Agapito Acosta

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Drew Van Zandt
Storyteller: Boston ST

Available to Most Vampires

Notable Traits

Commonly Known History

Available to Camarilla Kindred

Camarilla Titles

Camarilla Status (4)

  • Acknowledged
  • Established and Venerated as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Revered as Toreador Primogen of Boston

History known to Camarilla Insiders



Jacob Clarke

Other Descendants


  • Agapito Acosta is really the mortal brother of Malcolm Rook. That is why he was funded so well by Rook in 1812.
  • He uses a mean cutlass in a web of intricate moves to bedazzle the eye.


Rivals and Antagonists


Notable Quotes

  • "I'm lucky to know Acosta, he's bailed my bacon out of the pan and straight into the fire a few times" Sterling Thorne
  • "A man with the love of travel after my own heart. Destiny brought us together for a short time, perhaps it will lead us to each other again one day.” - Sonya Boswell
  • "Sweetie, of course it's a real Faberge Egg. How did I come by it?? Darling, lots of money, and good connections. This jewel of a Toreador named Agapito, "obtained" it for me. I'm telling you sweetie, he lured that starving Russian peasant away from it with a few bread crumbs, and voila, here it sits!! " Eddie Monsoon]
  • "My first love. My lost Sire! Oh, but the earth moved when I found him again! I have missed him so!" - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I owe Agapito for my safe passage. A debt never to be forgotten." - Eris Applewhite

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History (in Progress)

Player Information

Player: Drew Van Zandt

Location: Boston, MA, USA ( MA-003-D : Shattered Antiquities)