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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Monterey, CA
Player: Joey Zuercher
Storyteller: Joey Zuercher

Prince Adalric

“The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery!”


Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Occupation: Prince
Nationality: Frankish
Clan: Toreador
Status: Elder
Date of Embrace: One Thousand Years Ago
Adalric 1.jpg

(These RP Hooks are based on common knowledge of the character, and may or may not be entirely accurate.))

Monterey: "He is Prince."

Old: "Rumor has it he was born about one thousand years ago. Apparently he spent a few centuries in Torpor, and was only awoken this last year."

Architect: "He was one of the founders of the Camarilla. His signature is on the Treaty which forged the Ivory Tower."

Personality: "Apparently he shifts from gentle and humane to strict and commanding in a second. If you do good by him he takes care of you. If you make mistakes or make him look bad, he ruins you."

Art: "He is an architect, originally. He is an incredibly skilled one, as well. (Crafts 7) He's also working to learn other forms of art."

Independents: "He apparently likes Independents. He made a bit of a small shake in the Southwest when, following on the heels of a Prince barring Setites from her Domain, he made his own announcement openly welcoming all Independents to Monterey."

Songs To Live By

His Soul

Rumors About Him

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Quotes From Others (Feel free to add)

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Status And Such

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

Status: Architect Accepted Authority Commander Sovereign Confirmed Established Privileged

Total Status: 8