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Privileged (Abiding)
*Favoured by word of Elder Goring
*Honorable by word of Elder Prince Alexander Konrad
*Courteous by word of Elder Prince Roane
*Favoured by word of Elder Evelynn Atwood
*Acclaimed by word of Elder Adrienne Maxwell, Ventrue Clan Head

* Indicates Fleeting Status


Grandsire: Alexander Konrad
Sire: Phillipe Badeaux
Adalina Marchand Durante
Childer: None Disclosed

Member of
House Constantinian

Be NOBLE! and the nobleness that lies in other men, sleeping, but never dead, will rise in majesty to meet thine own.
- James Russell Lowell


1630 Adalina is born in the French Colony on the Caribbean Island of Greneda to the owner of a trade and exporting company.

1645 Adalina meets the newly minted sea captain, Amadeo Durante when he saves her from drowning. Her father is thankful and at the urging of his daughter, gives Amadeo command of one of his ships.

1648 Adalina marries her love, Amadeo Durante.

1649 Adalina’s father dies, leaving the trade and shipping company and the remainder of his estate to Amadeo. Amadeo, while competent, proves that he is much better at the helm of the ship than behind a desk at it’s port so Adalina starts to run the business from the behind the curtains. Adalina gives birth to their first child, a son.

1650 Amadeo invites Phillipe Badeaux, a new client, to the estate for dinner to further discuss their new business contract, at which time, Adalina impresses Phillipe with her business acumen, showing that she truly is the one running the operation. Later that year, Adalina gives birth to their second child, a daughter.

1651 Phillipe moves to an estate close to Adalina and Amadeo’s and begins to ingratiate himself into their lives. Adalina gives birth to their third child, a son.

1653 Adalina gives birth to their fourth child, a son.
1654 Adalina becomes pregnant for a fifth time. It becomes apparent that the number and frequency of her pregnancies is taking it’s toll on Adalina’s body. Adalina starts laboring earlier with this pregnancy and the ghoul alerts Phillipe that there are complications. Adalina gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl but falls gavely ill. Phillipe offers a solution and week after she gives birth to the twins, Phillipe embraces Adalina.

1656 Adalina takes Amadeo as her ghoul

1658 It becomes impossible to continue to hide their mothers true nature from the four oldest children, so Adalina and Amadeo send them to France for school.

1665 Adalina is released from Phillipe’s accounting and he leaves the island.

Early 1675 Adalina sails to the port city of Mobile to request permission from Phillipe to embrace Amadeo.

Late 1675 Adalina returns to Greneda with Phillipe to find that the estate has been raised and her children slaughtered in what looks to be a slave uprising. Amadeo has survived but tells Adalina and Phillipe that it was a sabbat attack. The cover for the attack becomes that Dutch Privateers forcefully take the island of Greneda and Adalina,Amadeo and Phillipe flee to one of Adalina's ships and set sail. Phillipe does not give Adalina permission to embrace Amadeo.

1675-1730 Adalina and Amadeo set sail.

1700 One of Adalina's cargo ships is hijacked by pirates. She tracks the pirates down to the safe harbor offered to them by Goodman Goring. She storms into the bar where the human is and dominates him to return her shipment and ship.

1731 - 1794 Adalina is not heard from

1794 Adalina resurfaces and spends the next six years with Amadeo.

1800 Adalina and Amadeo decide that it would be best for them to live as they did as mortals, married but apart. Visiting or seeing each other every few months as they did when his ship would make port. Adalina moves to the area now known as Alpharettta, Georgia and expands the shipping company that a trust had tended while she was away. She begins working occasionally as an Aupair for the clan.

1836 Adalina helps establish the first Kindred court of Atlanta, she becomes the first harpy.

1864 As Sherman makes his march to the sea, fearing for her safety, Amadeo returns to his wife's side and stays. They find two malkavian twins poaching on her domain. Adalina takes accounting for them and for the next 10 years teaching them how to be vampires of the Camarilla.

1867 Adalina hires Goring's gamble to protect her supply lines from the north and harass union troops and carpetbaggers from disrupting the food and supplies from the human populace.

1874 Amadeo and the twins leave.

1880 Adalina opens a “school” for wayward kindred and/or simply kindred wanting to better themselves. She continues to expand her company.

1900 Adalina begins tutoring Nicola Maria Antionetta Adorno in the ways of American kindred society.

1910 Adalina becomes Ventrue Primogen under Prince Kristian Vasa

1922 Adalina begins to tutor Adeline Bellamy, grand childe of Kristian Vasa

1952 Prince Vasa abdicates to the Brujah “Mad King”

2008-2013 War of Atlanta

  • Appearance: Adalina is a petite woman, and often wears high heels to supplement her stature. She has dark hair and eyes, and prefers to dress in jewel tones.
  • Notable Traits: Adalina is a paragon and founder of the city of Atlanta.
  • Demeanor: Adalina believes that manners and propriety should always be observed but has a sharp wit and tongue to match.
  • Habits: Adalina is known to often indulge in food and drink, her favourite being icecream.
  • Other Things Of Note: Adalina is known to be a Prodigy within her clan.

  • ~ Adalina is only a "lady" in public. In private, she is known to let her hair down...
  • ~ Adalina took accounting over two Malkavian twins and raised them to be Ventrue...
  • ~ Adalina was the subject of unrequited love for another King. She is still touchy on the subject of Elvis.
  • ~ Adalina slew an Elder Lasombra Bishop of the Sabbat after using the powers of dominate to force the woman to stay put.
  • ~ Adalina, in the chaos of battle, was replaced by a Lasombra infiltrator.
  • ~ Adalina once pulled a thorn from Torquil's paw.
  • ~ Adalina is a member of the mercenary group Goring's Gamble, and has been since the American Civil War. She recently rose to the rank of Officer.
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  • "Seneschal Durante is a sharp woman, and not without a sense of humor...but beware pushing her good humor too far." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Seneschal Durante is a the very model of cut-throat business. If she had been my child, I could sleep the ages away knowing the work of clan Ventrue were in good hands." - Maxwell Jacobs
  • "To the manner born." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "I have never seen anyone more intimidating in a small, pretty package than Seneschal Durante" - Isabella Marie
  • "An apter pupil and quick study at the game of Go I have not seen in some centuries, and a most gracious task mistress when she was afforded the opportunity over me." - Oliver Mayne
  • "I frequently had to remind Adalina that Atlanta was not her city. And sometimes, I had to remind myself that, in some respects, it is." - Kristian Vasa
  • "I have learned many things from watching her negotiate business deals, I am glad she is a part of our Sect." - Jeremiah Jackson
  • "I am blessed to have such a dogged Seneschal." - Nicola Adorno
  • "At least a hurricane offers some respite at it's heart. Not so the wrath of Lady Durante." - Amadeo Durante
  • "My dear sister and I owe her more than anyone will ever know. She has educated us in more than just kindred life and with that education we have thrived." - Edward O'Neill
  • "All that we have become is because of her. For that we are eternally grateful." - Isobel O'Neill
  • "Adalina is a dear cousin of mine, yet though our work and her actions she feels more like a sister that I never had. With the skill she conducts her affairs, she has a formal and proper aura to her that makes me glad to call her family." - Virgil Maxwell
  • "I soon realized that what I found threatening in Lady Durant was merely a reflection of myself. We get along much better now." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Ah, Adalina! So dainty... so perfect! La signorina is like a tiny, wonderful bottle filled with nitroglycerin." - Constance
  • "Mme. Durante is the very embodiment of the Fifth Tradition." - Evelyn Atwood
  • "Of course you will know she is there - one does not miss Adalina in a room. She is grace and style and dignity. But let me assure you that you will not see her coming until it is too late, and even then you may never know her touch." - Selene de Lorraine
  • "A pillar of the Ventrue and a King among Kings. She served my Sire with profound distinction as she has served the Clan. It is an honor to be in her company and a greater honor to call her friend. Be warned; those who move against her will win my wrath and those who travel with me." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "Elder Durante was a joy to have as a teacher. She transformed me from a proper lady, to a proper Ventrue. I am lucky to call her a friend and a mentor."- Charlotte Belle
  • "Madame Elder Durante was a lighthouse for me in a time when everything seemed in upheaval. My sire murdered, the family relocated me to a foreign place where the language was quite beyond me, and settled me in the house of a man who I'd only known as someone who hated the fact of my Embrace. Nevertheless, Adalina drew me out from my shell, taught me the language, and gave me the tools to create a steadfast, loving, and loyal relationship with my dear grandsire. I am always thankful for her; through her work, she brought me immeasurable happiness." - Adeline Bellamy
  • "Heavy was my brow when I learned of my Childe's love for one of the Kings. Often, our vile pride cements us against that which can enrich us. She has proven what few others have; she is not only worthy of my Childe's heart, but of my respect and admiration." - Torquil Moireasdan
  • "Much can be said about Elder Durante but most of all she was brave. She showed no fear in the face of certain death and beleived in the ideals of the Ivory Tower to her very core. " - Theobald Albrecht
  • "Quote." - Person

Adalina Marchand Durante

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Status: Abiding: Acknowledged; Established; Confirmed; Privileged * Fleeting: Honorable; Favoured; Courteous; Favoured
Domain: Atlanta, GA
Camarilla Position: Primogen
Clan Position: Steward, Praetor
Miranda R.
Dan F.T

Character inspiration comes in many forms....
"Awake and Alive" by Skillet
"Clarity" by Zedd
"Running Up That Hill" by Track and Field
"I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons
"Remember Everything" by Five Finger Death Punch
Claire Underwood, House of Cards
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