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Carthian.pngAilenia Anne LotusDaeva symbol.png

Character Basics

Player: Shannon Young
Character: "Ail"
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Conspiracy: LUXCorps
City Status: 2
Clan Status: 1
Covenant Status: 3
Conspiracy Status: 2
Domain: Glen Burnie, Maryland
VST: Baltimore Requiem VST

Appearance & Notable Traits

Darker green eyes and short, firey hair, but the freckles dance across her face.
  • Striking Looks 4
  • Presence 3
  • Seductive Grace 3

Embrace Summary & Life

Given Names: Ailenia Anne Lotus

Nickname(s): Ail, Ale

Position(s): Council Harpy; Social Myrmidon for the Carthian Movement of Baltimore; Assistant Regional Manager at LUXCorps EC

Sire: Alduin Remington [NPC]

Date of Embrace: 2010

Birthday: July 19, 1989

Quotes from Ail

  • ~ "I'm Ailenia, or Ail for short... What the fuck is going on?" -to Ryker
  • ~ "My passions are humans and Kindred."
  • ~ "Do what you want but I didn't save your cocky ass for you to go mess with others without reason." -to Ryker
  • ~ "Being under Invictus rule is not fun with an ass-kissing controlling sire."
  • ~ "I'm just having fun teasing you. You act so serious--" she makes a mock 'Alex-serious-Prince-face' "around others, poking fun at it is what I do. You can't show weakness around me, or I will run with it and have fun." -to Alex
  • ~ "I guess I believe in the little things, rather than the big picture... But they surround each other."
  • ~ "Politics bore me to a point. I like hearing about progress and peace, not war and bitter disappointment."
  • ~

Quotes from others referring to Ail

  • ~ "You do [have potential]. I can see it. A kindred soul of sorts." -Ryker
  • ~ "She saved me from some ruffians. She is very talented and gifted in medicine. Very beautiful too." -Ryker
  • ~ "If you call me sir again, I'll shoot you. We can do things like that to make a point now." (Jokingly) -Alex
  • ~ "It's funny, my requiem has been so dominated by my position lately; I'd forgotten what a conversation with a Kindred who wasn't looking for favor or weakness was like. I have to admit I'm enjoying it." -Alex
  • ~ "I simply didn't bring [politics] up, as politics can so easily ruin a night, and this night is steadily becoming one of my favorites." -Alex
  • ~ "Also, I know it's your first night in the city (second now, I suppose), but I want you to know you're the best addition to it in a very long time. I hope to see you stick around. Rare is the night I don't spend with slavering psychopaths trying to rip my head off, and a night with you definitely stands out as the first truly good one in a long time. After a single night's conversation, you know more about me than any of my closest allies, and you seem to understand it better than they do either. Perhaps it's because you're the first to see me outside of politics. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you came, and glad you stayed." -letter from Alex on the night of his death
  • ~ "The Requiem of a Kindred is their own. Do not apologize for the path that you follow." -Morinth
  • ~ "This chick's been a real asset to the Movement so far, and she's reliable, and a good friend of an old friend. 5-Stars in my book." -Jonny
  • ~ "She's a sweet little thing, isn't she? I'm just looking forward to seeing what she's made of." - Reyna


~ Alex's lover

~ She once took two pills of Stardust. She grew to Size 7, she saw Time, and turned into Fire.

~ Reyna's lover

~ Jonny's lover

~ Ryker's lover

~ Morinth's lover

~ She is an unreleased childe

~ Reyna taught her how to Dominate ;)

~ Mihkal's lover

~ Enjoys Bloodfisting.

OOC Information

Player Name: Shannon Young

MES Number: US2014070121