Addison Bell

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Character Information
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Kate P.
Storyteller: Trason Dazell
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Notable Traits: Fame 4: Lead Singer for the Indie Pop-Rock Band ColorTone, songwriter, and internet figure, Addison is incredibly Mortal-looking (Personal Masquerade, Whisper of Life), and matches her hair to her outfit (usually bright) for any occasion.

Position: Lesser Harpy
Acknowledged by Prince Lucien of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Neonate of the Ivory Tower
Considered Courteous by Harpy Margareta Sasul
Considered Favored by Elder Aedan Marshall Nosferatu Myrmidon
Considered Loyal by Archon David Daniel Steiner

Information Known by Kindred Society


Known Childer



  • "Addison is secretly Elder Rand Ryan in disguise sometimes."
  • "Has more Elders for lovers than fans."
  • "Addison is Elder Rand Ryan 's great great...however-many Granddaughter."
  • "Your Rumor Here."
  • "Your Rumor Here."
  • "Your Rumor Here."


  • "It was so hard to have to say that I couldn't join her mystery squad in Tulsa! She always seems to find out what the interesting things going on are, and is really thoughtful about trying to help other people not get in trouble or killed by those interesting things."Emma Klein
  • "Addi Bell is a precious ray of sunlight, and I never tire of seeing her shine."Orenna
  • "Addison's smile could bring a goddess to her knees."Delilah Soleil
  • "Ah, my little Addi. She is an avatar of noise, self-glorification, ego, and the ultimate triumph of style over substance. At least, that is how she works very hard to make it appear. The sharpest knives are often kept most carefully in the most innocuous of sheathings. I look forward to stabbing many, many people with her."Rand Ryan

OOC Information

Kate P.

Domain: Portland, Oregon