Aella Kriptikos

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Aella Kriptikos
“Courage consists not in hazarding without fear; but being resolutely minded in a just cause.”
— Plutarch.
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Known As: Aella Kriptikos; Hammer-Rights-the-Scales (Cliath)

Tribe: Black Furies

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Philodox

Pack: Sol Invictus


Known Relatives: Ray Fullbringer; Aerin Fullbringer; Jason Ray Fullbringer; Adriana Amaris Fullbringer;

Territory: Sept of the Golden Door

Title or Position:

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 2; Natural Leader;

TTS Known History.png

Born April 17th, 1987 in Volos, Greece, Aella Kriptikos was the daughter of Eileen Floros - a Black Fury Kin - and her second husband, Gianni. It wasn't long after Aella's birth that Gianni proved himself to be a horrible husband, and a worse father. Manipulative, abusive, and temperamental, Aella grew up hating her father for his treatment of her mother, which was largely kept secret from Eileen's daughter from her first husband - who had long grown and had her own child even before Aella was born. Sadly, Eileen died when Aella was fourteen, leaving her in the care of the abusive Gianni. Unable to handle it, but unable to stop him, Aella instead ran away - dropping his last name, Floros, in favor of the surname Kriptikos.

After her First Change, Aella was taken in by a local Sept controlled by the Black Furies, and underwent her Rite of Passage - give the Deed Name "Hammer-Rights-the-Scales" for her level head and tendency to decisive action. She found a pack among her Sisters, she found family she'd never had before, and she flourished. Yet even that was not to last.

Well-respected among her sisters, Aella quickly achieved a level of Renown that qualified her to challenge for the rank of Fostern. Yet, as she worked to complete her challenge, her task went sideways, and Aella was attacked. Taking a grievous wound, Aella barely survived, but the wound rendered her infertile - a steep price, and a mark of shame for a Black Fury.

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Rank: Cliath
Current Renown:

Glory: 1

Wisdom: 1

Honor: 4

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Sun Icon.pngHomid Form
In her Homid form, Aella appears to be a strikingly beautiful woman of Greek descent. She moves with a predatory grace, a strength that speaks of what she's endured, and there is a sadness behind her otherwise easy smile. Her hair is chocolate brown, and her eyes a pale shade of blue, shining with intelligence and determination.


Bull Icon.png Lupus Form
In her Lupus form, Aella appears as a great black wolf with bright golden eyes and bits of white marking the tip of her muzzle and center of her chest. Lean and swift, her frame is built more for speed than outright strength.
Sun Icon.pngClothes and Fetishes
Aella tends to favor practical clothing - jeans, t-shirts or tank tops (typically without logos or writing), and sturdy boots, along with her worn brown leather jacket that seems a trademark of hers.

Contact Information

Player: Alexandra Pitchford
MES #: US2013060114
ST: Jennifer Anderson
ST Email:

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