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Accord NPC

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Player: [1]
Creature Type: Fetch
Truth Cult: The CUT
City: Boston
VST: [mailto: mailto]

Character Information

Name: Aiden Twin

Notable Traits: Appears almost exactly like Boston's Accord member Twice-Spun

Position and Title:


Aiden is known for his firmly anti-superstition stance. In a 2012 interview, he said "It is important that we understand that those superstitions are part of the great Lie of human nature, which we seek to overcome through rational understanding." Within his teaching career, he encourages his students to examine their views, particularly in how they could have been influenced by the spirituality of their upbringing. While he will gladly acknowledge the value of art and spirituality for many people, he is a consistent champion for analyzing and surpassing the base needs of the human mind to make sense of the unknown.

In Service to the Truth

The Church of Ultimate Truth

In November, 2014, Aiden officially announced that he was running as a candidate for the Papacy in the Church of Ultimate Truth. Despite his relatively low prominence in the Church, he has stated that he believes his skills as an administrator have been proven in maintaining a presence on the outskirts of Boston, where the Church has consistently struggled to take a hold. His campaign was marred by scandal, as several of his students used the opportunity to attempt to blackmail him to reverse their expulsion. Although he eventually disproved their allegations, the scandal eliminated his chance for the papacy.

Early History

Early Life

Aiden grew up in Boston, MA, as part of the art scene. He was something of a prodigy, showing early signs of creative talent across a number of disciplines. However, he stopped creating almost entirely in his early teens, finding interest instead in the study of sciences, and the world around him. According to interviews he has given, it was during this period that the came to the understanding that self-understanding and mastery came through the physical world, rather than the abstract world of art and spirituality. He continued this study through college at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, where he obtained a BS in biology, as well as a Master of Education in Instructional Design. He taught for many years at local public high schools, but in 2009, he was offered a position at the Northson Academy for the Arts, a private school sponsored by the Church of Ultimate Truth, of which he is a member.

The Academy

Aiden made his name as a teacher at the Northson Academy of the Arts. He is best known for his role in counseling students in their annual capstone service projects, and is particularly known for championing controversial student projects, such as a 2010 senior project for students to go to inner cities and provide community service and clean up for troubled neighborhoods. The issues with the project came primarily from the lack of oversite from any school staff or administrator, raising questions as to the safety of the students. Despite this, however, the project was deemed a success. Aiden's policy of pushing difficult, often evangelical-style projects has made him well known, and was cited in the decision to offer him the chance to open up the Salem school

Salem, MA

In 2012, Aiden was transferred to Salem, MA to start a branch of The Academy there, to serve the families of the greater Boston area. The school has found modest success, to match the relatively small Church presence in Boston. Aiden secured permits to establish his school in Salem by registering it as a private school, and permitting non Church members to enroll their children. Unlike church members, non-members do not receive a full scholarship, and cannot enroll their children in boarding school, but they are permitted to obtain scholarships based on student aptitude and parental need.

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