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Lead me, O heavenly Father, in the path of right. I walk alone and stumble in the dark. Show me the light, and I’ll go there. Let me find peace in my own heart and save me from my enemies.

Character Information


Mr. Smith, Agent Smith

Creature Type:

Notable Traits:
Calm, weapon at hand, occasionally his eyes appear not to be his own. Always wears a black suit, white shirt, red tie, dress shoes, and black gloves, unless disguised as someone else. Also has a tie clip with what looks to be a demon face on it.

Plot Related Notable Traits:
A ribbon.

Title or Positon:


  • Take him alive if possible. No need to kill when locking them up for study will glean all their weaknesses in time.
  • You're payment will be dropped at the disclosed location. Ten thousand if its alive, five if its not.
  • The Truth is our enemy now. We must cooperate or we will not succeed.


  • He works for multiple Hunter conspiracies.
  • He is rumored to be an assassin for hire, he also prefers to hunt supernatural targets.
  • Sometimes his eyes do not appear to be his own.
  • He has slain a dragon.
  • He has aided in the closing of a portal to hell in a spirit verge.


  • Mr. Smith is not his name. It’s what he prefers to be called while on the job.
  • He does work for a hunting organization.
  • He refers to the Organization as the Agency, the Company, the Organization, but never by name unless with others of the Agency and in Private.
  • He organizes many groups of hunters, which he refers to as Freelance agents, or freelancers. Purchasing their kills to fund them, and god knows what he does with the bodies, or living captured targets.
  • He doesn’t care that you are a supernatural or not, if you show supernatural abilities he will take note.
  • If you are a member of the accord and a supernatural he is willing to pay you to capture servants or abominations for the accord to study.
  • It is unknown if he is part of any specific Accord Division.
  • Mr. Smith has only ever been to London according to official documentation.


You’re part of the accord, you have a job that matters more than your personal secrets, your supernatural existence, and a duty to protect this world from a threat more dangerous than if your kind were revealed to the mortal mind. You will help stop it. I don’t take no for an answer.

  • Vampires – Exist. Their just Leeches on mankind who serve a purpose just like everything else. Fear keeps a man alive, you could say that they are responsible for our current society structures. After all, fear is the main reason we built cities. Update: Not all vampires are just leeches, a few a very small few can be good people who just want to live out their immortal lives like normal people doing normal things. These are the ones who don't let go of their humanity, and they are the only ones that deserve any sympathy. To have to feed upon man has to be a hard existence on one's psyche.
  • Werewolves – Beyond the fact they have been called witches and monsters who can’t control themselves they are just biologically efficient humans who can become wolves. Yes plenty of them are monsters and a silver bullet will rectify that.
  • Wizards/Witches– I could only hope they are like the books portray them. Like Gandalf the Grey, a tobacco smoking nice old man who brings firework shows to small hamlets. I fear they are more like man than they admit. Update: I know they call themselves Mages, Magi in the plural, and refer to themselves as Awakened. They are but men with what seems to be otherworldly power at their fingertips. I respect the few I have met, and out of principle I don't kill them if it isn't necessary. There's little the Agency could learn from them, however some are known to make weapons much more potent. That however interests me greatly.
  • Changing Breeds – Have their uses. They fight for the rights of nature, most of the time I can agree with the assessment that man is destroying nature. Still there are possible cures in their supernatural nature that should be found. I don’t want to sound like a money grubbing cold hearted killer here, but saving lives is what I signed up for and there seems to be plenty of them to go around.
  • The Walking Dead (Sin-Eaters) – Making a deal with the grim reaper to do his job so you can stay alive is a tiny bit like making a deal with the devil I think. You’re going to die eventually, but going out on your own terms does sound a bit more appealing to me. So I can’t blame them.
  • Demons (Possessed) – I’ve the eyes to see them for what they are, mongrels of sin. They are little more than a parasite made by man’s own tendencies towards evil. They aren’t human, but they are still useful to know about. My handbook is all but useless on these. I’ll just say this, salt lines and circles don’t do anything. But large amounts of rock salt in a shotgun barren hurts them, just like any other being that gets hit by it.
  • Psychics – People who can read minds really should just keep that to themselves. I hear the FBI likes people like that. Probably the CIA as well.
  • Hunter Organizations – We all serve a purpose, I want us to be able to work together, sure some of us have gone off the deep end over the years, but seeing monsters everywhere will do that.
  • Changlings - I've never seen one in person, I'm not sure I would know one if I saw one, I've been told they look human entirely. Until you make a deal with one that lets you see what they truly look like. I'm sure they aren't all bad people, but I'm paid to hunt anything not human and they are not human anymore. Update: I've met with several, by majority they look like you or I but they can do things that defy belief and apparently they frequent the "market" a lot, however I'll not return to that market due to the fact there were a hundred or so gathered in one place and despite the resources at my disposal it's better that the are there staying out of trouble than being made aware of the other problems our world currently has.
  • Zombies - Zombies are little more than tools of those who wish to abuse the bodies of the dead. Whether a vampire, voodoo priest, or a witch necromancer those who would use the bodies of the dead kill are little more than walking corpses themselves.
  • Spirits - Intangible at best and quite strange. They can still be defeated, though I have to admit the world on the other side of the gauntlet is a strange place and brings many more questions about it than answers. Update: I think they should stay on their side of the wall, because over here they cause to much trouble for their own good. I understand their natural, but the Gauntlet is there for a reason and it shouldn't be brought down by some reckless wizard or were beast because they think it shouldn't be there. If they start trying, and we hear about it, we'll come and put a stop to that mess.
  • Dragons - I've killed one, a rotten looking thing with spikes and skulls on them. Apparently an M16 is a good weapon to bring to a fight with a dragon.
  • Locust Spewing Gooy People who can Make Armor from stone - While I've no clue what the man I saw was, he did leap off, and into a pool like a pro wrestler to elbow drop a dragon on the head. I've got to respect him for that.

Cheiron Group Dossier:

Only TCG Members have Access to this information

CheironGroup mark.jpg

Name: Kain Burnwood
Associated Aliases: Agent Smith, Mr. Smith
Age: 30
Birth Date: 9/23/1983
Known Surgeries: Eyes
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Birth City: Chicago
Relatives: None living.
Profession: Hitman
Skill Set: Known use of various firearms and melee weapons. Capable of opening just about any lock and bypassing digital security locks. Capable of infiltration and attaining assets deemed retrieval worthy.
Targets: Werewolves/Changing Breeds/Changlings/Sin-Eaters/Possessed/Lucifuge/Vampires/Mages
Psychological Profile: He's a mentally stable person who follows the orders given to him as they are laid out unless they provide more risk to the company than we have realized. He is capable of dealing with horrible things better than the average person, seemly because of his will to succeed. Most of his payments are actually divided out into extra pay for those who work for him and charities. I guess this is his coping mechanism for doing what he has to do despite how he feels. I've seen the conflict in him but he still follows orders, should he ever get caught he won't talk without supernatural persuasions. We have little to worry about.

We should however keep him paid and working, people like him don't do well with inaction. I feel that keeping him organizing small hunter cells in the cities he ends up being sent to as a good distraction for him.

Questionable Past Kain Burnwood, doesn't know who his parents were. Their deaths are to this day still unknown by him, though he does have plenty of ideas as to how it may have happened due to being able to get his hands on reports. However growing up in an Orphanage owned by one of the Subsidiaries of the Cheiron Group put him in contact, from a very early age, with the supernatural beings. The relatives of werewolves, or other beast-men.

Assault: At the age of seven the boy showed promise for a violent nature. A young boy, slightly older than him close to ten years old wished to take a toy away from him. Kain's response was no, you can't have it if you don't ask nicely. The boy hit him, Kain responded by getting back up and taking the toy shovel and stabbing the boy in the eye with it. The boy was blinded in his right eye by the experience and never again showed anymore violent tenancies. Typically shown by those who will become werewolves. It seems by our studies that it is possible to set them straight, dominance really does play a large deal.

Training: At the age of 10 Kain was put into a military school, but it was much more than that. It was a small project of around a hundred and fifty children of varying ages to train them to be killers. It mimicked the military's training, but also the brainwashing effects of other such institutions. The training included proper use of firearms, how to clean them and take them apart and put them back together. It also included the use of knives, swords, and other such utensils they may actually have to use in their grisly futures. The training lasted until the boys were 18, then the testing began.

A few nights off: Making friends. We documented that before his final exam he was allowed to leave for a few nights to enjoy the city. Some free time had proven to do these young men and women well. We had kept tabs on those who ran into supernaturals and kept close eyes on their new friends or enemies. However Mr. Smith seemed to naturally avoid the attention and Ire of the supernatural, he seemed like a nice young man, keeping to himself as he always did. On occasion he would have a drink and meet people making friends was a talent of his.

Final Exam: The psyche evaluations; which was a typical evaluation along with the assignment of killing someone to see if they could actually pull the trigger. This may seem a terrible cost however our studies proved overwhelmingly that human nature of being social and with brainwashing not everyone can just murder in cold blood. The few that did, passed, the others were supplied with other jobs that would involved paperwork and less violent natures, many became skilled surgeons who work with us to this day, though not knowing the full extent of their true work. Kain was given the handle of Mr. Smith, should anyone ask his name it was now John Smith. He no longer existed in any manner. No documentation existed outside of our database. He killed his targets effectively, quietly, and with stern and cold confidence that implied the young man would have made one hell of a serial killer had we not picked him up for our experiment. Brain scans however showed he had no mental defects and our DNA and RNA analysis proved there was nothing wrong with him. He was just capable of taking a life and not letting it bother him, or so we thought.

Supernatural Elimination: His first supernatural target was chosen for him to be a werewolf. One of the most adept we could find. He was given a .45 caliber pistol loaded with silver bullets and told to enter the man's house, go to his bedroom, and shoot the man until he stopped moving. He checked the ammunition, ensured one bullet was in the chamber, and nodded. Mr. Smith approached the house quietly, pistol in hand and screwed the suppressor onto the end of the gun before placing it in a holster under his jacket. He unlocked the front door with his lock-pick and entered the residence quietly. Our thermal equipment kept an eye on him through windows and his target. We watched him enter the bedroom and open fire. He shot once. Then the werewolf got up and transformed coming at him. Without any indication of fear Mr. Smith shot twice more and the man fell to his knees, no longer a raging beast. Mr. Smith then shot one final time, shooting the man in the head. He then came over the communications network. "Target Eliminated. Send in the clean up team."

Promotion: He became a handler after about 7 years of working as a low level hunter. Capturing any beast he could, and killing the ones that were way to much trouble. This did upset the higher ups to some extent, but they did realize that they had made him a killer in hopes he could be able to survive the supernatural enemy he would be capturing. Sometimes his captures came in perfectly clean, with just high doses of tranquilizers in their system, or missing entire limbs as if a grenade had went off at their feet.

Rising Power: Mr. Smith gained quite a bit of influence when he became a handler and started paying his hunters above the average, most of it coming out of his own pocket. He did however, end up getting some bonuses due to arranging the high numbers of supernaturals caught alive. He often worked with other groups, despite being warned in advance that they wouldn't understand the idea of capturing, however he won many of the Union and Malleus Maleficarium over with money, loyalty, and providing them with somewhat detailed reports on the weaknesses of the supernaturals they helped him capture. To make it easier on them to kill they hunted.

Influences: He began putting money into a small pharmaceutical company and helping out with acquisitions on behalf of that company and the Group as a whole. His business sense helped him make some somewhat influential friends.

Company Status 5:

Accord Dossier:


Name: Mr. Smith
Associated Aliases: Agent Smith
Age: 30
Birth Date: 9/23/1983
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Birth City: Chicago
Places Visited: Every Major City in the US. London, England.
Profession: Hunter
Hunter Affiliation: the Agency
Skill Set: Firearms, Melee weapon training, various other physical skills. Capable of organization to arrange elimination of targets.
Target Preference: Top Priority - Werewolves/Changing Breeds, Secondary Priority -Changlings/Possessed (Not necessarily the demons), Third Priority - Vampires/other supernaturals.
Targets Ignored: Humans, Psychics, Witches (normally), Wolf Blooded/Beast Kin, Ghouls
Personality Profile:
As written by psychologist. Neither a sociopath or psychopath or a mad man he is a well balanced member of society who does morally abhorrent things for a living. He has a questionable distaste in his actions but in his mind a job is a job and if you are good at it do it. What is it that he is good at? Well in his eyes it's terminating a target, be it by eliminating a servant of the truth or by capturing supernaturals on behalf of Agency. I believe the Agency is a euphemism for the Cheiron Group Hunter organization, but then again if Network Zero purchased one from him it would be quite a show for them to put on. He has a very strong catholic view, he prays for those who kills to see the light before they are destroyed and he prays for the families to be spared the horrid nature of the truth...
Whether it's that they were living with a monster or that they never know about the Truth is somewhat unclear. Perhaps both. He isn't delusional, he's fairly sound of mind. He's capable of exploiting emotional weaknesses to a degree like that of perhaps a vampire or mage might without being one. It is highly interesting. An observational note... His eyes are... So strange, I could swear at least once they weren't blue but a bright orange like that of a cat. It felt disconcerting and as if I were being stared at by a monster.
Unofficial Intel: Boogeyman, in certain circles a Mr. Smith has come up as a person who can be hired to fix some problems. Problems ranging from a Corporate Takeover bid needing to be arranged or stopped that results in a CEO or Board Member, on occasion the entire board, being eliminated. For the record they were entirely mortal with very little supernatural about them. It seems this man may be willing to put a side morality in exchange for profit, beyond what just hunting supernaturals.


Operation Radar
Operation the Tower
Operatoin Hive Breaker

Operation Radar

Operation The Tower

Operation Hive Breaker

Preferred Equipment:

"DeLuxe Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest NIJ IIIA White "
M1911A1 Custom
"Redesigned 2014 Cadillac CTS
"Custom Beetle"
"Lock Picking Kit"
"H&K Fabarm FP6"

M1911A1 Custom - Equipped with laser sight, adjustable sights, and a suppressor to dampen out those loud noises and the muzzle flash.

P90 - A sub-machine gun, used as personal defense by many nations, can be equipped with scopes, suppressors, lasers.

M16 - A durable assault rifle with scope, suppressor, and stabilization grip. Good for suppressing fire and eliminating enemies in rapid succession quietly.

XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle - A scoped sniper rifle with stabilization platform and suppressor, for when a target has to go down at long range and somewhat quietly.

H&K Fabarm FP6 entry - When things are going to get loud, its always good to have a shotgun. While the H&K Fabarb FP6 has stopping power and is still quite noisy it does still kick. However what's a sore shoulder when buckshot to your enemy leaves them on the ground.

DeLuxe Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest White - Made by Aegis, has bulletproof plating for the ultimate stopping power against those who want to put you down.

Redesigned 2014 Cadillac CTS - Typically this is a luxury vehicle with performance and style at the forefront of its design, however due to Mr. Smith's pay raises this car has been redesigned from the ground up. With armor plating built through out the vehicle, run flat tires, bulletproof windows made of poly-carbonate, thermoplastic, and layers of laminated glass, with speed and acceleration modifications to make up for the extra weight and top of the line suspension and handling modifications to ensure this vehicle handles as well as it looks. It still doesn't have the top speed and acceleration of the normal caddy but with the amount of protection it offers it's a fair enough trade. This vehicle comfortably seats four, with just barely enough spare room for a fifth if the person is small enough.

Custom Beetle - This custom beetle has the chassis of sports car and the design and style of the German volts wagon beetle. While it doesn't have armor it has speed and acceleration. This vehicle is designed for high speeds and great handling and little else other than to turn heads. While it isn't the kind of vehicle you show up to work in, it is the kind of vehicle you might take a date out in. It can however comfortably seat four, but you can squeeze in an extra person in the back if their small enough.

Suits - Handcrafted wool, reinforced seams, invisible stitching, and silk linings.

Lock Picks - Expensive tools of the trade for getting into places where others don't want you. Mr. Smith has a set for digital locks as well and a "slim jim" to get into a locked car should he happen to need a quick ride and doesn't wish to use one of his own vehicles.

Disguise Kit - Assortment of disguises to use to get into locations normally one is not allowed access to. Contains makeup kit, assortment of uniforms and street cloths.

"Corvette Stingray 2014"

Corvette Stingray 2014: - This vehicle is a new acquisition from work. Sleek in design and with enough horsepower to belong on a race track. It too has been armored for his safety on the job. However, unlike the Cadillac it doesn't afford as much trunk space for the mobile armory Mr. Smith would normally afford. Leaving little to no room for the survival kits that would normally take up a good portion of trunk space, and only room for the ammunition for the weapons he carries on his person. In silver and normal variety and it has a few spaces for extra weapons and ammunition should the need arise for more than just a P90 and M1911A1.

According to the Book

Sicknesses all over the world. Contagions that have no cure. HIV, Ebola, and other sicknesses spread with little resistance in modern day. Despite the advances in medicine, thousands die daily from sicknesses that could, in theory, be cured.

War after War and Rumors of War from the East. Someone's armies are always on the move. Guns, tanks, and planes sent to destroy neighbors.

Sickness and War leads to a lack of resources, starvation and death by thirst because a lack of food and water. A lack of land to grow food and raise livestock, dried up wells and poisoned water supplies due to our weapons of mass destruction.

All of these lead to death, the one thing we'll all have in common is death. Nothing will ever stop death from claiming. We're all mortal, even those that think they are immortal can be destroyed utterly.

Now what I speak of is Revelations. I'm not preaching to you, I'm telling you the signs are there and this world is going to come to an end. What you do with your life is still your choice, you can give up, or you can fight to keep what we do have.

We were warned by the Prophets who wrote about it. Jesus spoke about the end times, it's written for us to see.

The truth is causing a war with us, we are fighting back. There was already famine and pestilence in our world, both natural and supernatural. However we have yet to see sickness and famine caused by the truth on a large scale, but I'm sure there are some causing it. And death at the hands of the truth is by all accounts, including my own witnessing it, a horrendous thing. Soul destruction, truly being destroyed on a spiritual level must be one of the worst pains to endure.

I only hope that time didn't seem to creep along for those who have died at the hands of the Servants, Abominations, and Tears in our reality.



Adela - Business Associate
Miss Swift - Business Associate
Robert Westford- Business Associate


"Waiting for Action" - Composed by Jesper Kyd.
"Apocalypse" - Composed by Jesper Kyd.
"Hunter" - Composed by Jesper Kyd.
"Main Theme" - Composed by Jesper Kyd.
"Slaughter Club" - Composed by Jesper Kyd.
"That Bald Fuck is Coming to Kick My Ass!" - No it's not okay!
"Absolutions Credits" - My black bandanna means I'm comin' for you.
"Funeral"- Composed by Jesper Kyd.
"Man in Black"- Why does my appearance seem to have a somber tone?
"God's Gonna Cut You Down"- You can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God's gonna cut you down.
"By the Book"- Good mothers cry because the rivers run high with the blood of to many sons.
"Sixteen Tons"- I owe my soul to the company stove.
"Puscifer - The Humbling River Duet Mix"- It'll take a lot more than words and guns. A whole lot more than riches and muscles. The hands of the many must join as one.
"This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars"- A moment to live. A moment to die. It's the moment to fight.
"Kidney Thieves - Before I'm Dead" - Moon hangs around a blade over my head. It reminds me of what to do before I'm dead.
"Tricky - Excess" - I believe in people lying. I believe in people dyeing.
"Praying Mantis Unmanned Surveillance Systems" - I spy with my little eye a thing that goes bump in the night near by. A sense of duty when the risks run high and the scum who wishes he didn't even try.
"Werewolf: Evolution Reinvented" - Will your children thank you for the sacrifices your about to make?
"Raven Sword" - Never a shot in the dark.
"Do the Evolution" - I can kill because god I trust.
"Do I wanna know" - To busy being yours to fall for somebody new.
"Sober" - There's a shadow just behind me. Shrouding every step I take. Making every promise empty. Pointing every finger at me. Waiting like a stalking butler who upon the finger rests.
"Money for Nothing" - That ain't workin'. That's the way you do it.
"Breaking the Habit" - I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright.
"Dead Cell" - What is your target? What is your reason? Do you have emotions? Is your heart freezing?
"Given Up" - I'm sick of feeling.
"Of the Night" - This is the rhythm of my life.
"Big Gun" - Big Gun kick the hell out of you.
"Perfect Day" - Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you.
"Me and My Shadow" - Like the wall paper sticks to the wall, like the sea shark clings to the sea, like you'll never get rid of your shadow you'll never get rid of me.
"Eyes on Fire" - I seek you out. Filet you alive. One more word and you won't survive. I'm not scared of your stolen power. I see right through you anyhow.
"Time for People" - I found no people for killing time so I found time for killing people.
"In Time" - In time your time will be no more..


"Cheiron Group" – Hunter the Vigil
The story of the Cheiron Group is a perfect set up for a character go into the truth. Capturing monsters to find their weaknesses and strengths so you can use them against the enemy. A perfect ideal against the truth.
"Malleus Maleficarium" – Hunter the Vigil
Religious and Zealous in their belief to eliminate the monsters that prey on humanity. The truth is doing it except they prey on the monsters of our world as well. Mr. Smith being catholic knows he will never get to stand at the gates of heaven and be judged worthy or be cast into the depths of hell. Sadly his soul will be devoured by a monster, managing to clean your soul before death doesn't matter anymore. Though helping others who do not believe in the truth helps him get by with the horrible things he does to others who deserve what they get. It may just sound like a way to get passed being an immoral murderer but it is what keeps him sane. Helping others who are less fortunate and protecting them from those who prey on them and their innocence.
"Agent 47" - Hitman Series, Video Games developed IO Interactive
The Hitman is a direct inspiration, taking cues from the games and movies. Agent 47 was originally the perfect clone, and a howto manual to anyone who wanted to do it. Though in the movie he was an orphan, though both are highly trained in various weapons. He's a walking ballistic missile, taking out his target with the precision of a sniper and the collateral damage of a thumb tack. Why a thumb tack you might ask, because if you have ever stepped on one you didn't see you understand that it has to hurt but you have no idea how it got there. 47 is a trained murderer who does what he does because its all he knows, Mr. Smith is the same. He knows he shouldn't but doesn't believe he can do anything else but work for the Cheiron Organization. And it isn't because they have him by the balls its because they are the ones responsible for him being this way. They arranged everything, they wanted a killer for their own purposes and got one.
"The Iceman" - Directed by Ariel Vromen. Starring Michael Shannon. Based on a True Story. Killing for money, being good at it, and not caring who it is even if its a friend, as long as it serves a purpose. The Iceman existed, a inspiration that actually existed seems strange, but he wasn't just a random serial killer. He killed for money and that is something Mr. Smith does.
"Big Boss, Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot" - Metal Gear & Metal Gear Solid game series produced by Konami and Directed by Mr. Hideo Kojima Big Boss was a leader, not that he wanted to be but he was. In the games he was often a villain, because he made a military organization which had no borders and no country. They were willing to take on the world as protectors, terrorists, an army for hire. In the age of Deterrence he and those who followed him decided they would follow in the Boss's legacy. The Boss was Big Boss's mentor. Revolver Ocelot, a loyal spy for Big Boss who was inspired to follow him due to his skill and determination. Ocelot was a man who was loyal to Russia but was an american spy, ironic sounding but he was also native born american. A triple agent working for the USA, eventually directly under a President George Sears a clone of Big Boss and brother to Solid Snake. Revolver Ocelot strangely enough was a martyr to save the world from control and oppression. Disguising himself as Liquid Snake, another clone of Big Boss, through self brainwashing and other techniques he gained control of a PMC (private military corporation) and went all over the world doing work and perfecting technology to destroy the Patriots control on the world and end the constant wars over the world. Solid Snake, killed both Big Boss (indirectly) and Revolver Ocelot (directly) and with the help of his allies destroyed the technological control the Patriots had over the war economy and the pmcs. Snake was willing to die for a cause he believed in, just as his father, just as ocelot. And that cause was freedom. The Boss's Legacy, freedom of will. No control and respect other's will but be willing to fight for your own. An honorable cause as any to die for.
"Arthur Bishop" - a professional assassin who specializes in making his hits look like accidents, suicides or the acts of petty criminals.
"Chev Chelios" - a professional contract killer (hitman) for the West Coast Crime Syndicate.
"A day in the life of Mr. Smith" - Note the following links are to some very talented people who made really awesome videos that just happen to fit perfectly in line with the Mr. Smith character idea. "The Stampede" and "Bad Motherfucker"

OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Bobby G.
Creature Type: Hunter
Division: A.C.E.
City: Charlotte, NC
VST: John F.

User:Bobby G. US2009114971