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Accord PC

Player: EJ L

Creature Type: Traveler Vampire
Division: Lex Talionis
VST: VST Evan Miller


Name: Aiden Alistair Black

Alias: "Al", "The Forsaken"

Creature Type: "Vampire"

Notable Traits: Dedicated, Loyal, Progressive,

Title or Position: Le Pac du Ombre Adjunct and Parliament representative (9/30/14), Committed Marked Advocate Ancilla of Lex Talonis

Aiden exhibits an extreme desire for any progressive actions toward the "Other". This behavior has him appearing in the presence of other Accordists when he either has intel to provide, operations to support, or work to be done. Recently "known" by the Truth, Aiden has taken a turn for escalating his tactics on combating the truth... some believe he's out of hand... pushing those around him to the brink "just to stop his complaining" by following him when he "just plain makes sense".


Standing at a towering 5'2, Aiden Black always wears one of his signature beanies and blue jacket, shades, caramel complexion and a general look of annoyance among his face.


Previously speaking only to divulge relevant information, "Al" is perceptive, highly intelligent and has a short fuse toward anything that leads in hindrance or failure of his personal goals or eliminating "the Other". Lately he's turning to be more outspoken on his stance of the severity of the war, getting in the face of anyone he deems only sits on the sidelines rather than contributes to the war.

When awaiting the next great mission, Aiden seems to take a child like curiosity to many things... almost as if he's a little too unfamiliar with what the world has to offer... Recently donning a lab coat contributing to the technical side of the accord, Aiden's taken a turn to being a shut in, keeping completely to himself, noting his contribution to the war effort has gone completely unnoticed by his division...


  • Any thing with an edge is his ally
  • Combat medic
  • Death dealer
  • Excels in stealth
  • Has allies from the other side
  • Highly perceptive
  • Understands all languages


Allies on the Field

  • Ambassador Hallow: No fire or smoke... I'm starting to wonder...
  • Ethan Little: After our last interaction this is kinda pending...
  • Aurora Lundqvist: Hadn't seen her in months.. I hope she's... "alive"
  • Billy Masters: "Those who came before him were my family. That makes him my brother"
  • The Magnificent Rick O'Connell: From combat to style of dress he's truly worthy of the title.
  • The Astounding Dr. Luke Watts: The Son of Odin? No question. He's made a believer out of me.

Honored Fallen

  • Silent Fang: Gave his all to the cause, its noted that his pack continues to honor him.


  • Thanatos: "if he was part of a gangrel pack he'd obviously be the runt of the litter. "

Fallen from Favor

  • Dr. Anthony Rose: "Definitely set the standard on how far we should "trust" someone who goes out of his way to be possessed... "
  • He who throws boulders: "Or he who gets butt hurt. Driver of the wambulance"
  • Mr. Phoenix: "Lemming incarnate"
  • Scruffy: "Traitor to the Accord"
  • SteelSoul: "Has this thing about saying one thing and never delivering... pair that with his logic on "solutions" makes this kids really awesome"
  • Sorcha: "Her emotions are going to get her cell killed..."
  • Captain Burt Zimmerman: "The epitome of lost... Bipolar, Interrogator and ranger... yeah and I'm a girl scout"


The Man Himself

  • "...really?"-- Almost every cell gathering he frequents in Louisiana
  • "Hate me, like me, I don't give a fuck. No title , no drama, no politics, no emo nonsense, no bullshit will ever stop me from striking the adversary... "
  • "Instead of bitching about who is what position why don't we focus on just doing what the fuck is right? Right now that's making decisions that have actual intelligence, putting the most capable of us in the best conditions to execute blows against the CUT and lastly but most importantly being proactive instead of reactive in a war where the enemy already has several wins under its belt." -- Address to le Pac after change of leadership
  • "Oh... right... security" -- Almost every Lake Charles Accord gathering
  • "Vampire? Please..."

From Others

  • Ethan Little: "For some fuckin' reason, mothafuckas just die around him. It is fuckin' weird."
  • Uncle: *stares intently as the room goes silent* "How are you affecting the tapestry?"
  • Sybil Grey: "'e knows 'ow thin's should fall, an' 'e's not afraid ta push 'em that way. Not of'en I get ta meet someone with that much sense."
  • New Guy : "He's from Lake Charles, so that's how you know he's a scary murderhobo. I think I heard he's a ninja, too. Are vampire ninjas a thing?"
  • Shkira Kushnir: "Guy summons us, vanishes, comes back and kicks ass, then vanishes agin. Lowest-maintenance vampire ever, maybe even the lowest-maintenance Accordist. Breath of fresh air."
  • Lilith: "Aiden is a long-time soldier for the Accord, very steady, very reliable. Reliability is so important, and so rare."
  • Jason Harvick: "He's one of the few I trust. We work extremely well together. And yes..I know exactly what he is.


  • Constantly listens to self help audio tapes over his LG tones
  • Doesn't makes eye contact due to being ridiculously shy
  • Finds any reason to participate in a mission in an attempt to stay away from the Le Pac du Ombre cell due to a crush on one of its members
  • Has an interesting relationship with a spirit he liberated recently from its captor
  • Has a sister? A daughter?
  • Haunted by the ghost of a cell member's family
  • Killed a cell member's family on request
  • Murdered Dr Anthony Rose after talking to him on Rose's decision to blow up the Le Pac citadel
  • Murdered members of his cell for not being progressive in the war
  • Murdered members of the Pure and doesn't remember it
  • Murdered the cell member he had a crush on
  • Murdered travelers for not being progressive in the war
  • Murdered travelers for deciding not to participate in the war
  • Rogue servant / believer
  • Undead Mage
  • Wears a beanie because he's bald
  • Slapped the Belief out of somebody


Accord250px.png - Member of the Accord
LTSigilLarge.png - Member of Lex Talionis
Lake Charles Badge.png - Member of Le Pac du Ombre
OperationDisclosurePatch.PNG - Operation Disclosure
OperationRadarPatch.png - Operation Radar
OperationRedemption.png - Operation Redemption
OldPeculiarBlueSkull.png - Operation Old Peculiar
OperationTowerRedRibbon.png - Operation Tower
OperationHiveBreaker.png - Operation Hive Breaker
Blackicepatch.png - Operation Black Ice
HeatofDarknessMambo.png - Operation Heart of Darkness
ParagonPhilippines.png - Operation Paragon: Manila
Honorable mention:
- Broward County - Montreal - Palla Grande - Operation: Were Creature (April 2016)

Player: EJ L

MES Number: US2011037460

Location: Lake Charles, LA

Domain: LA-008-D

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