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Character Information

Name: Connor McClain

Alias: Mr. Clean, Ajax, Francis

Clan: Gangrel

Social Class: Ancillae

Coterie: Situational Violence to the Nines, "SV29"

Player Email: tomm713@gmail.com

Storyteller Email: masqueradevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

History & Timeline

Ajax was born in a moderate family in the early 1920s just before the great depression hit. He grew up in a hard time and spent more time in the dust bowl playing with other children before his family uprooted and went to the city so his father could find work. More than he would ever admit he went to bed hungry but fortunately his father managed to scrounge up enough for Ajax, his two brothers, and their family to survive.

When the second world war started Ajax had just signed up for the draft and left two weeks later to serve as one of founding members of the 1st Ranger battalion. He fought in several major battles in Sicily, Italy, and France before meeting his maker and going MIA near the climax of the second world war due to being taken by REDACTED.

Taking on the name Ajax, he relocated to Raleigh after the 2nd World War. He had to rebuild his life, a piece at a time. He found he was good at getting into tight spaces finding out a few secrets and getting out. He did that for quite a few years as a past time before taking it seriously when he found there was quite a good bit of prestation to be had in it.

Ajax had a rebel period where he fell in with a Anarch gang in the 70s and 80s before coming back in the 1990s to serve the Camarilla when he decided to “grow up”. He has been a loyal member ever since.

Time Line

  • 1923 – born in the Midwest just prior to it becoming a dust bowl causing the Great Depression
  • 1927 – Moved to Nashville with his family trying to find a way to survive in the big city
  • 1940 – graduated high school
  • 1941 – joined the US Army as an Infantryman
  • 1942 – recruited into the 1st Ranger Battalion and saw battle for the first time in the European Theater of WW2
  • 1944 – Went MIA in Europe and his body was never recovered on official paperwork
  • 1944 – ghouled by REDACTED
  • 1945 – traded to Caroline for REDACTED reasons
  • 1945-1949 – trained by Caroline in Camarilla Etiquette while a ghoul
  • 1949 – embraced by his Sire, Elijah Hunter, after dying to defend Caroline
  • 1970-1989 – left the Camarilla and member of an Anarch gang, pending details and ties with other characters
  • 199? – recruited into The Shop coterie
  • 2003 – Recruited into the Gangrel Faction, the REDACTED
  • 2015 – moves to Atlanta, GA

Notable Traits


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