Adalesia Perrucci

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This PC has been officially retired.

Adalesia Perruci

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Cris H
Storyteller: Bobby L

This PC has been officially retired.



Charles Dubois


Grand Childer


Acknowledged, Venerated, Established, Influential

Notable Traits

Nationality: Italian

Appearance: Senora Piedra is a small woman with somewhat pale olive skin with long black hair and icy blue eyes. She is known to wear glasses on occasion, but not often. She typically dresses professionally in suits of gray with various colored button down shirts. She is often seen carrying a tablet, though she often looks at it oddly.

Other Traits: Enchanting Voice


Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Pending

Information Known "ONLY" to other Tremere

  • Pending


  • *She is very professional and one could not ask for a better and more upstanding brood mate. [Stone]


OOC Information

Player: Cris Hundley

Location: San Juan, PRTemplate:Retired