Adwin Asteria

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Character Information

Current Name: Adwin "Winny" Asteria

Origin: Hartford, Conneticut

House: The House Asteria

Bloodline: Unknown

Current Affiliation: Circle of the Crone

Faction: Rumored Semiotic

Circle of the Crone.png

OOC Information

Player: Jillian M

MES Number: US2012050073

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden

VST: Brandon Hughes

Other Characters:

Lost: Gris
Accord: Pash
Adwin. March, 30 1967.


Known as the "mascot" for the Asteria family, Adwin is certainly the least intimidating of the group. Adoring of the young kindred, particularly those who are lost, or not looked after, Adwin often takes it upon herself to educate and nurture the youths of Kindred Society.

She loves freely, openly, and often, but none so much as her Family, the Asteria. Steadfast in her loyalty, do not utter so much as a bad word about her Mother, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, Aunts, or Uncles; no matter the love she has for you, that which she has reserved for her Family is far greater.

However, never fear this lovely young girl. Stuck permanently at the tale end of adolescence she is a fun-loving Gemini, ready to dance the night away (given you have a record player--nothing sounds as good as vinyl except live music, of course). She's here for you to talk to and learn from. She wants to be taught, taking in every word as if it hold the utmost importance. All knowledge is worth knowing, and what could open your mind to knowledge than a night with Fuji? Nothing.

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The Asteria Crest


House Asteria

  • Sire

Phoebe Asteria

  • Mentor

Rhona Asteria

  • Rumored Childer

Miriam Eidleman

(OOC: If you want Winny as a sire, feel free to contact me!)

Adwin's first family.
With the family and Doris, the bus, before heading to New York City. May 27, 1969.

Known Information

In mid-June of 1969 her family made its way to New York, they had heard of an amazing concert was going to happen in August, and figured they would check out the East coast scene for a while. They made their way to Stonewall, and spent quite a few nights there, drinking and talking and meeting new people. It was there, the night of the riots, that Adwin was embraced.

Life On The Road

Adwin was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in the middle of suburbia complete with rows of houses filled with families that all looked the same and everyone's predictable. It did not last. Too young she got out from her parents stepford ideals and took up residence in California. There she met her family. She had never been happier, more surrounded by love, and learning, and life. Eventually the scene in San Francisco was not enough for this motley crew, and they took to the road. They traveled all over the country learning, and living, and growing. She loved them so fiercely she thought she would never love more deeply. Then she met her Family.

September 2, 1967.


"Your aura is purple. Purple!" - Adwin Asteria to No One In Particular

"Winny is a treasure. Which is what we call people who expose us to 'naugahyde' when we aren't allowed to kill them." - Genevieve Asteria

"Adwin, love, pass the peace-pipe-or-whatever-we-call-our-drug-paraphanelia this century, please?" - Ramiel

"I never asked for a little sister, so I got a cousin instead. I find this to be an acceptable compromise with the Universe." - Owen Asteria

"I watch her as I watch fireflies." -- Rhona

"I laugh because you've all fallen for her ruse. She is a true Asteria: She is proof you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, or in this case Lacrima." - Finn

"Our little Mother. She is wild in ways that are not fit for polite conversation." -Nikolas Asteria

"I must thank her for teaching me lesson of her underpant." - Alexi Vladislov

Gossip, Rumors, and Lies

  • Winny has had a hand in the "discovery" of every decent rock band since 1972.
  • Winny can find the holy trinity (sex, drugs, and rock and roll) in any city anywhere in the world.


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