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Charcater Information

Character Information
Clan: TBA
Sect: Sabbat
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City: Dallas, TX
Player: Richard Cordell
Storyteller: VST TBA

“One doesn't need to be taught fear when one is the hunted.” ― Nenia Campbell, Bleeds My Desire


"If you awake in my sanctuary, then it the end of the road for you!"
"Welcome Prey,
your nights have come to an end, by your own hand or someone else, it matters not. Cry to Gods, they will hear you, but I must inform you, they simply don't care.
There is nothing you can offer me, there simply the basic of professional pride in ones work, in ones task. Who you are matters not, for now, you are on my rack and I can count on one hand how many left it alive. Maybe you be lucky, and the Gods favor you, but as you can see of those that dangle, these few who made me proud, have a place of Honor!
Shall we begin?"

OOC Information

Player: Richard Cordell

MES Number:US2002022761

Location:Dallas, TX