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Clan: Nosferatu•••
Bloodline: Azerkatil
Covenant: Ordo Dracul •••
City: Los_Angeles, CA
Player: Erik Blair
Storyteller: VST Darold Morris

The ripples continue to be felt across the globe of what was once begun...
Travelling from domain to domain over the course of 300 years (or more, perhaps), Ah'Zhur deals with Ordo Dracul problems. Sometimes he does so physically, sometimes through other means, but his arrival in a domain always means that someone has called him in to help and that the Ordo Dracul (and the Domain) will be transformed in some positive way.

Known to Kindred Society

Picture of young Ah'Zhur.
Ah'Zhur just before his Embrace.

Ah'Zhur's face is known to many domains around the world, but almost never by his actual name. He uses a different, generic name in every Domain he visits--not because he believes that the names will fool anyone, but as a reminder that every situation is different, every locale a different scenario.

First appearing amongst the Ordo Dracul in the late 1700's, Ah'Zhur (under whatever name he goes by currently) is known to be a strong defender of the Dragons--but interestingly, stories circulate that he is often more than willing to stand against a given Dragon should that Kindred prove to be a danger to a domain or to the Ordo Dracul as a whole. That willingness to look at every situation differently has prompted more than one domain to call him in as a mediator or impartial observer to events. Indeed, this Kindred's history appears to be one of being called to a new Domain every decade or so...usually to the great benefit of that domain.

Physically, Ah'Zhur looks to be a very young man of Eastern European descent. He can easily pass for 17 or 18 years of age, a situation that causes him trouble in the modern nights at locations such as bars and nightclubs. Rumors suggest he may be old enough that he simply comes from a time where that age was a full adult. Or, perhaps, there is a darker, sadder story. Ah'Zhur never speaks of it.

Noms de guerre: John Smith, John Doe, George Spelvin, Eddy Kitt, Aaron Buoy, Vic Trola and dozens of others

Public Rumours

  • Ah'Zhur is far, far older than the stories say. He was Embraced during a fight in 1202. Which fight? No Kindred alive remembers exactly.
  • He has killed far more Dragons than he has anyone else. In fact, that's his purpose--to kill Dragons. Everything else is a lie.
  • He is blood-bound to Vlad Dracul and acts as his personal assassin in dealing with Kindred dangerous to the Ordo Dracul--whatever Covenant they belong to, external or internal.
  • He is responsible for the destruction of six different Domains in Eastern Europe, and those destructions actually helped prompt World War II.

Public Lineage

Unknown. He has never spoken of him or her to any Kindred (any who have lived to tell the tale, at any rate)

TBD (I'm looking for childer, grandchilder and even further down the line. Hit me up!)

Public Associates

Ah's Exclamations

  • "I act when I am certain. Do not push me to be certain before I am."
  • "My name? You may call me (generic name)."

External Opinions

  • (Chime in!)
  • "I'm convinced that whatever he wants from me will bite me in the ass, eventually. Of course I said yes anyway." - Violet
  • "An exemplar - a Dragon who clearly puts the needs of the whole above the needs of the individual. A pleasure to work with and amusing to watch when he is in close proximity to one of the Sanctified." - Emory

Known Only to Dragons

Modern nights Ah'Zhur.
Ah'Zhur in modern nights.

Ah'Zhur only uses his real name when internal to the Dragons. He is a Dragon Knight of the Axe who is known to be a fair, impartial (and, some say, somewhat distant in nature) Ordo Dracul. If there is a need for an Axe who is willing to look at a matter carefully and act only when the truth is certain, Ah'Zhur's name comes to many minds. From the early 1800's on, he has traveled from one Domain to another, always at the request of Ordo Dracul leaders within the Domain. It might be a request from a Grandmaster, a Twilight Judge, an Oracle or simply the highest Coil-ranked Dragon in an Academy--he always comes, however, by request.

He has been a Dragon Knight for over a century and many have wondered why he has not become a Grand Master. When asked, Ah'Zhur says he simply does not want the job. Indeed, there is only one record of him ever becoming a Grand Master, and he turned the job over in less than six months, as soon as he had raised another Axe into the position. He simply seems content to be a Knight, called in to help wherever needed.

The stories of him standing against Dragons that are dangerous is not a lie. While he certainly is a Dragon and generally defends them far more than he attacks them, there are confirmed stories of him examining a situation, determining that the Dragon was at fault and then standing against the Dragon (and sometimes even other Dragon allies). Strangely, however, the very fact that he IS willing to stand against Dragons if they are proven to be the danger makes him more desired by Academies. It's rare, after all, to have an impartial member of the Crimson.

Internally, Ah'Zhur makes no attempt to hide that he is Azerkatil. He knows that some Dragons still consider the bloodline to be dangerous and untrustworthy, and he simply does not care. He is what he is and came from where he came from. Even amongst the Dragons, however, it is unclear how long he was an Azerkatil before he joined the OD. Rumors persist that he might even be one of the originators of the bloodline (his name, after all, is interesting). He denies such with a laugh whenever asked, simply saying that he was a soldier Embraced by one already of the bloodline.

Dragon Details

Sworn: Dragon Knight, recently surfacing in Los Angeles, California
Rank: Scholar
Areas of Study: Transformation through physical means or, as he puts it, "I will slay my own weaknesses."
Methodology: Alchemy
Rite: Claims none

Lengthy Title:
Ah'zhur, Knight Impartial,
The Relentless and Evolved Scholar of the Equilibrium

Public Timeline (for connections) ? = date still being finalized.

  • 1795: Travels with Father Andrei to Berlin (the capital of Prussia at the time) to join the Ordo Dracul.
  • 1820(?): Made Sworn of the Axe
  • 1820 - 1900: Continues through Europe and Asia, often called by Dragons to help kill/capture dangers to the Covenant
  • 1900(?): Becomes a Dragon Knight.
  • 1900-1950: Reputation as a 'fair' Axe increases with the increase in communication skills. Travels across Europe and eventually to the U.S. to help Academies.
  • 1950-2013: Travels across the U.S., meeting Azerkatil and being a Dragon Knight

For connections prior to 1795, contact me directly.

OOC Information

Player Name Erik Blair

MES Number US2002021327

Location Los Angeles, CA