Adeline Calloway

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Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Toronto, ON
Player: Amanda Geogre
Storyteller: VST Toronto

Name: Adeline Calloway, Mistress of Minions

Clan: Tremere

Sire: Conor O'Grady

Embrace: First appeared in Count in the 1860's

Position: Canadian Clan Head

Status: Noble, Guardian, Established, Confirmed, Favored (fleeting), Courageous (fleeting)

Residence: Toronto Ontario

Notable Traits: Grand Childer to Oliver Thrace

Image: Adeline dresses like one of her creations. Dresses, petticoats and other fashions from the turn of the century.

She can be very easy described as ‘doll like’ in appearance.

She is rarely seen without a doll or dolls on her person.

"Tremere-Only Information"

Lineage: Wyncham

Faction: House Icarus

Rumors: Adeline excels at magic and matters of the occult but the other blessing of the clan seem to have not manifested themselves to any major significance.

She has mastered the paths of Blood and Elemental mastery as well as dabbling in the path of weather control.

She is Renowned for her knowledge of lore

Sect Rumors

Adeline’s embrace is surrounded in mystery like most of her line, first appearing in the Toronto court, in the 1860’s. She is the present “golden child’ of House Wyncham, and has been Elder O’Grady’s ‘right hand man’ for almost the past century. In life she was a Toymaker renowned for her ingenious and innovative toy designs, the regions foremost attorney on effigy dolls. The embrace seemed to heighten her connection to the dead, this coupled with the Wyncham blood that runs through her veins, makes her appear rather ominous, cruel and detached at times. Adeline’s creations seem to bear an eerie life like quality.

Adeline is rumored to be a spy mistress; her ability to learn secrets rivals that of clan Nosferatu at times. You suspect this is done via her use of communications with the dead and Magic to bring life and voice to her dolls.

Her control of mortal affairs tends to fall in the darker side of human life.

She has a long-term paramour that is a member of Clan Giovanni.

OOC Information

Player: Amanda George

Membership Number: CA200408006

Location: Toronto