Aharon Gadjarian

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"How can I bear this misery, unless my heart were stone?
My tears are blood because of thee, my reason is o’erthrown."


a The Seal of House Avakian
Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: Ron Edens
Storyteller: Christopher Foster

Character Information

Member: Ron Edens
Member Number: US2011047639
Storyteller: Chris Kummer
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Age: Elder
Position: Primogen
Status: 3 - Acknowledged (Sacramento), Established (Elder), Venerated (Elder)

<font-size: 30pt>Description</font>

Aharon is a large man who looks to be in his early 40's. His head, and most of his body is covered in thick, coarse red hair that he manages to nearly keep in check. When at gatherings, he wears suits, and sometimes elects to adorn himself with mystical symbols. Aharon uses a cane, and walks with a serious limp. He's almost always seen carrying a book of some kind. When he is in a room with books, he is usually near them.

<font-size: 30pt>Known Information</font>


Aharon is an elder of Clan Tremere who claims to have been born in Armenia, and embraced as a monk in Vienna. His sire, one of the founders of House Avakian embraced him due due his love of the mystic, and his mastery of many languages.

Over the years, Aharon has developed this talent, and today is reputed as one of the most skilled linguists in Kindred society. In fact, he is found of speaking about his mastery of languages, and it will not take him long to try to turn a conversation to the subject.

Despite his linage, and his age, Aharon has not made much of a name for himself, and some whisper he is a disappointment to his sire. In fact, since coming to America in the early part of the 20th century, Aharon had withdrawn from society, and seemed focused on maintaining his herd.

This has changed in recent nights. Aharon has been seen at more and more gatherings, and has even taken the position of Primogen.He's even traveled on a couple occasions. Indeed, Aharon seems to be rather motivated, and ready for a new challenge.

<font-size: 30pt>Rumors</font>

  • Aharon is prepared to leave House Avakian and join the Glass House
  • Aharon has a romantic relationship with a Brujah who lives in Sacramento
  • Aharon admires courage... in others.
  • Aharon is a huge disappointment to his sire, and is the laughing stock of his House

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