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Known the Camarilla Purple.png


Matriarch of House Constantinian
Mortal name: Athanasia Adriane Maksiminia
Aliases: Nadia, Anastasia, Anna, Adrianne Maksim
Camarilla Position: None. Retired Ventrue Clan Head
Clan Position: Strategos
Abiding Status: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as Elder
Fleeting Status: Loyal by Primogen Black of Raleigh, NC, Loyal by Archon Sharp, Favored by Alexander Konrad, Honorable by William Edric, Loyal by Rafael de Corozon
Resident of the Maxwell Estate

Mother and Matriarch. Until recently, Adrienne preferred to rule through her childer rather than taking the reigns of power herself. She is quiet and subdued in public, but vocal and assertive with her family and behind closed doors. It is rumored that Adrienne only embraces from within her mortal bloodline.

"Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of - for credit is like fire; when once you have kindled it you may easily preserve it, but if you once extinguish it, you will find it an arduous task to rekindle it again. The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear."- Socrates

Lineage purple.png

Adrienne Maxwell
Jean-Pierre Durand
Edward Porter
Maxwell Jacobs
Julian Maxwell
William Maxwell Cartwright
Virgil Maxwell
Daniel J. Sharkey
Oscar Maxwell

Timeline purple.png


1018 Constantinople: born January 18th to Empress Zoe of the Macedonian line.
1030 Married to Theophano Maksima, who held vast resources that Epirus desired.
1032 first child, Anna is born
1039 second child, Constantine is born
1042 ghouled while Zoe is on the throne
1050 embraced after Zoe’s death
1070 Introduced to the court of Constantinople.
1215 Crusaders sack Constantinople. Adrienne flees to Kiev to live with relatives.
1350-1400 Jerusalem, Embraces Jean-Pierre Durand and Maxwell Jacobs
1400's Western Europe
1575 Embraces Julian Maxwell
1740 Presents Selene to Alexander as a death-day gift
1700’s Paris, France
1800’s Vienna, Austria
1900 Travel to the US to see Alexander’s “kingdom” in the New World.
1950 Moves to Richmond permanently

Quotes purple.png

Purple bullet.png "Like a beacon on a foggy night, Adrienne's sure hand guides the Constantinian ship in these uncertain times." - Alexander Konrad
Purple bullet.png "Its so rare to find individuals with a similar understanding of events and context - I do treasure Ms. Maxwell's presence whenever we cross paths." - Chandra de Soissones
Purple bullet.png "The very model of class, dignity, and grace. All my successes I attribute to my sire who serves as a prime example of what all Ventrue should aspire to." - Julian Maxwell
Purple bullet.png "Do not mistake her silence for inaction." - Clarence Charles Merrick
Purple bullet.png "You must understand that I have nothing but the greatest respect for my sire, but he and I are hardly alike. Luckily, Elder Maxwell saw fit to take me under her wing. Without her guidance I don't know what would have become of me." - Desdemona Gonzaga
Purple bullet.png "The fates shined upon me that we should cross paths. She has been my inspiration and guiding light." -Maxwell Jacobs
Purple bullet.png "I once treasured her, admired her. I moved on." - Orenna Komnenos
Purple bullet.png "Her look of disapproval could freeze the blood in my veins, I can only imagine what she does when her family fails her."
-Byron Lancaster
Purple bullet.png "Her eyes left an indelible impression upon me, one which the years cannot seem to erode." - Lazuli
Purple bullet.png "All that I am, I owe to my sire. The so called 'curse' under which we labor being only the first and least important. Family, duty, patience, charity, and mercy's place were driven into me like the stake into a track. That I rule is a foregone conclusion of my blood--that I rule well is the result of her tireless instruction." - Jean-Pierre Durand

Alexander Konrad, Adrienne Maxwell, Kenneth Skelton

Purple bullet.png "She remains as warm and charming as ever. The banter was small talk at best but then it takes a crowbar and a master thief to get anything useful from her. I think that is why I enjoy speaking with her." -Atlas
Purple bullet.png "The exception that proves the myriad of my truths." -Benjamin Baker Chapel
Purple bullet.png "In another age, the lady may have been worshiped as a goddess, such does she inspire simultaneous dread and adoration among lesser creatures. One gets the sense she could cause a city to crumble with only a word, that she can both elevate and demolish with a mere gaze, that she carries grace and disaster lightly in each hand." - Franziskus Winter
Purple bullet.png "Adrienne is an excellent hostess, a superlative conversationalist, and a canny politician. My house could not ask for a better matriarch." -Izar San Martin
Purple bullet.png "My Grandsire is an Inspiring woman, when I had heard she was planing to stay with me in Richmond. I felt no hesitation accepting her Influence, guidance, and cunning to the betterment of our domain." - Virgil Maxwell
Purple bullet.png "This One has had occasion to witness both her kindness and her cruelty. This One's assessment is that she is strict, but not unkind." - Kopaki
Purple bullet.png "Adrienne is a truly noble woman. She understands that a quiet word and look can go much further than a shout. Wars have been started over a glance by women of her caliber." - Viveka von Daun
Purple bullet.png "The concept of the so called 'weaker sex' is a product of a restrictive and insecure cultural idiom spread rampant. One need only observe in nature that the female of a species is far more dangerous and determined than their male counterparts. The idea that this does not hold true for Kindred is ludicrous at best and deadly at worst." - An observation by Phillip Avery Redgrave
Purple bullet.png "Adrienne was one of my teachers, and I dare say, I have held nothing but respect for her since. She does not abide weakness. You either cut it out yourself or she will remove what offends her by force. Either is painful but she will at least respect you if you do it yourself." - Nicholas Loring
Purple bullet.png " It is a mistake to only see a beautiful woman when you are looking at a Vampire." -Sevynn
Purple bullet.png " When she speaks, you listen. When she's quiet, you watch your back." -Reginald Puddle
Purple bullet.png "When I looked into her eyes I saw the rise and fall of civilizations. I saw countless souls born and die and utterly forgotten. I saw one who has made their impression upon the world. And throughout all that change and blood and suffering, I doubt the Matriarch ever broke. Bent, perhaps...but never broke." -Einhardt Wagner
Purple bullet.png " Rarely have I ever spent time with such a lovely creature as sweet Adrienne. She does her house proud." -Constantine Lancaster
Purple bullet.png " I simply cannot imagine continuing to exist in Richmond without her stoic presence. We'd never have a Primogen meeting start on time and it's likely that we'd never get anything done. While I welcome every opportunity to loosen her up, someone must make the trains run." -Alonso Gutierrez
Purple bullet.png " I have met very few others as committed to family as I, Elder Maxwell is if not more so." -Adalina Durante
Purple bullet.png "Adrienne Maxwell is compassionate, for she goes out of her way for the ones she cares about. They are very lucky to have a person like her." -Senza Emerson
Purple bullet.png "I have spent some time now observing Lady Maxwell, but I still have not been able to unravel her goals and motivations. I am ultimately left wondering if I can count her as an ally or not. Either way, finding myself at odds with her will not be to my advantage, that much is clear." -Calvin Hastings
Purple bullet.png "Many Ventrue I know are like unto boulders in the river. They try to make it alter its course, attempting to force the world to change in ways that suit them and them alone. Adrienne Maxwell also seeks change, but in her wisdom and strength, seeks to alter self appropriately rather than the world. The Lady is not the rock, but the water..." -Arden
Purple bullet.png "I would've never guessed that Adrienne would turn out to be someone I can relate to. I guess 'kindred spirits' are not limited to clan or social class." -Tanis
Purple bullet.png "She and her house have been good to me and mine for quite some time. Though I go, I will never leave the alliance behind. I hope she does not forget that." - Dexter Mara
Purple bullet.png "Through a series of unfortunate events was I brought into contact with Adrienne Maxwell. She has a means of turning a misfortune into a delight." -Blù
Purple bullet.png "Grace is often best revealed not in moments of triumph, but in moments of struggle. For Lady Maxwell, those are few and far between- but should you see her grace, it will move you." - Rand Ryan
Purple bullet.png "Joy becomes her. From the lingering echoes, so does heartbreak. No wonder she is so often in the company of Toreador." - Alicia Vangelista
Purple bullet.png "Do not let that cool exterior fool you. Beneath her icy facade there burns a fire that will immolate you, should you dare too close." - Torrance Fairfallen
Purple bullet.png "Throughout the centuries, the Matriarch of House Constantinian has always been a welcome and valued guest within our House's palaces. It has been our privilege to receive Frau Maxwell, for she possesses a natural facility with the education of Kings." - Rychard von Weisser
Purple bullet.png "Long ago we two Ventrue started out to make our mark, proud am I to have meet you so early, long have I missed our talks." - Frederic Andre
Purple bullet.png "My quill is ill equipped to write on royalty so I steal the words of Theodora herself to relay my impression of Lady Maxsiminia from the Ὑπὲρ τῶν πολέμων λόγοι: 'As to the belief that a woman ought not to be daring among men or to assert herself boldly among those who are holding back from fear … may I never be separated from this purple, and may I not live that day on which those who meet me shall not address me as mistress.'" - Goodman Goring
Purple bullet.png "I was surprised at the softness in her voice when we spoke given her ability to drop the temperature of the room ten degrees with but a word and a look. Thank goodness she likes my family." - Spencer
Purple bullet.png "Clanhead Maxwell has given me the opportunity to shape my destiny and do my House proud. I will not squander that opportunity. I hope to be everything she sees in me." - Charlotte Belle
Purple bullet.png "If you have stood in Clanhead Maxwell's presence, then you understand me implicitly. I need not go on about her many talents and gifts. Suffice it to say that I always behave cautiously. There could be no greater shame than to mar such a heritage." - Petra Palailogina
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Rumors purple.png
Purple bullet.png It is believed that Adrienne's most prized possession is a "family bible" of all of her descendants, going back nearly 1000 years.
Purple bullet.png Despite her cold exterior, it is rumored that Adrienne has collected a lover from each clan.
Purple bullet.png An elder Nosferatu once stole her ghoul. He was never heard from again.
Purple bullet.png Someone has broken the Lady Maxwell's heart. What is surprising is that she ever had one.
Purple bullet.png Something is going on between the Ventrue and Brujah clanheads. Are they enemies or something else?
Purple bullet.png The Ventrue who never smiles seems unusually cheerful of late.
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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Richmond, VA
Player: Laura vB.
Storyteller: VST

Character Inspirations

Atia from the Rome Television Series

"You are swearing now that some day... some day you will destroy me... Remember, far better women than you have sworn to do the same. Go and look for them now."

Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey

"Don't be defeatist, dear, it's very middle class."
"First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel."

Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

"A good king knows when to save his strength and when to destroy his enemies. The occasional kindness will spare you all sorts of trouble down the road.”