Adding Characters to the Approvals DB

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Getting your Character sheet in text

Get the Plain text / Copy & Paste version from your character sheet. Usually the sheet will have it in a separate tab -- copy and paste it from there.


From your excel character sheet, go to the Plain Text tab. From there, click the "Select All and Copy" button, which should select the entire white part of the page (the sheet). If the Select All Button doesn't work (most likely because you're using Open Office, or you've disabled macros), you'll need to manually select the whole white part until you hit the end (the end is around row 700).

Then copy the sheet (either with Ctrl-C or Right Click -> Copy)


Removing Extra Whitespace

The Plain Text versions of the sheets have a whole lot of extra whitespace (big blocks of empty space) in them. To make things cleaner for putting in the approvals db, you can use this page:

Character Sheet Whitespace Remover

As explained on the page, paste the sheet into the top box, click the really nice button, and then copy it from the bottom box.

Adding Character into the DB

Go to the Approvals DB. If you're not logged into the portal, you'll need to log in, and you'll be sent back.

If you've never used the Approvals DB before, you'll be prompted to choose your home domain from a dropdown list on the Profile page. If you're unable to find your local domain, contact your Domain Coordinator to find out what your domain code is. For me, the domain is PA-015-D -- the PA stands for Pennsylvania.


Then, on the left sidebar, choose "Add Character" from the list.


In the resulting form, fill in the name of your character, choose the venue, put in a subtype (ex: Malkavian Antitribu, Ventrue, Ghoul), choose whether the type is Primary or Secondary (if you don't know, it's Primary), and paste your character sheet in. If you have a background or CDD, paste it in the background section. Then, click Enter New Information.


Once you've submitted the form, you'll be asked to pick a VSS for your character. In the left column will be your local VSSes, plus your Domain VSS. If you have a local VSS, be careful to choose it instead of the Domain VSS (you can tell based on the Storyteller listed). If you don't have a local VSS, you can either choose your domain VSS, or choose "Non-Local Venue" in the left column, and then find the VSS you want to pick in the right column. Then click Change VSS.


And you're done! Your VST will get an email telling them that a character has been added to their VSS.