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When I need help,
Can’t call for help,
Cause no one comes...
So I’m calling FIRE.
~Delta Rae, Fire

Character Information


Name: Adrastia

Type: Mage

Path: Thyrsus

Cell: Hartford, CT

Accord Status: 4

Division: Children of Asceplius

Physical Description

Physical Appearance: Adrastia stands about 5'10" tall, and of average build with long red curly hair and green eyes. She has a friendly smile, and always seems to be using it. She is almost never seen without a small fire necklace around her neck. She carries a fire axe that she keeps covered with a protective head covering and a couple of flasks of liquid that she is never seen actually drinking from.

Adrastia's Outfit
Adrastia's Winter Outfit

Nimbus: Her Nimbus makes your soul feel very alive, burning with the fires of passion. Her hair appears to end in flame tips and her touch is warm.

Personality and Timeline

About: Adrastia is very friendly, preferring to call people by their first name rather than Mr. or Ms., though if she is asked to she will oblige. She likes to smile and laugh and keep everyone around her happy, because that keeps them calm. Recently after Awakening, she has taken up using the bow.


  • 2006: Graduated REDACTED High School
  • 2010: Graduated REDACTED College, started working as EMT
  • 2010: REDACTER
  • 2011: REDACTED
  • 2012: Saved Jeremiah Carter from some CUT activity, joined the Accord
  • 2014: Met Siegfried Metzger on the side of the road and drove him home, and made a good friend.
  • 2014: Joined the Hartford, CT cell.
  • 2015: Awakened

Quotes and Rumors



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  • Was secretly a Mage spy within The Union, and lost her cover.
  • She's really friendly just to mask her true intentions.
  • She has killed two people, both of which were her lovers.
  • Got in bed with a demon.
  • In the flasks are the souls of her ex lovers.


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  • "Why am I the one herding people?!"
  • "I need to stay in the brig. I'm dangerous."
  • "Ingwarstern..." Siegfried Metzger
  • "She seems to have something going on that makes her quite prone to sensory overload. I imagine taking her to a concert would be a disaster. Still all in all a good girl, considering she is Hannah Leone's family." Sydney Reynolds
  • "Alright, Adrastia's one of the last people I've got left. I love her to death, and there isn't a force in this world or otherwise that's gonna take her away. You harm her, and I swear to god I'll end you twice." Hannah Leone
  • "She's a pile of kindling, just waiting to catch fire - no, I suppose that's a little too obvious." - Deimos
  • "Very reasonable and helpful. I believe I can work with her. I am curious to see her in action." - Winter Reilly


Friends and Allies


OOC Information

Player: Anna Sharpton

MES Number: US2012050081

Location: GA-011-D

VST: Kevin Andrees

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