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Clan - Daeva

Bloodline – (removed because clearly people are irresponsible and using the wiki inappropriately)

Covenant - Carthian Movement

Conspiracy - Unknown

Titles – The Red Queen, Prince"

Full Name and Title – Prince Adiette Armitage

Born - 1650

Sire - Unknown

Well-Known Qualities – Adiette, known to some as “Odette” or even “Odile” is known to be a lady of distinguished characteristics and refined tastes. While most associate her with being of European descent, her native land is actually Puerto Rico, though much of her childhood was spent in Germany and then in Paris. A fiery redhead with a temper and disposition to match, she has since gained the moniker of “The Red Queen” since her ascension to power in 2010. Whether this was a nod to her nickname, or simply the fact that blood was spilled to commemorate her rise, it remains to be seen what shall become of the Red Queem.

Previous Positions -

  • Harpy of San Juan


The White Princess, Red Queen and Black Swan

Much of what Adiette remembers has since been lost to the fog of ages or simply she has chosen to forget. Once a pillar of innocence and grace, something happened in her history to turn her into something else, something…a darker façade of herself. Born in Puerto Rico as the youngest child of her parents, Adiette’s parents attempted to hide her from the world, claiming that there was a great curse upon the daughters of the family. When she was old enough, she was sent across the sea to Germany, where she was sent to a convent, hidden away from the world. Her parents died, either to natural causes or the curse – leaving her aunt to claim her from the Convent as her own.
Under her aunt’s tutelage, Adiette was changed from a pious young girl into a lady of the courts. She was seen among the courts of Paris and Spain, eventually marrying a minor noble within the courts. The marriage didn’t even last the night, as young Adiette was left a widow and an heiress. Her aunt leaves with her to the courts of Paris, where she is again engaged and widowed to another courtier within two years.
Realizing what her aunt has been doing, Adiette runs off to Spain, hiding for several years until her Aunt recovers her and embraces her. Adiette becomes determined to retain her humanity despite the urgings of her Sire. Many years later, Adiette disappears without a trace. When she returns, she is a changed individual –a black swan.

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Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••••
City: Cincinnati, OH •••••
Player: Nycci Daniels

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