Agent Lants

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Accord PC

Player: [1]
Creature Type: Mortal
City: Savannah, GA
VST: Jeremy Norton

Character Information

Name: Agent Ashley Lants

Creature Type: Mortal


Profession: Extra-Governmental Operative

Title or Position: Myrmidon

Accord Status: 1 (Private)


  • Governmental red-tape
  • Observation and reporting


What Has Gone Before

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The Ties That Bind (Allies & Antagonists)

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  • He's with some government agency, but he won't say which. When you start guessing, he gets this really scary look on his face.
  • "Ashley Lants" is a pseudonym.
  • He's more loyal to the government than the Accord.
  • He's here to keep a close eye on the supernaturals for the government. He found out about the Truth accidentally and got stuck in the Accord, but it's really an advantageous situation for him. This way, he doesn't have to find out where they all live; instead, they come to him.

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  • "There is little more amusing than a puppet that cuts at its own strings." - The Dominus

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OOC Information

Player: Jason A. US2009074365

Location: Savannah, GA