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OOC Note

This information would be available to the Black Fury tribe and those having sufficient levels of Black Fury Lore to be aware of the lineage structures. All others should be able to produce a chain of knowledge for information contained here.

If you would like information on this lineage or to have your PC be a member, please contact Marji Sinclair or DC Apocalypse VST.


In the early 1740s, the Sky Eagles, a pack of Black Furies, found a sacred site on the Potomac river where the energies that once flowed from an older, now dormant caern had sprung up.

Sadly, the very presence of the Caern and the care with which the Fury settlers preserved the land around it would be their undoing. When George Washington surveyed the Potomac area for the capital, the pristine area around the Caern was chosen. The Sky Eagles tried to fight the construction but were eventually overrun. One of the Furies, communing with a strange Ancestor Spirit, discovered an ancient Rite. It should not have worked but it was almost as if the Rite had some resonance with the area. The Rite of Scattering disbursed the energy of the Caern into the Umbra and once again the power slept.

The Sky Eagles pack may have moved on but many of their kin remained. The Aetos lineage of Black Furies continues on on the mid-Atlantic coast to this day.

Family Information

The following information is intended for use by players interested in using the Aetos lineage as part of their PC's backstory, or Storytellers who need more information on the family.

Growing up in the Aetos family, whatever the last name might actually be, is to grow up with scads of extended family. And, like any close knit extended family, one's relatives are an important part of your life.

The family is strongly matriarchal, as one might expect. There are layers of secrets in the family. On the surface, the family is strongly religious and conservative, following the Greek Orthodox branch of Christianity. If a member is deemed to be able to be discreet and of the right temperament (Usually women), they're brought into the pagan Gaia worship that underlies the family. Still, even then, most of the family is not in the know about Garou. Men are almost never inducted into that secret, and even women typically aren't unless they become grandmothers and are deemed worthy by those already in the know, or give birth to a Garou.

It's important to speak about people who marry into the family. Men from outside are almost universally distrusted, and kept away from any of the deeper truths of the family. They aren't hated, per se, but they're certainly kept at arm's distance. Women who marry into the family have it a little easier in some regards, but in others much more difficult. They are constantly being quietly poked and tested, to see if they are worthy of being brought into the family fully. This becomes even more strained if it turns out they have a Garou child.

The entire family speaks English, and while a smattering of Greek is spoken by younger generations, it's mostly the older generations that are fluent in the old tongue. Typically, if those brought into the family secret don't know Greek, they are tutored in it until fluent, as the oldest of stories are told only in Greek.

Place in the family is important, and is mostly through age. Calling someone 'Daughter', 'Sister', 'Mother' shows their relative place in the family. Black Furies are _always_ referred to at least as 'Sister'. Even the 90 year old matriarchs of the house give that respect to even a 17 year old First Change. Obviously one could insult someone by calling them 'Daughter', but... well... Kinfolk who insult Garou tend to have a bad time of it, so it's a rare thing.

Something of a surprise to outsiders who know if the Furies, men are not mistreated in the family. They are valued as people, providers, protectors, and cared for and about. But there is a subtle, loving tone of misandry in that they are seen as not trustworthy for keeping secrets and understanding the deeper truths. Typically, a man's place in the family is tied to who he's married to, or a child of. There are some rare men who've made such a name for themselves (Typically by being in the know and assisting the Furies in some manner) who have their own place in the family independent of a woman. Across Virginia and Maryland, in houses owned by the family for generations, there are often hidden stashes of stories, trinkets, and other things held from the old times. Often, no one fully knows what is in these attics, basements, and other storehouses, and an enterprising PC might find lost Fetishes or bits of Lore about the past.

Growing up Garou with Kin parents– While no person has exactly the same story, certain things tend to be true across those who are born with the potential to Change. They are typically tested shortly after being born, quietly and subtly since few new mothers are already brought into the fold of the family. If they do show signs of being Garou, the mother is taught the history of the family, what her responsibilities are, and what to look for. Often, the siblings of Garou children feel subtly inferior, as most of the parent’s attention is focused on the Garou sibling. The family is often visited by distant relatives at a moment’s notice, as Garou relatives look in on the child. The Garou child themselves typically aren’t warned about what to expect, as children rarely have the presence of mind to keep such a secret. Which can make their First Change just as dramatic, violent, and tragic as any other Garou’s.

Garou born to a Garou parent – Typically, a Black Fury who gives birth will foster their child to another member of the family to raise. There have been enough ‘problem children’ ‘black sheep’ and other stories passed around the family that this isn’t seen as strange. Some people just aren’t cut out to be parents, after all. If the child is Kin, then nothing further is said. If the child is going to be Garou, on the other hand, it’s expected that the child will be told they are adopted, but loved all the same.

=Pure Breed= There are strains of the Aetos lineage that are direct descendents of the Sky Eagles, reinforced by breeding stock from the Motherland, that could place a PC as high as Pure Breed 5. Most of the family, though, has bred with outsiders, and typical Pure Breeds for members are 0-3. Any Pure Breed higher than 2 would see matriarchs of the family _VERY_ interested in a PC's love life, from helpful 'hints' and 'opportunities' being presented to women for a good match, to out and out bullying and browbeating for males of good lines.

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