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Name: Sofie Duchamps
Aliases: Regina Blythe, Ahat Hala, or just Jinx...
Clan: Malkavian

Nationality: Native American - Yavapai
Sect: Cam...
Generation: Eighth

Abiding Status

  • Accepted as a member of the Camarilla
  • Noble as Primogen of Grand Rapids

Fleeting Status

Notable Traits:

  • Technology on hand!
  • Is that a collar around your neck?
  • Easily excitable
  • Deceptively observant

Title or Position:


  • 1521 made a ghoul by Delilah Soleil.
  • 1523 embraced.
  • 1528 Recognized into the Camarilla.
  • 1746 Ahat Hala disappears from Montezuma Castle.
  • 1799 Sofie Duchamps arrives in France.
  • 1890 Sofie Duchamp returns to America.
  • 1890 Regina 'Jinx' Blythe is born.
  • 2012 Moonlights as a graphic designer.
  • 2013 Researches practical applications for 3D printing.
  • 2014 late in the year, Jinx meets Fennec and Aislin Fox near “Opera house” in Michigan.
  • 2015 establishes herself into the electronic dance music scene as a DJ locally to Kalamazoo, MI. Known for sampling pieces from Fennec, Aislin, and Kit Fox.
  • 2016 becomes an adopted fixture to Leo Haight of clan Toreador, Fennec, Aislin, and Kit’s sire.


  • "I heard she only wears pink on Wednesdays." - Hex
  • "Primogen Blythe has an incredible mind, and is a fierce fighter. La Signora is beautiful and dangerous, quite like myself. The best ally to have." - Donna Valentina Giovanni
  • "Jinx? She's a damn fine poker player, and drinking partner. Never thought I would make a friend with so many common... hobbies in a place like that." - Augustine Giovanni
  • "Jinx saw to the soul of our fighters, and did so with style and skill, this is one to watch." - Amos Locke
  • "She strengthens others by lifting the weight they bear from their back." - Aaron Mitchell
  • "She wants to dance in your hearts and minds. Don't do it. That's how the Malkavians capture you. I know. I've been captured by cute Malkavians multiple times. Next thing you know you'll be holding people's arms behind their back so they can get stabbed and shit. Oh I'm not trying to warn you off. I'm just staking claim that's all." Danny McManus
  • ""Jinx is a very....social focal point."" - Vincent Giovanni
  • "Someday, she will decide exactly who and what she is. Perhaps, it will even be in time." - Antonia Orsini


  • Believes she is from the clan Jimmy Johns.
  • Assumed to be a technomancer.
  • Once made herself dj at a frat party turning it from a disco party to a rave in 5 seconds without anyone noticing.
  • Piloted a plane while completely intoxicated.
  • Jynx is actually a member of the Thought Police.
  • Taught a beetle how to color.
  • Became an Anarch during the “Great Call”.
  • Became an Independent during the "Burning of Detroit".
  • Started the debate on how to purebred goats in order to start a contest for others to win Fennec’s hand.
  • Is one of the missing Mayans.
  • Is truly an Ancilla masquerading as a Toreador neonate.
  • Is one of the Croatoan people of the vanishing colony.
  • Can mimic the voices of a thousand different bird species.
  • Was adopted by a wealthy Toreador family just to fund her electronic habit.
  • Gave the Brujah, Finnigan Burke, his nickname - Paintchips.
  • Owns a knife that belonged to the leader of the Cereboi line.
  • Crooks a finger and can get high end vehicles from Vincent Giovanni.
  • Is actually a family member of the Giovanni.




Sofie 'Jinx' Duchamps

Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Kalamazoo, MI
Player: Cora Cantu
VST: Travis McGlaughlin

Active Characters

Player: Cora C.
MES Number: US2016020060
Location: Kalamazoo, MI