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  • Duke of Argyll Ian Campbell (Invictus - Deceased)
    • William Ker (Invictus - Deceased)
      • Charles Campbell (Lancea Sanctum - Deceased)
    • William Bellenden (Carthian - Deceased)
    • Maeve McAlister Campbell (Lancea Sanctum - Deceased)
      • Duke of Argyll, Archibald Campbell (Invictus - Deceased - Murdered by Hunters)
        • Duchess of Argyll Siobhan Aden Campbell (St. Louis, Missouri, Invictus)
          • Adrien Campbell (Cincinnati, Ohio, Invictus)


1880 Birth in Argyll Scotland
1882 Moved to St. Louis with my "step-mother" Siobhan Aden Campbell and Maeve Stewart, her servant and my nanny
1883 A tutor was brought in to teach reading, writing, geography and arithmetic and to prep me for Smith Academy
1885 Started at Smith Academy
1898 Became a ghoul
1998 Went to Harvard University
1902 Graduated with honors with a Law Degree
1898 Worked in conjunction with the City on planning the construction for the 1904 Worlds Fair
1902 Started working with the City of St. Louis with the legal contracts for construction for the Worlds Fair
1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair and Summer Olympics
1904 Traveled to DeSoto by train to ride back with business associates. The train derailed.
1904 I became a Ventrue Invictus with complete ceremony that was the same as my sire.
Since 1904 I have been in training with my sire in all aspects of Ventrue and Invictus.
1910 Moved to Fenton, Missouri with Sire and her liege Atilio
1913 - 2003 Traveled with Soibhan abroad at different times learning the family business and helping her open new companies. World War I and II happened during this time. We made a lucrative profit then. Siobhan opened more companies and even more money was made. I help with the legal aspect of all of her companies and contracts. We worked together on the one to merge us with Atlas Corporation.
2000 Became Chief Compliance Officer of Costa an Oir
2004 Released into society

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue ••
Conspiracy: Atlas Corporation •••
City: Saint Louis, Missouri ••
Player: Jamie Wilkinson
Storyteller: Amanda Anderson

OOC Information

Jamie Wilkinson
Jamie Wilkinson
Cincinnati, Ohio