Adélie Neville

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What You Know

Clan: Salubri (Or was that Toreador?)

Generation: Neonate

Sect: Sabbat

Location: Savannah, GA



Timeline (for OOC ties):

  • 01 November 1876 - born in Paris, France
  • 22 September 1900 - embraced in Paris, France
  • 24 December 1914 - left France for New York, New York
  • 08 August 1930 - left New York for Savannah, GA
  • 21 May 1931 - lost her pack and her sire, Sebastian Durante, goes missing
  • 21 December 1942 - helped Aurélie Neville to complete her Haven, Île Émeraude

What You Think You Know

(Rumors, Lies, Quotes, and Truths? - Feel Free to Add)

  • -sigh- "I swear, between you and your sister, I have created a lineage of Roses among the Furies." -Sebastian Durante, sire
  • "Do they taste just as good if they aren't screaming?" -Adélie Neville


OOC Information


Player: [Lisa Lindsey]

MES Number: US2014030085

Location: GA-011-D The Garden of Good and Evil (Savannah, GA)

Region: South East Region

Country: United States

Venue: Vampire the Masquerade: Sabbat

VST: Jimmy Linsdey