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The Accord


The Accord is cobbled together from a variety of creatures, whether they are pleased with the company or not.

  • Arisen - The most recent supernaturals to join the Accord, these ancients know the power of cult followings.
  • Changelings - This is not their first time facing their complete undoing at the tentacles of an untouchable god-like horror, but at least this time they have friends.
  • Changing Breeds - Though are not normally bound by a large society structure, they have appeared in significant numbers to aid the Accord.
  • Humans - Hunters are looked at with some suspicion in the Accord, but no less than they offer in return.
  • Mages - Reaching their full potential will be impossible if reality is torn apart first.
  • Prometheans - Whether or not they have a soul for the Truth to corrupt, the Created are stalwart Accordists.
  • Psychics - Some of the Accord's most valuable, perceptive minds, wrapped up in unfortunately squishy bodies. Psychics have been responsible for intelligence that allows the larger Accord to act directly.
  • Purified - Little threatens the immortality of a Purified; the Truth has brought their collective attention to focus unlike other events before.
  • Sin-Eaters - Where the Truth threatens the very structure of death, Sin-Eaters come to push it back.
  • Vampires - Whether from this world or Travelers from another, look twice in a shadow and you might find an Accord vampire there.
  • Werewolves - Trying to keep things a secret from a non-Believer pack can be tough, but the Accord's werewolves stand against the Truth.


Parliament comprises the dark, political side of the Accord – a place where the weak of will might fear to tread. Parliament's ability to call for High Justice offers its members additional clout within Accord society.

The Chairperson 
The Council Representative 
Blair McMullin
Members of Parliament (MPs) 
Listed here
IC Mailing list for MPs : OOC descriptor of Parliament

Accord Cities

The heart of the Accord is its localized cell structure, but those fighting the Truth can be found wherever it manifests.

Accord Cells 
The bulk of Accord Cells are located in the United States.
Accord Presence 
Not all areas are populous enough for fully-formed Accord Cells. Some cities have smaller groups, with only a few members.

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Those Who Fight

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