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Awakening PC

Player: Jesse R.
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: Unknown
Position: {{{position}}}
Consilium: ••
City: San Juan
Cabal: None
VST: Bonnie Day


Birth Name: Ioane McAllister (Not Commonly Known)

Shadow Name: Aegis

Sleeper Alias: Ioane McAllister

Offices: Owner and Operator of Halo Security Systems, a private security firm that acts as a thinly-veiled PMC.

Quote: "You are safe."



  • Physicians targeted by the ACLA's "Nuremberg Files" website
  • Victims of hate speech and violence
  • My uncle Bill
  • My former Awakening PC, Saint
  • Adam Jensen
  • Frank Castle
  • "Soap" McTavish
  • Luke Hobbes

Character Description


Aegis is a large man, but not a giant man. He stands at roughly 6'5" and weighs in around 260lbs, and is muscled like a man who either works out regularly, or is in a very physically demanding job. Aegis has darker complexion, with close-cropped hair and a goatee that's so fastidiously trimmed, it may just be stubble. A series of Samoan tattoos cover his left arm and chest, though a person spending enough time examining them closely could begin to make out several Atlantean sigils worked into the intricate lines.

Aegis dresses in functional clothing, usually a t-shirt and jeans, or cargo pants, with a pair of rugged-soled boots laced up for ankle support. He does not usually carry a weapon, and is often the first voice advocating peace and level-headedness... but he carries himself and speaks as a man who knows darkness.

Aegies is soft-spoken and polite, rarely insulting someone and never using foul language. He does not drink alcohol, and does not smoke... but he frequently chews gum, or keeps a pencil in his mouth.


Aegis's nimbus is safe. Holy. He shines with an internal light, and the Atlantean sigils in his tattoos glow with a blue light as wings of pure energy extend from his back.

Looking For

  • Old friends from the Army
  • Old friends from Med School
  • Medical colleagues
  • People who worked with him in Planned Parenthood clinics
  • People who worked with him in volunteers organizations and women's shelters
  • Former clients from his protective service
  • Rivals


  • A couple years back, some Right Wing Conservative group published his name, photo, home phone number, address and office address on the internet. His office was fire-bombed while he was in it...
  • He carried everyone out of the fire.
  • By himself.
  • Without a scratch.
  • He's a licensed practicing medical doctor
  • He's ex-military and still has friends...
  • He made all this up.


OOC Information

Name: Jesse R.

MES Number: US2003061736

Location: Virtual