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Lo, þeir kalla til mín.

Þeir bjóða mér að taka sæti mitt á meðal þeirra, Í sölum Valhalla!

Hvar hugrakkir geta lifað að eilífu!

Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: David McFarland
Character: Aiden
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Status: 3
Domain: Nomad

Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Aiden

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: Seventh


  • Thorgrimr
  • Bjorn
  • Farkas
Gangrel Symbol.png

Status: 3

  • Acknowledged
  • Established
  • Venerated


  • Elder of Clan Gangrel


  • To Be Determined
  • To Be Determined

Concept/Background:Aiden is the epitome of Clan Gangrel within the Camarilla. Extremely loyal to the Ivory Tower he has spent his unlife in dedication to defending the Camarilla from its enemies and hunting down those that threaten its safety. Aiden comes from no particular domain, remaining nomadic. The enemies of the Camarilla do no settle in just one place so neither does he. He is relentless in his pursuit of those that threaten to end the security afforded to kindred by the masquerade. Aiden is especially know for hunting down rouge thaumaturgists, whether they be wayward Tremere or some unfortunate individual found to possess blood magic without sanction. He is known to hunt with Tremere and Malkavians and supports the Thought Police.

Notable Traits:



  • "Death is a fundamental part of the natural world, predator and prey are linked in a cycle that is as necessary as it is prevalent. Why then does the taking of life so disturb the sensibilities of those born of man? Does the ability to reason provide a window for corruption to take root within the soul? Does the act of killing remain pure even as the killer is damned by his own capability for enlightenment?" - An observation by Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • The purpose of Clan Gangrel, granted by the blood of its sires, has traditionally been to stand watch along the border marches for evils which threaten the heart of our beloved Ivory Tower. Now that the Camarilla has won victory over its enemies, Elder Farkas turns that same ferocious guardianship within... ever watchful for corruption and sedition within our golden halls." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "Aiden is an old...friend, so to speak. I'm sorry did you hear that? It's almost like I hear the sound of drums." - Lysander Kriti
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  • Aiden was brainwashed by the Malkavians to be the perfect loyal hunting dog of the Camarilla.
  • The Tremere used a ritual on him that makes him less vulnerable to blood magic but also binds him to the clan.
  • He was a lupine before he was embraced

Information known to some

"Aldrei brjóta frið sem gott og satt menn gera meðal þín og annarra."
"Never break the peace which good and true men make between you and others."


Brothers in Arms, Comrades, Allies, and Associates

"Ber er bak hans sem hefur ekki bróður"

"Bare is his back who has no brother."


Sire: Ragnar
Childe of Gilggamesh
Childe of Enkidu
Childe of Ennoia



OOC Information

Player: David McFarland

MES Number: US2002021931

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Nomad
Player: David McFarland
Storyteller: VST TBD