural Refugees Forced Back at Argentinean Border

The New Atlantic, 05/20/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
After a series of public executions in Montevideo, aid groups operating in Uruguay reported dozens of supernatural refugees attempting to flee the country. After reaching the Argentinean border, these ‘criaturas’ were then illegally forced to return to Uruguay, even in the face of certain imprisonment and possibly worse. The group said that one case involved three ‘niños perdidos’, forced to walk back to Montevideo without their parents, while another saw the forced return of an eight-month pregnant ‘hada’. Despite the Non-Refoulement principle of international humanitarian law which prohibits countries from deporting individuals to a war zone, a spokesperson for the Argentinean government stated that they would not change their policy.

Comedian Outed as Bear in Olympia

VOX News, 05/19/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The Harlequin Theatre in Olympia, Washington, and everyone who showed up for Dorian Kitchens’ comedy show on Friday May 13th got far more of a show than they bargained for. At 8:30 local time, as Dorian had begun getting into his stride with his well known comedic stylings, he suddenly appeared to become a bear. While many of the audience panicked and vacated the building, several others stayed to get some good pictures. Dorian himself fled the building without word and appears to have vanished for the time being. We now have to question: who is Dorian Kitchens? What is Dorian Kitchens? We have tried to get a statement from Mr. Kitchens, or his agent, but as yet have received no response.

Strange Phenomenon Hits Seattle

PCN News, 05/19/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
As the world begins to revisit previously overlooked phenomenon, Seattle news outlets and Washington officials have received videos of what appears to be a massive supernatural event that happened in the skies above Seattle last October. These videos, taken from over two dozen cell phones, video cameras, and even one drone-shot piece, show the sky changing from its normal dark and starry look to a vivid panoply of bright purples and streaks of gold. Adding further to the strangeness, each video seems to have an odd, almost undulating “gilded” edge, even though the videos were taken from different angles, and from different parts of the city. Strange music seemed to accompany the event.

The focal point for the phenomenon was apparently over the Seattle Center. Onlookers also said that the choral music could be heard when the event started. Authorities are finding evidence that the many dozens of videos of the event, which lasted for a full five minutes, had been meticulously scoured from social media and the internet. Who, or what, was responsible for that, and for what purpose, is being looked into closely. Currently, no one in City Hall is claiming responsibility for the cover story, and all records of the event at City Hall, all major news outlets, and more mysteriously disappeared. Rumors of a large task force being created to address these security issues have not been addressed by authorities as of this writing.

Terror Stikes Owensboro Barbecue Festival

The New Atlantic, 05/19/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
On Friday 13, 2016, a short-lived global phenomenon revealed the supernatural world to everyone. At the time, thousands of people were walking along the banks of the Ohio River for the annual Owensboro Barbecue Festival. At roughly 10:30 pm local time, a panic started as horrible supernatural creatures were apparently robbed of their ability to deceive the human populace simultaneously. While this effect did not last long, it did last long enough for several witnesses to record video of these creatures walking among those at the Festival. Though the booths had closed and the crowds had started to thin, it's estimated that approximately 7,500 people were still in the downtown area when the event occurred. Twenty-seven people were hospitalized with injuries sustained during chaos that followed.

Of those caught on camera, several appear to be vampires. There were also several people reporting strange, alien and fanciful-looking creatures. At least two people took shaky video of what appeared to be several wolves that surrounded multiple booths and then quickly disappeared, and multiple people reported seeing a massive bear on Second Street. Owensboro Police investigating the scene were swamped with reports. The rest of the scheduled events at the Barbecue Festival were canceled as investigations continued through Sunday. Officers were unable to substantiate most of the reports without video or pictures, but were able to determine the location of most of those submitted to them as well as those posted on social media. OPD is working with local, state, and federal authorities to coordinate information, determine possible threats, and organize a response.

Officers were also required to respond to several riotous situations at the riverfront on Saturday night. In multiple locations, residents formed what were essentially posses and began searching the streets for monsters. Most were intercepted by the police before anyone was hurt. In a pair of cases, the riots were quelled with an organized response from the police force as people gathered around businesses, booths, and cooking trailers that they suspected were host to monsters. Gambrinus Libation Emporium, a Strongman booth organized by Van's gym, and a cooking trailer for the Quicksilver Knights of Henderson were targeted by looters and rioters after being the verified locations of multiple videos. The Owensboro Fire Department was able to bring blazes at those locations under control before the fire spread and several people were arrested for arson, destruction of property, illegal public gathering, and resisting arrest.

Hacker Releases Files on Supernaturals

VOX News, 05/18/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today the hacker known as Colt45 released over one hundred thousand videos on Zero Channel, a sub channel of YouTube. The documents contain footage of supernatural sightings from across the globe, dating back nearly twenty years. Much of the footage has been historically debunked by a skeptical media, but with the Friday-13 revelation, curious civilians and local law enforcement are reviewing the documents with a fresh perspective. The only message attached to the document, issued by Colt45, stated: "We told you so."

Jenner Appointed to Run Newly Formed DPS

PCN News, 05/18/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Today the President tasked retired Navy Captain Clint Jenner to run the newly formed Department of Paranormal Security. Jenner, who has spent the past twelve years as a Deputy Director with the Central Intelligence Agency, issued a brief statement. "Today, with the renewal of the National Defense Act, we begin our hunt. Those supernaturals who have hid among us can hide no longer. Those supernaturals who have manipulated us, and hurt us, and killed our fellow citizens will not be allowed to continue their clandestine reign of terror. There is historically nothing more corrosive to the morale of a military than policing its own citizens. Nothing more destructive to a Democracy than the suspension of habeas corpus. But these are desperate times. And the enemy would be sadly mistaken if they were to doubt our resolve."

Strange Robot Found at Sedan Crater

The New Atlantic, 05/18/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The body of a strange robot was found near the Sedan Crater, a site in Nevada used to test nuclear weapons in 1962. The golden automaton was found beaten and shot by unknown assailants, and one of its limbs appears to have been absconded with. Law enforcement found the body early this morning and believe it to be of supernatural origin. Law enforcement intends to hand over the body to the Department of Paranormal Security.

Emergency Cabinet Sessions Establish Department of Paranormal Security

VOX News, 05/16/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Echoing scenes seen in governments around the world over the past several days, an emergency session of both the House and the Senate has led to the creation of the Department of Paranormal Security, an agency under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. The DPS is empowered to monitor, capture, and even kill those supernaturals who threaten the United States. An emergency session to fund the multi-billion-dollar program this late in an election year is unprecedented, especially with near-unanimous numbers from both cabinets. Arriving on the heels of the swift renewal of the National Defense Act, one lawmaker shrugged off the question of how the government could afford such a project, saying “I’ll pay for it out of my own Social Security if I have to -- not like I’ll have it if these creatures aren’t controlled.”

French Riots In Wake of Public Hanging

PCN News, 05/16/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Violence broke out across France as thousands of people across the country took to the streets in support of anti-supernatural demonstrations. In Tours, a line of police stood behind riot shields, firing smoke canisters and pepper balls at as many as 2000 protesters, mostly consisting of students, as they attempted to enforce a citywide curfew. Demonstrators in turn threw bottles at police and at times used bats and knives. Six people were killed and over one hundred wounded. The clash came after a day of high tensions as several suspected étrangers were publicly hanged at the Arc de Triomphe, an incident which has received worldwide coverage on social media.

Monster Murders In Manhattan

The New Atlantic, 05/16/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
During the F-13 window this past weekend a father and daughter reported seeing a monster at a FAO Schwartz here in New York City. The monster was described as a massive green skinned humanoid, with cold eyes and a scream that shattered the glass cube of a nearby Apple store. The scream also shattered eardrums and caused horses to bolt from the area. Panic ensued and based on security camera footage, the monster caught a pedestrian and exsanguinated him before fleeing into a nearby sewer. Witnesses are asked to contact the NYPD if they have any additional information.

DEFCON2 Declared in the Shadow of the Obelisk

VOX News, 05/14/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Early this morning the President ordered a mandatory, nation-wide curfew and set the country to DEFCON2. US military forces, National Guard, and local law enforcement have been positioned at major transit areas and are currently patrolling the streets of major metropolitan areas. Air traffic has been grounded and the city of Springfield has been placed under quarantine. With the death toll now over four thousand, the US Army Corp of Engineers has been tasked with erecting a barrier around the site of the obelisk, and US fighter planes have been ordered to monitor the object at all times. Similar measures have been taken in other countries, and due to mass panic and uncertainty, governments and militaries remain on high alert in the wake of what is being referred to as F-13. Meanwhile a massive investigation is underway by the FBI to ascertain if these supernatural sightings coincide with the landing of the obelisk.

Young Woman Turns Into Werewolf, You Won't Believe What Happens Next (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

PCN News, 05/14/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Witness accounts from all over the world are trickling in by the hour, blowing up social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube. Each post is going viral as people from all walks of life have shared photos, tweets, posts, and even videos of strange events happening across the globe. These images and videos reveal the existence of what can only be describe as supernatural beings living among us. Reports of Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Demons and more have poured in as the world attempts to react to the solid proof that humankind is not alone. The massive scope of this event is like nothing else the world has seen and it is leaving social media users wondering how long these creatures have been among us. One video in particular has gained major attention in the form of replay on mainstream news networks. The video shows explicit footage of a young woman transforming into a monstrous, wolf-like creature before angrily attacking the people on the street, whom are attempting to flee from the situation. The owner of the video, Jonathan Marks, otherwise known online by his handle MarkieMack, gave a full statement to CNN. “I was walking down the street, doing a VLOG, you know. And I heard a commotion from up ahead of me, so naturally I turned my camera around because who wants to miss good footage like that? I mean, a good VLOGger lives for that sort of thing, ya know? Anyhow, I saw this woman, freaking out, and then all of a sudden, her skin was tearing away from her body and she got all feral and stuff. Then, she turned into this giant wolf thing. It was straight out of the movies. So, I just kept filming. I found a spot out of her line of sight and filmed the whole thing. Some of it was pretty gruesome. Those people died horribly. But I thought the world should know that this happened. I barely got out of there after that. But I got the footage, and that’s what mattered.”

Over 100 Dead in Jakarta After Alien Scare Stampede

The New Atlantic, 05/14/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
The Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival was met with tragedy this weekend when hundreds of people were trampled to death when a panic was incited during the event. More than three hundred people were injured in addition to the over one hundred that were killed during the commotion. While it was not initially clear what had sparked the panic, witnesses began emerging shortly after the incident reporting the presence of ‘alien beings’ or creatures with ‘strange and grotesque’ mutations. Some reported an individual made entirely of flowers, one reported a man made of black smoke, and an older lady made of twisting metal and electricity. One woman described a man so tall and grotesque that he could only be described as “Ogre-ish. Like something you’ve heard of only in fairy tales.” While no two sightings of these individuals were the same description, one thing was common - all witnesses stated that the ‘aliens’ looked like regular humans up until the point their ‘human masks’ dropped. Upwards of 30 individuals where identified by the surviving attendees of the festival. Jakartan officials have detained these individuals far away from the public in an attempt to maintain order and public safety.

US Military Called to Greet Enormous UFO Above Springfield, MA

VOX News, 05/13/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
We are live and bringing to you the latest news of what can only be described as a worldwide phenomenon. An object has entered United States air space over Massachusetts and appears to be attempting to land in or near the city of Springfield. Experts are estimating that it is roughly four miles tall, which would easily make it the tallest object on the planet. This obelisk, black in color and clearly being operated by unknown means, is attracting onlookers and an army of cameras as it slowly makes it’s decent. The President has called for a state of emergency and the city of Springfield is now being evacuated, with police, National Guard, and air force jets now en route.

Monsters Among Us: Simultaneous Sightings Around the Globe

PCN News, 05/13/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Reports are coming in from around the globe of strange, almost supernatural occurrences. Sightings of creatures, ranging from giant beasts to free floating apparitions are being caught on camera in major metropolitan areas. It’s hard to tell if these are isolated incidents or part of some larger hoax, but camera and iPhone footage has monopolized social media and appear to coincide with the landing of the obelisk in Springfield, Massachusetts. Panic is rampant and governments worldwide are on alert, deploying law enforcement and military forces as we attempt to clarify what precisely is happening.

Monolithic Battle Caught On Film

The New Atlantic, 05/13/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
Adding to the chaos of recent hours, footage has been obtained showing a major battle at the site of the obelisk landing, depicting three figures engaged in combat reminiscent of a Hollywood comic book film. One unidentified male, along with a gentleman in a radiation suit, appeared to fight a woman, or what we believe to be a woman, cloaked in shadow. Several others appear to have been absorbed when making contact with her. The woman appears to have triumphed and escaped, and the entire area is now flooded with some kind of poison, killing thousands of onlookers. The three figures are now gone and the city of Springfield continues to be evacuated in the wake of this deadly attack. We do not yet have the full scope of this poison cloud or the death toll, but thus far it appears to be roughly two miles in diameter, and estimates indicate that several thousands have died in the area, though sadly we expect this number to rise dramatically.

April, 2016

Terrorists Hit Tulsa, Dozens Wounded

VOX News, 04/04/16 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Tulsa was the site of a failed terrorist attack this past Saturday. Two suicide bombers attempted to assassinate Senator Jackson Hathaway, an Independent Presidential candidate who had just finished a speech before a crowd of four thousand people. The two terrorists detonated themselves inside the Cox Business Center, wounding several dozen people, though no fatalities were reported. The nature of the explosions were similar to those that took place in Las Vegas in September of 2015, and local authorities are currently coordinating with the FBI to ascertain if there is a link between the two incidents. The identity of the two suspected Pilgrims is as of yet unknown.

Hathaway Campaign Manager Murdered

PCN News, 04/04/16 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Shortly after the terrorist attack in Tulsa, Dr. Sam Buckley, adviser for the Hathaway campaign, was murdered inside his hotel room across the street from the Cox Business Center. Local law enforcement attempted to intercede, shooting and killing a lone, as of yet unidentified assailant. The Tulsa Police Department have not yet released an official statement, or the details of the investigation, but there is a suspected link between the attack and the terrorist bombings against the Senator.

Candidate Hathaway to Speak In NYC

The New Atlantic, 04/04/16 - Editorial by Diane Galloway
In the wake of the terrorist attack in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Senator Hathaway has agreed to speak on behalf of the American Prosperity Institute in New York City. Joining national security advisors and experts from across the country, the summit is designed to review the National Defense Act, pointing out areas for improvement and blueprints for any future mass casualty events. In recent days Senator Hathaway has called for a more autonomous and aggressive government agency to combat terrorism. Senator Hathaway is a two term Senator from Montana and served as Chairman of the International Security Advisory Board. He is also currently running for President of the United States on an Independent platform.

December, 2015

Former US Senator Jackson Hathaway Announces Presidential Bid

VOX News, 12/31/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today former Senator Jackson R. Hathaway announced his intention to run for President of the United States. Hathaway is an Independent and retired Senator from Montana, having served two terms from 1994 to 2005. During that time he served as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board at the United States Department of State, was a member of the US/China Economic and Security Review Commission, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is currently a Fellow with the American Prosperity Institute, specializing in national security and intelligence. Senator Hathaway is a former United States Marine, a father of two, and a member of the Church of Ultimate Truth.

Hathaway's Presidential Bid Takes Independent Route

PCN News, 12/31/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Dr. Sam Buckley, spokesperson for Senator Hathaway, issued the following statement shortly after the candidate's announcement. "For decades, the talking heads and spin doctors have fooled the American people. This country is not simply red or blue. It's mostly purple, with a silent majority that has watched leaders from both parties fail us time and again. Senator Hathaway represents the middle road, and our last, best opportunity for prosperity. He believes in equal protection for everyone, regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation. He believes in a strong and prohibitive military. He believes in a common sense government, and that while there are social programs enacted in the last half century that work, there are way too many, costing way too much, that don’t. He believes in the rule of law and order and free market capitalism. Now make no mistake. The political parties on both sides of the isle are going to throw everything they have at Senator Hathaway. They will lie, cheat, and manipulate you into believing that he is a fraud. Or a crook. Or a degenerate. Do not be fooled. Their actions will only reveal their own fear, and reinforce the fact that Senator Hathaway is America's best chance for real change. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."

Clashes in Kuala Lumpur

The New Atlantic, 12/31/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
Protests in Kuala Lumpur turned violent yesterday as citizens clashed with Polaris Productions, an oil and natural gas company that has been given fracking rights throughout Malaysia. What started as a peaceful protest of thousands turned chaotic when PP's private security forces fired upon the crowd. Over the next 48 hours PP's main headquarters was seiged and drilling sites attacked, resulting in sixty-three dead and numerous wounded.

October, 2015

Palms Hotel Quarantine Continues During Federal Investigations into Chemical, EMP Attacks and Las Vegas Ten

VOX News, 10/23/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The Palms hotel in Las Vegas, site of the 9-26 attack, remains under government quarantine as FEMA and FBI agents continue their investigation. The nerve agent, initiated in conjunction with an EMP attack, is considered an ongoing security threat to the United States and European governments, and the Homeland Security Advisory System remains at Orange. Foreign intelligence agencies, in cooperation with the United States, have already investigated the homes, computers, families, and coworkers of the Las Vegas Ten, and are beginning to build a narrative timeline. While their connection to Frank Langley remains uncertain, this individual is and remains a person of interest. Anyone who has any knowledge of those responsible is encouraged to contact the FBI.

FBI Investigating Mass Suicide at Roland Church of Ultimate Truth in Iowa

PCN News, 10/23/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The FBI have initiated in an inquiry into a mass suicide that occurred in Iowa. On the night of September 16th, 2015, the Roland Church of Ultimate Truth suffered some forty suicides within their congregation hall. The local police department has been engaged in a prolonged and very tight lipped investigation of the incident. Reports are only now coming out as those local authorities are reaching out to State and Federal agencies for further assistance with the investigation.

There have also been reports that members of the community are still missing, including the leader of the congregation, one George Townsend. Rumors are circulating that the mass suicide was part of some previously unknown cult, and local law enforcement are calling on a special investigation due to the nature of the incident.

Bishop Gill Dumar of the Story County CUT, had this to say:

"These events that have rocked our community are a tragedy. Such loss of life is in direct opposition to our faith and our mission. We call upon all communities to band together and prevent actions like from happening in the future. While I can tell you that this was not an action condoned by the Church, I have only the information you have on what happened. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families impacted by this terrible tragedy and our community is already stepping in to help those impacted. Iowa and the world at large has had a lot of tragedy and terrible incidents in recent years and we want to do our part to make the world a better place."

Frank Langley Beaten to Death in Twin Falls, Idaho

The New Atlantic, 10/23/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
Frank Jerald Langley, a fifty year old math teacher and Navy veteran, was beaten to death outside his home in Twin Falls, Idaho. Local police believe that the gentlemen was mistaken as the Frank Langley responsible for the 9-26 attack, and two suspects are already in custody. According to the FBI, some twenty-seven Frank Langley's have either been assaulted or harassed in the United States in the past four weeks. The Attorney General cautions citizens to exercise restraint, and to leave suspected terrorism in the hands of law enforcement.

Frank Jerald Langley is survived by his loving and devoted wife of 20 years, Cynthia, his daughter, Molly, and his son, Jonathan.

Las Vegas Investigations Continue while Europe Puts Greece in Financial Quarantine

VOX News, 10/13/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Investigations continue into the terrorist attack that targeted the Las Vegas Euro Summit in September. Sources inside the EU say that tensions between countries have been running high. Many have been frequently dissatisfied with interactions and concessions from the ruling European powers and their attempts to steamroll the negotiations. Insiders believe that this tension, which has grown since 2008, has led to several summit representatives siding with extremist Anti-European groups. While not all names involved in the attack have been released, the FBI have confirmed the participation of the ten members of the Summit who committed mass suicide during the event. This evidence is further backed up by their collective and well-timed statement directly before their deaths at the hands of volatile and explosive chemical weapons. Their message confirmed their displeasure with the European Financial Quarantine over Greece and other smaller countries which were being taken advantage of by ruling members of the Summit. The FBI’s investigation is ongoing.

Suspected EMP Damaged Las Vegas Electronics During Attack

PCN News, 10/13/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
In the aftermath of the 9-26 attack, numerous protesters have begun to speak out against the treatment of Greece, claiming that such a tragedy was an inevitable result of America’s growing disregard for the Geneva Convention. More information is being demanded by the public. However, in the wake of the attack, cameras, phones, and other electronics were severely damaged by what appears to have been an EMP set off by the attackers. FBI investigations are ongoing and no details of the events occurring after the electronics were damaged have been released.

First Responders Found Airborne Chemicals & Hallucinogenic Chemicals Found in Ten Las Vegas Summit Terrorists

The New Atlantic, 10/13/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
The immediate reports covering the Las Vegas Euro Summit Attack indicated that first responders to the site were met with the possibility of an airborne chemical agent. The crews going in were required to wear breathing apparati and hazmat suits during the initial investigation. Once the area was defumigated, further testing and investigation was allowed by chemical weapons experts. These FEMA experts have confirmed the presence of Psychotomimetic chemicals in the ten summit members involved in the attack. Doctors believe that the Summit members may have been suffering from extreme hallucinations which would help explain their strange statements right before the moment of their deaths.

September, 2015

Terrorists Attack Las Vegas With Chemical Weapons During Euro Summit

VOX News, 09/26/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Breaking news - Las Vegas, Nevada, has been the target of a terrorist attack. Ten foreign representatives of the Euro Summit have been targeted with some kind of nerve agent or chemical weapon. The National Guard and FBI have been mobilized, and the Department of Homeland Security has authorized FEMA to spearhead the investigation. Residents are being evacuated and first responders are already on the scene...

Ten Euro Summit Members Responsible For Terrorist Attack

PCN News, 09/26/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The FBI is now telling us that ten members of the Las Vegas Euro Summit may have been directly responsible for the terrorist attack. Most of the ten were recorded via news and social media just before they detonated themselves, and each made a statement to the effect of: "Your Quarantine cannot hold me. Accordingly I am your new Reality. Behold this Evolution." Sources say that it is unlikely that this is the work of ISIS or Islamic extremists, and that it is more likely that this is the work of some cult or anti-European organization. The detonations caused what are being described as "fantastical" clouds of an unknown gas, and FEMA is still attempting to locate those affected by the attack. However it is uncertain how many hundreds or thousands may have already fled Las Vegas.

Frank Langley's Pilgrims Suffer From Psychoses, Several Commit Suicide

The New Atlantic, 09/26/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
A repeated refrain among the victims of the Las Vegas attack is in reference to one Frank Langely. Authorities do not yet know who this man is or what his motivation might be, but among the victims the chemical attack appears to be causing a kind of fixation on this individual. These Langley Pilgrims, as one media source is now dubbing them, appear to be suffering from a range of symptoms, including disorientation, severe depression, and psychosis. Several Pilgrims have even committed suicide.

Earthquakes Hit Near Ithaca, NY, Slade, KY, & Buchanan, TN

VOX News, 09/15/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
While all eyes have been focused on the fires raging in the west, the other side of the US had a shake up early this morning. Residents of Slade, Kentucky, were awakened by an earthquake of 5.2 on the moment magnitude scale. No injuries were reported, though Nada Tunnel has been closed pending a structural examination. Farther north Ithaca, New York, gained yet another gorge as a 5.0 quake was noted at the same time. As a result, anti-fracking activists are reportedly planning a protest for later this week. And a *THIRD* quake hit outside Buchanan, Tennessee, with only minor injuries reported. The USGS has cautioned residents that weaker aftershocks are a possibility.

Las Vegas to European Financial Summit

PCN News, 09/15/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Las Vegas is going to be seeing a different kind of tourism next weekend: European financial leaders have agreed to a summit in the Gambling Capital of the World. Tensions in Europe have been high lately with the financial instability of the eastern nations, the influx of refugees, and the discovery of atramentous steel. Political leaders of the battered European Union have said they are 'cautiously optimistic' about the summit, and a number of attendees are already confirmed for the conference one week from this Saturday.

EU Stabilization Plan to be Unveiled at September Las Vegas Financial Summit

The New Atlantic, 09/15/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
Following the impact of several events across the Atlantic, Johan Rehner, head of the Emergency European Stability Mechanism (EESM) finally garnered enough power to push forward with his plan for member states across the EU to join in a full-blown fiscal union across the continent. "It is a large step forward," Rehner stated in a recent interview. "We will be meeting in Las Vegas on the 26th of September to push forward with our plans. It is time that we take away our vulnerabilities and remind ourselves that we are in this together." Rehner, along with other representatives of the EU and distinguished advisers, will be meeting in Las Vegas to discuss their big push forward. When asked why the summit would take place in Las Vegas, Rehner said "This is a great gamble, with potential for great reward. But this is not without risk. What better place than the city where all dreams can come true?"

Sean Craig & Cast in Paris for Vengeful Dead 3 Red Carpet Premiere

VOX News, 09/10/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The Vengeful Dead cast always dominates their red carpet premieres with stunning fashion, big smiles, and high energy. Lead actor Sean Craig, along with his fiance Elise Leclair, arrived at the Paris release for the third installment of the franchise. Craig wore an Armani suit and Leclair struck a pose in a forest green Marc Jacobs design with a sleek column silhouette, a twist-neck halter, and atramentous steel necklace. Co-star Chris Pike, ever the bachelor, arrived stag to the event, and wore a custom made Michael Kors tuxedo.

Dorian Kitchens Eliminated in Last Comic Standing Semi-Finals

PCN News, 09/10/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Dorian Kitchens of Washington State made it to the semi-finals of this season’s Last Comic Standing. He was regarded as having a fresh and unique comedic style, winning the audience and judges over with his commanding stage presence. His quick wit and ability to improvise in the challenges helped him along in the competition, as well as his consistently impressive performance on stage. In the end, he was eliminated by the judges for his reliance on his jokes regarding the Church of Universal Truth and his high usage of puns. There has been talk about a potential contract in the works for Kitchens to join Comedy Central this fall.

EU to Institute EU Treasury & New Euro Parliament

The New Atlantic, 09/10/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
With regards to the EU, the survival of the economic and monetary union will require the creation of a new supra-national institution, including a joint Eurozone treasury and a separate Euro Parliament, according to the single currency's bail-out chief. Johan Rehner, head of the Emergency European Stability Mechanism (EESM), joined a clamor of voices in Frankfurt who are pushing for member states to cede sovereignty in a bid to establish a full-blown fiscal union across the Continent. In spite of intense opposition and strained relations across Europe, Rehner stated, "The first step will be the creation of a Eurozone finance ministry, backed by a separate chamber for the currency's 19 member states in the European Parliament. The move is necessary to increase robustness and minimize the vulnerabilities of the currency union."

Protest Rally at New Euro Bank HQ Opening Ends in Violence & Wounded

VOX News, 09/03/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
A massive anti-austerity rally in Germany turned violent Wednesday when protesters clashed with police at the opening of the new European Central Bank headquarters. Frankfurt police said they used water cannons to disperse protesters after attacks on officers, firefighters, and a police station. At least 74 officers have been wounded. Some suffered injuries when stones were thrown at them, and about 60 were hurt when they were attacked with a substance similar to pepper spray. Those affected by the substance had respiratory problems and eye irritation and needed treatment. The substance quickly dissipated, and the location where it was discharged was not cordoned off. The damage included at least seven police cars that were set on fire. Thus far 108 people have been detained by police.

November EU-Russia Summit Cancelled

PCN News, 09/03/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The EU-Russia summit, scheduled for November, has been cancelled. Bilateral talks with Russia regarding Syrian refugees, turmoil in the Ukraine, and newly discovered atramentous steel were also suspended. In addition, a re-assessment of EU-Russia cooperation programs are currently ongoing with a view towards suspending the implementation of EU bilateral and regional cooperation. Projects dealing exclusively with cross-border cooperation and civil society will be maintained.

EU Budget Leader Predicts Turmoil with Current Status Quo Continuance

The New Atlantic, 09/03/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
According to Johan Rehner, the architect of the latest EU budget, political paralysis in the Eurozone will force the union into permanent turmoil unless countries stop “muddling through” the crisis and take responsibility for reforms. Rehner, who served as the European Commission’s top economic official at the height of the Eurozone crisis, stated, “We are at a tipping point. Unless Greece, Portugal, Italy, and our non EU European neighbors can contain the cancer within their own financial apparatus, this disease will metastasize. In the end, we will need to sever our ties with these failed states, lest the entire EU be brought down with it.”

August, 2015

International Authorities & Ocean Institute Investigate Last Week's Offshore Earthquakes

VOX News, 08/19/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
The International Ocean Institute, or IOI, released a report today after concluding their initial investigations into the series of earthquakes that struck offshore along the European continent a week ago. Working together with European naval response units, crews investigated areas off the coast of Portugal, Spain, and the UK, as well as farther north. They say though there are no known fault lines in the Atlantic regions, the data is synonymous with common seismic events. The navy neither confirmed nor denied followup inquiries as to whether known Russian subs could go unnoticed along the western coast of Europe. In the meantime the IOI is assembling a team of researchers to start investigating off the coast of Portugal and the UK and expect to have a followup to their findings within the next month.

New Ore Deposits at Heart of Belarus Unrest in Europe

PCN News, 08/19/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
The European Union’s weekly meeting in Luxembourg attracted protests by citizens from a number of non-Member nations, many of them from Belarus, a country which has until recently been concerned with the tensions between its neighbors but now seems to be turning its focus to the western states. While Belarus citizens gathered in Luxembourg to protest a purported seizure of natural resources by Union Member states, Belarus leadership traveled to Moscow. Spurring the conflict is a recently discovered vein of a new ore currently described as ‘atramentous steel’. The scientific community has had little time to examine the metal, and it’s looking as though with the political tensions here, they will have to wait a little longer.

Military Deaths after Clashes over Corruption in Mogadishu

The New Atlantic, 08/19/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
Unrest has come to the Somali capital of Mogadishu as several of the country's soldiers have been killed during localized clashes in various sites around the port city. Clashes are said to be instigated by the misuse of urban rehabilitation funds being funneled toward businesses outside the country, rather than to the ethnic minorities that now make up so much of the urban populace -- the result of the recent civil war. Mogadishu has been peaceful in recent years since its stabilization in 2011 with the assistance of neighboring Turkey.

Twin Bombings in Algiers Kill Twelve, More Wounded

VOX News, 08/13/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
There were two near simultaneous bombings in Algiers early this morning, killing twelve and wounding twenty three. One detonation occurred outside a government building, and another took place in the Ben Aknoun district near the Supreme Constitutional Court. While no one has yet claimed responsibility for this attack, rumors circulate that this may be the work of Islamic terrorists operating within the region.

Steel Disputes Dominate EU Meeting Agenda

PCN News, 08/13/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Among topics of the European Union’s weekly meeting Saturday is a review of the complaints filed by non-Member European nations, citing aggressive efforts by Member nations to gain access to their neighbors’ newly discovered natural resources. Details of the allegations have not been made public, but we’ve heard that powerhouses Germany, the UK, and even the Swiss are implicated as CERN researchers appeal to neighboring nations that a portion of the recently-discovered black metal ore -- you may have heard about this ‘atramentous steel’ -- be donated to the CERN Research Organization for research purposes. Without details we can only speculate, but one of the most common comments we are hearing is that unless the EU itself is affected, as the complaint has been made by non-Member states, it should not be handled by the European Commission. The fact that it is confirmed on Saturday’s docket for review has drawn much attention to what has lately been a rather dull series of weekly meetings by the Commission. More as we learn it.

South Africa Anti-Corruption Demonstrators Want New Elections

The New Atlantic, 08/13/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
Demonstrations in Johannesburg took to the streets late last night, calling for new elections for the sitting President. With numbers fluctuating between ten and fifteen thousand, the protests have remained largely peaceful, though some clashes with police have occurred outside Parliament. Scandals continue to circulate throughout the media regarding illegal funds stolen from the treasury which have in turn only fueled the anger of residents. The President, along with his Government, continue to protest their innocence and a state wide address is now scheduled for early next week.

July, 2015

The Church of Ultimate Truth Expands into Children's Programming

VOX News, 07/01/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today the Church of Ultimate Truth announced that they would be expanding their children's programming beyond station WCUT in Puerto Rico, seeking to reach audiences in all 50 states. Individual programming includes My Pet Monster, a cartoon aimed at elementary students, Adventures in Fantasyland, Play School and Sunday School. The endeavor is being spearheaded by Obregon & Associates, an LA based advertising firm. O&A has a long history of working with NPOs and other charitable organizations, and is already assisting the church with branding across traditional and new media.

Diadem Partner CEO Murdered in Terror Attack

PCN News, 07/01/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Marcus Praening, CEO of Praening Consultation Services, was assassinated earlier this month in his private home in St. Petersburg. Praening Consultation Services, a partner of Diadem Logistics, is a private think tank for the energy market with offices in Russia, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Venezuela. After declaring this an act of terror, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation attempted to arrest members of the December Institute, an anti-government organization whom the FSB claimed were responsible for the assassination. Twelve members of the Institute were arrested and four were killed, including founding member, Dr. Nikolay Astafyev.

Wolf Fifth on the Tonight Show to Talk about Their NYC Skyscraper Relief Work

The New Atlantic, 07/01/15 - by Diane Galloway
Gothic rock band Wolf Fifth performed earlier this month to raise money for relief efforts related to the recent skyscraper collapse in New York City. Following local coverage of the event, Wolf Fifth was invited to perform on the Tonight Show Tuesday night and talk briefly about their charity efforts. Lead singer, Dylis Morgan, also appeared in TV spots sponsored by the Samaritan Group, and was thanked publicly for her efforts by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Wolf Fifth consists of lead singer and guitarist Dylis Morgan, drummer Mikhail Ivanovitch, and keyboardist/programmer Tom Scott. Wolf Fifth has recently been signed to Cleopatra Records, and their new album "Quarantine" drops July 3.

April, 2015

5.8 Earthquake Hits Vancouver, WA

VOX News, 04/28/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 shook the city of Vancouver today for 48 seconds - more than enough time to cause an estimated 3.2 billion in damages. First responders are still on the scene and reports are still coming in, but thus far some two hundred citizens are currently missing, roughly two thousand have been injured, and twenty-nine have died. No aftershocks have occurred thus far.

Severe Earthquake Damages to Portland & Vancouver Infrastructure

PCN News, 04/28/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Not since the great earthquake of 1965 has the Pacific Northwest felt such a seismic disturbance. Striking at 10:29 AM PDT and originating from 59 kilometers deep, the quake has severely damaged buildings and city infrastructure. This includes the Vancouver-Portland I-5 bridge which is currently closed, a fact which is hindering rescue and repair efforts. Officials say that it will take several weeks of extensive repairs before the bridge is once again operational.

Scientific Community Reports Cause of Vancouver/Portland Earthquake

The New Atlantic, 04/28/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) indicates that today's earthquake is the result of the Juan de Fuca Plate being subducted beneath the North American Plate. The network operates from the Earth and Space Sciences Department at the University of Washington, and its data archiving is vetted by the Data Management Center of IRIS Consortium in Seattle.

March, 2015

The Church of Ultimate Truth Establishes National Church and New Roles

VOX News, 03/16/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Earlier today Pope Elijah Grey, speaking to a small crowd in Lebanon, Kansas , issued the following statement on behalf of the Church of Ultimate Truth.

"Not far from here is the geographic center of the Continental United States. The quintessential crossroads of America. I could find no more fitting place to make this announcement than the very heart of the country that allowed for our once small community to flourish. And we did flourish. Together we have grown and the light of the Truth has spread to millions across the word.

"Our tremendous success has made it impossible for myself and my staff to effectively coordinate our efforts on a worldwide stage. Trust me, we tried. This is why at this point in our history that we must reorganize to meet the ever growing needs of our congregations and the communities we serve. I invited you here, to this empty field at the crossroads of America, to announce the creation of a National Church to be located here in Lebanon. This church will not only serve the spiritual needs of believers across the United States, but also house the administrative staff needed to organize our great works worldwide.

"In addition, members of the Church within specific regions will be empowered to promote one of their local leaders to the position of Cardinal. These Cardinals will be granted the authority and autonomy to guide and provide for the needs of their particular congregations. Resources from our Church development fund will be provided to establish Regional Headquarters in these areas. We are very excited about the future prospects for the Church, and look forward to introducing you all to our future Cardinals."

Actor Sean Craig Engaged

PCN News, 03/16/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Actor Sean Craig proposed to his fiance over the weekend while filming "Vengeful Dead III" in Paris. According to a new report from VSD magazine, Sean Craig, 52, popped the question to the human rights lawyer, 34, after whipping up a romantic meal at their Parisian home. A source told PCN that Craig prepared the meal himself and then surprised Elise Leclair by getting down on bended knee. And of course, she said yes.

National Defense Act Passes Congress

The New Atlantic, 03/16/15 - by Diane Galloway
Having passed the Senate with a vote of 88-11, the National Defense Act (NDA) was sent to the President early this morning, where it was given his signature and reauthorized for an additional 12 months. Over 3.2 billion dollars will be transferred from the Department of Homeland Security to state and local law enforcement, and provide advanced combat training, logistical support, enhanced firepower and access to armored vehicles. The allocated money is specifically geared towards terrorism prevention. One Senior Senator, critical of the authorization, stated, "While there has never been a country in the world whose citizens have enjoyed the individual liberties found in the United States today, there have been countries whose citizens went from enjoying individual liberties to being oppressed by increasingly totalitarian rulers. This authorization does not resemble the America I grew up in, and instead, represents the future described by George Orwell."

January, 2015

Sean Craig Funds Church of Ultimate Truth

VOX News, 01/18/15 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today the Church of Ultimate Truth announced a $10 million dollar promotional campaign, even going so far as to hire Obregon & Associates, an LA based advertising firm. O&A has a long history of working with NPOs and other charitable organizations, and is set to assist the church with branding across traditional and new media, along with the distribution of clothes and jewlery. The promotional campagin is being funded, in large part, by actor and advocate, Sean Craig.

Diadem Logistics to Open First North American Branch

PCN News, 01/18/15 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Diadem Logistics, a European based transportation company, is set to open its first US regional office in Vancouver, Washington. Based out of Stockholm and founded by Hilmar Sorensson in 1946, the company provides sea, land, and air freight forwarding, contract logistics, and material containment. As of 2014 it has more than 600 offices in over 50 countries, with over 50,000 employees. With it's first official American venture, Diadem stock is up 9% on the NASDAQ and up 7.3% on the S&P 500.

CUT Spending $10 Million in Promotions, Marketing & Charity

The New Atlantic, 01/18/15 - Article by Diane Galloway
Today the Church of Ultimate Truth announced a $10 million dollar promotional campaign, even going so far as to hire Obregon & Associates, an LA based advertising firm. O&A has a long history of working with NPOs and other charitable organizations, and is set to assist the church with branding across traditional and new media, along with the distribution of clothes and jewlery. The promotional campaign is being funded, in large part, by actor and advocate, Sean Craig.

December, 2014

Church of Ultimate Truth Picks Elijah Grey as Pope

VOX News, 12/04/14 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today the Church of Ultimate Truth elected Elijah Grey as their new Pope. The English born Reverend, age 55, was raised in poverty. He left his hometown of Grimsby at the age of fifteen, moving to London to make a name for himself in the shipping industry. After achieving this goal, he eventually gave away his entire fortune, turning instead to a life of faith. After ten years as a missionary in Africa, Grey moved to the United States and eventually settled in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is believed to have joined the Church of Ultimate Truth in 2001, where he preached a message of universal morality, peace, and unity.

CUT Pope Elijah Grey's Initial Address

PCN News, 12/04/14 - Anchored by Brian Baer
At a news conference today, Elijah Grey, the newly elected Pope of the Church of Ulimate Truth, gave a short speech outside his Florida home.

"This morning I watched the sun rise over the beach. A new day has begun, and I took a few moments to witness the beauty of a new dawn. That sight is a gift that we all share, from the richest to the poorest, from the happiest to the most despondent. Every morning we can all walk outside and bear witness to a new dawn. To a new beginning. No matter how dark the night may be, the light will be there to give us a fresh start.

"The last few months have been dark times for the Church. We lost a great man, and we have mourned him deeply. We have deflected governmental probes, faced imprisonment for our beliefs, and dealt with scandal. The night was surely dark, but the sun rose the next day and ushered a new beginning. Therefore, today, we rededicate ourselves to our mission: To lift humanity out of darkness. To share the truth of a brilliant future. Today I ask each and every one of you to find one person. It can be a stranger, a friend, or a loved one. I want you to go to this person and find a way to make their lives better. It can be a small gesture, or something completely life altering. When you are done, tell them the truth. Tell them that they are loved. For together we can change the world. With the help of all the faithful, we can make our dreams a reality. A world no longer lost to darkness. A world full of hope. A world that knows the truth.

"Thank you all for being here. Thank you all for your support. May the light of the Truth guide you."

State & Local Law Enforcement Gets $3.2 billion from National Defense Act Appropriations

The New Atlantic, 12/04/14 - Article by Diane Galloway
Today the US House of Representatives reauthorized the National Defense Act (NDA), which includes the transfer of 3.2 billion dollars from the Department of Homeland Security to state and local law enforcement. The allocated money is intended to be used for terrorism prevention, and includes arms and equipment from the Department of Defense. "These are dangerous times," said one US Congressman under the promise of anonymity. "And I for one have no problem giving police the tools they need to combat those dangers." The re-authorization still requires approval from the US Senate, and the signature of the President.

November, 2014

CUT Leader Tan Jingshend Arrested in China on Espionage Charges

VOX News, 11/18/14 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Religious leader and political activist, Tan Jingsheng, was arrested by the Chinese Government on Sunday. The charges include harming state security and illegally supplying state secrets to overseas organizations. A massive crack down on the Church of Ultimate Truth in Hong Kong has also produced sixteen other arrests, and harsh denunciations from various human rights groups. Jingsheng is expected to be tried and sentenced before the end of the year.

Liberia CUT Worker Recovers from Ebola

PCN News, 11/18/14 - Anchored by Brian Baer
Ms. Anika Baatseba, an aide worker in Liberia who contracted the Ebola virus in October, is no longer showing signs of the disease. After being transported to a medical facility in Johannesburg, Ms. Baatseba made what doctors are calling a miraculous recovery. She was discharged from the hospital on Monday, and has chosen not to make any public comments, according to the hospital.

Sean Craig Injured During Swiss Skiing Trip

The New Atlantic, 11/18/14 - Article by Diane Galloway
Actor Sean Craig, star of the Vengeful Dead franchise and active member of the Church of Ultimate Truth, broke his ankle over the weekend while skiing in Switzerland. The actor was flown to a hospital in Bern and is expected to make a full recovery. Craig is set to begin filming "Vengeful Dead III: The Ghost Returns" in March, courtesy of Genesis Pictures.

October, 2014

Church of Ultimate Truth Wins Court Appeals to Stop IRS Challenges

VOX News, 10/30/14 - Anchored by Jeff Devine
Today the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco declared that the Church of Ultimate Truth is and remains a legitimate religion, and is therefore exempt from taxation by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS, on behalf of the Treasury Department, challenged the CUT's exemption four months ago, a process which lead to a series of investigations and ultimately today's ruling. "Today is a great day for America," declared Dr. Sam Buckley, attorney for the CUT. "In this country we have a fundamental right to our faith. That right includes a separation of church and state, and the inability of the state to force, coerce, or demand that religious entities provide funds for vehicles which are antithetical to those beliefs. I for one am very happy with the Court's ruling. And now, with these dark days behind us, the CUT can move ahead, unhindered and unmolested, so that we may finally choose for ourselves our next spiritual leader and help safeguard this small blue planet that we love so dear." The IRS declined to comment on today’s ruling.

Church of Ultimate Truth Worker with Ebola Quarantined

PCN News, 10/30/14 - Anchored by Brian Baer
An aide worker has contracted the Ebola virus in Western Liberia. The individual, identified as Ms. Anika Baatseba, was part of an independent health care effort operating on behalf of the Church of Ultimate Truth. Her team flew in from Johannesburg late last month and has been working with elements of the CDC and WHO in order to curtail the spread of the virus. Ms. Baatseba, age twenty-five, is currently under quarantine and is reported to be in good spirits.

CUT Pope Candidate Visits Montreal

The New Atlantic, 10/30/14 - Article by Diane Galloway, by way of the Montreal Gazette
(The article leads with a grainy black and white headshot of Arthur Granby)

This unnamed man was seen today in Montreal, having coffee with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, and Borough Mayor Luc Ferrandez. Ferrandez is already facing a preemptive outcry over his decision to maintain snow removal budgets which were slashed for the 2012-2013 budget year. The photo op is thought to be an attempt to position himself as a favorite among the cities faithful although what the three spoke of is not known.

While he is widely rumored to be the favorite to replace the recently deceased Pope Weathers, the Church of Ultimate Truth has kept information about this potential replacement relatively quiet. Looking fit and trim in a suit designed by Ermenegildo Zegna he greeted well wishers at the Church along with Jeunesse J’écoute Chairperson Deb Craven. While the new favorite seemed surprised by the turn out, he shook hands and shared stories with those who came.

A spokesman for the Church spoke to the assembled crowd about the universal nature of the Church, saying: “We at the Church of Universal Truth recognize all truths, be they faith-based, scientific, or self-evident. We welcome our brothers and sisters who place their faith in science to join us in the worship of all truth. In years past when the church has been involved in government it has been to the exclusion of different ways of thinking and different ways of approaching the problems that trouble our society. These theocracies have suppressed the creativity and knowledge of some of our very brightest scientists and inventors. Instead of obstructing these technologies as have been done in the past by the theocracies of old, you should look to the Church as an institution that embraces our future while remembering our past. Rather than Theocracy, we offer you Technocracy.”

Gazette reporters believe that the mystery candidate may be an American named Arthur Granby, though those details remain unconfirmed, and Church spokespeople remain tight-lipped. Speaking under condition of anonymity, one high-ranking Church official commented “The private lives of members is of the utmost importance to the Church, allowing our candidates to remain as low-key as possible during the election allows the losers to resume their lives afterward as easily as possible.”

June, 2014

Church of Ultimate Truth Pope Weathers Passes Away

June 16, 2014

Spiritual leader and renowned philanthropist Felton Weathers has passed away this weekend after a long and secret bout with cancer, according to a press release from the Church of Ultimate Truth. His recent national tour that built up much goodwill and support for the church was not without controversy, as several cities on the stop found protestors picketing the Pope.

"He was saying goodbye to us, as he knew his time was short." a CUT spokesperson told this newspaper.

Prayer services are planned for all this week, while rumors are already flying about Weathers being canonized. In related news, many high-ranking Church of Ultimate Truth clergy are supposedly converging in a secret location to decide who will be the next to lead the multi-billion-dollar organization.

References in this article originally released the name of the organization as Church of the Universal Truth. That was a typo.

March, 2014

Three Killed, 17 Injured by Gun Violence at CUT Fundraiser in CT

Boston Globe, March 17, 2014

The horror surrounding the incidents in Cornwall, CT on March 16th will not be soon forgotten. Joseph Gunderson opened fire on a group of Church of the Ultimate Truth members hosting a fundraiser for the Judith McAdams scholarship. Judith McAdams was a teacher and church member, tragically killed by her husband in a very similar incident in Roanoke, Virginia. 17 people were injured and 3 were killed by the gunman before Joseph himself was killed by police. His parents are speculating that Joseph 'caught' something from his visit to see his girlfriend in a hospital in Virginia, sighting he had been acting strange, secretive and distant since returning home; symptoms his girlfriend is currently hospitalized for exhibiting.

Malignant Cancers in Serial Suicides Baffle CDC

New York Times, March 16, 2014

The CDC is confounded by the appearance of malignant seeming growths discovered in a rash of suicides along the eastern seaboard. All of the victims were revealed to have similar symptoms which include skin growths around the neck and head as well as hard and scaly dry skin patches. They have reached out to Scientists at Cornell University and are collaborating to discover why patients would suddenly be developing these strange symptoms. The CDC has advised the public that it is too soon to know if this is a contagious condition and are asking the public to please contact Dr Lorelei Pond at ( if they or a family member develop any similar growths.

September, 2013

Communications Restored After Volcano Eruption in Peru

9/16/13 - Arequipa, Peru

Communications are now returning online after the tragic eruption of the Sabacaya volcano that occurred in Arequipa, Peru. Starting in the late evening on 9/14, communications with the small tourist town were disrupted after a massive pyroclastic cloud left ash and smoke several miles around the volcano. Lava flows cut off access to many of the immediate locations, causing damage to homes and many national landmarks. Among the destroyed landmarks included an ancient Monastery that was believed to have held the bones of a Saint.

Experts say that this eruption was three times as violent as the July eruption of the Sabacaya Volcano. Travel into the Arequipa area has been suspended until further notice. Lava flows are still continuing down the North and West sides of the slope. Scientists believe that these should end within the next 48 hours when the emergency situation will be re-evaluated.