Addison Bast

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This character is retired.

Character Information
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Tarrah Bogart
Storyteller: Michael Jackson

A Kiss So Nice You Don't Notice The Bite
You know those dreams where you wake up feeling warm and tingly and needy all over? Yeah, it's kind of like that. Don't worry love, I can take -real- good care of you. What's that, you need a little extra to dull the world? Honey, I've got that. You're into multiples? Oh darling who isn't? Have you met Calico yet, I swear she's just to die for...

You might've heard...(Known Info)

The first real notice of Addison was in India in the mid 1800's where she was heavy into the opium trade. In the late 1880's she vanished only to reappear in the Mid West of the US in the 1920's. From there it was rum-running and snake-oil style cures. Over time that progressed to opiates and narcotics. In the 1980's she dabbled in cocaine but found it "too mainstream". She's cemented herself pretty well in the business of getting what you want, what you need, and what you don't yet know you need.

The Many Names of a Pretty Face: Addison Bast, Cassidy Ammit, Kali Abiteth, Clemency Huxley, Sara Mikos


A veritable nest of serpents

Great Grandsire: John Smith

Grandsire: Slim

Sire: Barnabus Levanti [NPC]



Commonly seen with

It's just on the tip of your tongue...

  • "I love sharing Addison...I mean sharing with Addison...or whatever...or both..." - Calico
  • "There are no brighter jewel's in all of Set's treasures than Addison and Calico. They will steal your heart & soul, and you will want them to do it." Michael Rlin
  • "Addison is a peach!" - Gabriel Thorne
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The Snake in the Grass (aka the Rumor Mill)

  • Addison and Calico are actually sisters
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Character Inspirations

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Character Songs

OOC Information

Player Name Tarrah Bogart

MES Number US2009064318

Location Los Angeles, CA

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