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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Black Furies
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Homid
Pack: Eyes in the Darkness
Sept: Sept of the Wolf's Blood
Rank: Athro
Glory: •••
Honor: ••••• •••
Wisdom: ••••
Player: Amy Edie
Storyteller: Steph Williams

Real Name: Aisling O'Gara

Deed Name(s): Leads With Her Heart, Red Letter Day

Homid Physical Description: Aisling is young, early 20's and looks it, with the un-finished look of someone who still has some filling out to do. She wears mostly homemade clothes in the fashion of a bygone era; loose-fitting clothing of natural fabrics in shades of black. Her hair is long and black, with a white streak running from roots to tip, and is most often bound in a tight braid. Her appearance is marred by a handful of major Battle Scars; the fall of her clothing shows that she is missing her right breast, claw marks stand where her left ear should be, though the fall of her braid usually obscures this, and a shiny burn scar creeps up from under her shirt to cup her jaw on the left side. A glyph stands out over the burn scar on her jaw, translating to "Through Web and Chrome." It is unusual to see her without her Fetish longbow, which she usually carries around like a quarterstaff or walking stick.

Crinos Physical Description: Aisling's Crinos form is notably smaller and less bulky than the majority of other Garou, but it is a foolish foe that would think her weak because of it. Her coloring most closely resembles a skunk; black, with a wide strip of white down her back, echoing the colors of her hair in homid form. The lack of her left ear is more noticeable in this form, as is the burn scar, which stands out starkly against black fur.

Lupus Physical Description: In Lupus form, Aisling closely resembles her Crinos form in its coloring and lack of bulk. Her natural grace is much more noticeable on 4 legs instead of two; she is small and lithe, and this is echoed in her movements. The lack of an ear is as obvious in this form as in Crinos, but lupus reveals the starkness of the burn scar runs all the way down her chest and onto her stomach, and if the observer looks close enough, they will see the rough shape of a hand print at the origins of the burn.

Through Chrome and Web 2.png


Through Darkness

Aisling has many flaws, and the punishments she has endured are not without justification. What follows are a few of the major errors

What Has The South Wind Told You?

The Good: "I have made many mistakes, I don't deny that. I have learned from most of them, and continue to do so."

The Bad: "They are Fallen, but they were, are, and could be again our Brothers and Sisters. To abandon them to their fate, and to force them to die as they are, seems cruel, but I am no longer sure we have any choice."

The Ugly: "I have no secrets anymore. All that I am, all that I believe, has been laid before the Nation, and I have been punished for it."


  • "You are made up of good intentions at the chemical level." - Noah Rahmat
  • "When I sought out a Challenge worthy of a Philodox, Aisling stepped forward. More than just sharing an Auspice, she showed me that even across Tribes there are things that bind us together. Like bulls-eyeing a Drone at 300 paces through cross wind and an active battlefield." - Bits and Bytes
  • "Leads With Her Heart-anrae's deed name is well-earned. No matter her mistakes, I believe in her desire to serve Gaia, and I believe in her." — Reach For The Sky
  • "A philodox must see the difference between how the world is and how it should be. Their judgements must serve to move these two things closer together, but they must realize that no one action can make the two the same. Aisling has a clear view on what the world should be, but I think she refuses to see how bad things really are. She has hope. Hope that big changes can be quickly made. If she doesn't change her path that hope will destroy her, or maybe I'm wrong and she'll change the world. I pray she does, but until it happens I try to talk sense into her, and I prepare to pick up the pieces when her world comes crashing down." - Rory O'Gara
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Rank Challenges

Rite of Passage: While still a cub, Aisling encountered a triad of Black Spiral Dancers, gloating over cornering an untried cub and her crippled mother. Staying calm, Aisling managed to engage them in conversation, baiting them and leading them on until they turned on each other, allowing her to escape. She managed to make it to a neighboring sept, and it was revealed to a Black Fury there what she had done. She was made to lead the Sept back to where she had encountered the BSDs, allowing the Sept to wipe them out. The Black Fury commended her for her act, stating that it was worthy of a Rite of Passage.

Fostern: When she challenged for Fostern she challenged Jinx, a Philodox of her Sept, and she was given the challenge of judging the member of another Sept for a violation of the Litany. She traveled to multiple Septs looking for litany violations that she could judge, including Kansas City and Denver, but no Septs she visited had violations for her to judge, though the Eldest Philodox of Denver had her stand in his place while he attempted his Adren challenge. She was finally successful in completing her challenge when a visiting Garou caused problems in her own Sept. A disagreement broke out before a hunt between a member of her Sept and the visitor, and both parties accused the other of Litany violation, for they were of different rank. The higher ranked Garou did not respect those below him, and the lower ranked Garou did not submit to those of higher station. The entire situation was ridiculous and petty, and the visiting Garou refused to allow himself to be punished for it, so Aisling declared them both to be in violation, and that Voice of the Jackal was the appropriate punishment, but she would only perform the Rite on the member of her Sept if the visitor allowed it to be performed on himself as well. He still refused, so neither was punished, though it was well-known that the situation had been judged. The Philodox who had given her the challenge agreed that this fit the challenge, and acknowledged her as Fostern.

First Adren: When she challenged for Adren, she challenged Papa Farwalker, an Athro Philodox, and eldest Philodox on the Sept. Farwalker was aware of her dark secret, and his challenge to her was to reveal it before the entire Sept, and to defend her position, though she didn’t have to be successful. She told the story of her family, and her first change, to the Sept, and defended herself sufficiently enough to be named Adren.

Second Adren: After fulfilling the terms of the Punishment Rites that stripped her of her Adren rank, Aisling challenged the Adren Black Fury Ragabash Artemis Kokkinos to once again be seen as Adren. In true Fury fashion, Artemis' challenge to Aisling was to join it a local women's group: get to know the women, their stories, and their problems, and then to solve a problem worthy of Adren rank. Aisling began this challenge at the Sept of Dawning Hope, but once she realized that Manhattan, Kansas was no longer the place for her, she restarted the challenge in Austin, Texas. She started a women's defense group, targeting less privileged members of society. One of the women there confessed to Aisling that her sister had become trapped within Pflugerville, and was suffering for some unknown reason, along with the other members of the town. This tied into a larger problem that Austin was having: a group of Mages had put up a ward over a portion of the city, and anyone with a spiritual resonance could not pass through; in or out. Those trapped under the dome were suffering from symptoms similar to severe depression. Aisling had already been aiding Austin in dealing with the problem, and at the full moon we were able to breach the ward and deal with those inside: a large group of Leeches performing some sort of elaborate ritual designed to raise the dead. During the ensuing battle, Aisling claimed a silver scimitar that had been used to kill six other Garou, after decapitating it's wielder with it. Using both bow and staff, she dispatched a second Leech, and aided in the destruction of two more. Once the threat was dealt with and the ward was removed, she hastened to the house where the woman's sister worked as a live-in housekeeper and nanny. The owners of the house were both dead, having died when the vampiric influence was removed. The sister and the two children were hidden in a closet, from which Aisling was able to coax them out and reunite them with family, the children with an aunt and the woman with her sister. The aunt and two children were Silver Fang kinfolk, but were unaware of that, so she introduced them to her mother, who was adept at helping other kin, and the situation was explained. The Black Fury tribal rite of Soothe the Scars helped put all those impacted by the event back on the path to healing. Artemis considered this a worthy completion of the challenge, and named her Adren.

Athro: Shortly after her re-ascension to Adren, Aisling visited the Sept of Dawning Hope, and was present for a coordinated assault on their Caern. Aisling, with a small group of others, was drawn to Manhattan's mall, where a Black Spiral Dancer was slaughtering humans. She was one of nine Garou that fell that day, and their story has not yet been sung. Once the Sept of the Wolf's Blood reclaimed her ashes from the Sept of Dawning Hope, Crimson Lullaby, Alpha of the Sept, acknowledged Aisling as Athro.

Character Inspirations

Falling in Reverse - "It's Over When It's Over":

I've got my life laid out in front of me like roads drawn on a map.
I've had so many times where I slipped off the beaten path.
I took the time to see the picture and for what it's worth.
I'd walk a thousand miles without my shoes to make it work.

I gotta remind myself that my mind is strong so I won't lose my head.
I've got my demons that I fight with every little thought and every breath.

I wear my heart up on my sleeve so my soul's exposed.

You gotta get back up from the wreckage above and walk right through the fire.
No matter what happens, the fact is that the flames keep getting higher.
You gotta keep it going, keep tiptoeing through the fire and the flames and the pain of knowing.
That the world is dark, gotta keep on going, gotta give that spark, gotta keep on glowing.

Self - Stay Home

I believe in self-assertion
Destiny is like diversion
Now it seems I've got my head on straight

I'm a freak without provision
Seems I've made the right decision
Try to turn back now, it might be too late

And it's off to the morning and back again
Same old day, same situation

"'Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be to eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends." - Gandalf

  • Michael Carpenter from The Dresden Files
  • Rafiki from The Lion King

OOC Information

Player: Amy Edie Cam Number: US2008103089

Location: Manhattan, KS