Adelia Cope

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Accord PC

Player: Silja S.
Creature Type: Penguin Changing Breed
Division: None
City: Category:Miami, FL Accord
VST: Robert C.

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PC Retired

Name: Adelia Cope

  • Creature Type: Penguin Changing Breed
  • Title or Position: None
  • Status: Accord 3

  • 1980: Born in the Falklands
  • 1996: First change. The boat Adelia was on crashed into a rock. Her legs were mangled and the pain and trauma led to her First Change.
  • 2008: Joins the Accord.
  • 2014, November: Moves to Miami.

Notable Traits:

  • Lame; she waddles slowly unless it is an emergency.
  • Snarky and grumpy.
  • Loves swimming and being out in nature.
  • Knows how to deal with spirits and get their help.
  • Decent in combat, but usually serves as a medic.

Adelia owns a sushi restaurant by the Miami waterfront:

Penguin1-thumb-1024x682-23145.png   71IqS1q6xnL. SX450 .jpg  3648721807 07617ca602.jpg 

She also works part time at the Sea Aquarium.

Rumors and Quotes


  • A Pure saved her life once so now she has a soft spot for them.
  • She's holding out for that special someone who gives her just a really fucking awesome pebble.
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What Others say About Her:

  • "Ran into her a couple times in Miami. Don't think she dig's on the dude-bro, but she seems perfectly polite... and I just realized Adelia is like adelie penguin." - Badger
  • "Legit a penguin. That's actually kinda cool....she's wound tight, but she's okay..." Siren
  • "Competent; happens to be a delight." Ingrid
  • "She's polite and generous. I rather like her, and look forward to seeing what she's capable of." Catelyn St. James
  • "Add a quote here!" - Your PC

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Character Inspiration

PC Retired

OOC Information

Player: Silja S. US2007070070

Location: Arkansas