Aidan Sebastian

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Holli Hensley
Storyteller: Lucas Clendenen

Sire: A male, unknown name

Notable Traits: The Brujah symbol carved into her chest. A lovely "gift" from her sire. Has a thing for corsets.



Status: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged by Jean-Pierre Durand. Per Elder status.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Time Line

  • 1595-Born in Ireland.*
  • 1614-Embraced in Ireland.*
  • 1664-Traveled to France. Spent some time Austria, Switzerland and Germany.*
  • 1789-Russia*
  • 1800-Ireland*
  • 1803-Scotland*
  • 1834-Austria*
  • 1835-England*
  • 1870-France*
  • 1890-Bound for the new world; New Orleans*
  • 1930-Napped during the Great Depression*
  • 1940-New York*
  • 1950-California*
  • 1960-Texas, California, Missouri, Colorado; all over the U.S.*
  • 2012-Austin*


Not known, at this time.

Known Childer


Known Grand-childer



  • Her bag of dicks; one or two might have teeth.*
  • With as much art and music in her background, Kindred tend to wonder if she's actually Toreador.*
  • Her aim is deadly. Her fists are deadlier.*
  • Aidan is a champion of the underdog.*
  • No one bets with Aidan after that rousing time a Ventrue lost his shirt - literally.*


  • "I'm glad Tamberland wasn't that into tattoos." -Frankie Morrigan
  • "I see the two of as potential partners in 'crime'" -Candice Caine
  • "Didn't have a real chance to talk to her at the Conclave, but it looks like some things never change. And I do not mean that as a bad thing." - Zack Snyder
  • "She was ever so kind to point out my state of dress was unacceptably shabby. Do not cross her, for she wears her clan on her sleeve. Figuratively." -Mr. Chen
  • "She .....has...a giant A carved on her A....and you managed to miss?....FIRED..." - Michael Fuller Miller
  • "Aidan is a bad bitch. You fuck with her, you're fuckin' with her whole clan. Spoiler though, she don't need our help." - Lilah Monroe
  • "Only person I found that can assault me while I am exploring and not get ashed for it. I can neither confirm nor deny the corset may have helped." - Michael
  • "There is still some rabble in this Elder." - Gus Carter
  • "Please add your own."


OOC Information

  • Player: Holli Hensley
  • MES Number: US2002034112
  • Location: Austin, TX