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Privileged (Abiding)


Grandsire: Unknown
Sire: Kelwa of Aksum
Childer: Rafael Hernandez

Oh, I've spent a great deal of my life realizing I should have shut up twenty minutes ago.
- Akua

|"Peeping Tom ft. Rosie Harte" - Jamie Berry
|"I Can't Decide" - Scissor Sisters
|"Trespassing" - Adam Lambert
|"Vogue" - Madonna
|"Mr Saxobeat" - Alexandra Stan
|"No Sleepin'" - Corina feat. JJ
|"Explosive" - Bond
|"Paparazzi" - Lady Gaga
|"Natalie" - Bruno Mars
|"Killer Queen" - Queen
|"Blank Space" - Taylor Swift
|"Scream & Shout" - will.i.am
|Full Playlist

Lwaxana Troi - Star Trek
The Wife of Bath - The Canterbury Tales
Captain Jack Harkness - Torchwood

Akua Heading.png

  • Embraced sometime around Norman Sicily's occupation of coastal Ifrīqiya
  • Was kicked out of the Ebony Kingdom while still a neonate, and has spent most of her existence as an independent.
  • Early 1300s: Sweden, mostly around Copenhagen.
  • Embraced Rafael Hernandez some time in the 1400s
  • 1455: Reappears in overall kindred society at an Elysium in Carthage, Rafael in tow.
  • 1692: "Dies" in an explosion in Barcelona.
  • 1751: Appears at court in Marseilles, France, before leaving abruptly four years later.
  • 1780: In England, being seen around the company of local Ventrue and Malkavians.
  • 1856: Paris, France. in a coterie with Nicholas Loring until she fakes her own death and disappears.
  • 1900: Is known to be, at least briefly, in Greece.
  • 2008: Joins the Camarilla in Venezuela
  • 2011: Travels to America for the first time
  • 2015: Crosses the United States to settle for a while in California

Her many aliases, and known years of use:

Aisha Anna Rossi: 1300-1410
Osanna Rossi: 1411-1425
Chifuniro Capello 1430-1575
Porcia Capello 1576-1692
Sameera Adamo 1751-1789
Gabriella De Santis: 1790-1885
Laura Serafin 1886-1919
Luciana Soriano 1920-1952
Coralie Giroux 1953-1989
Matilde Annunciata Martelli 1990-2014

  • Appearance: Akua dresses in bright colors, usually with more than one scarf draped and tied around her. Her straight black hair is loose but always held back from her face.
  • Notable Traits: Akua hates men as a rule, seeing them as tools to be used and discarded. There are very few exceptions to this.
  • Demeanor: Towards women, flirty and seemingly genuine if a little over the top. Towards men, dismissive until they prove to be of some use, even if that use is only being entertaining.
  • Habits: Changing her name every so often, being snarky towards things she finds unfitting of kindred, flirting with women.
  • Other Things Of Note: Akua is perpetually warm and appears alive to all but the most trained eyes.

  • She has a thing for Ventrue
  • What showed up in Sonoma is just a very good copy of Akua.
  • The real thing actually did die in that explosion.
  • She is easily bored and tends to kill what bores her.
  • Her French is both impeccable and atrocious, as she sounds like a native until gibberish slips out.
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  • "Oh, my dear old friend. I thought she was dead. I mourned her. I never have been so happy to be so wrong. She always makes my life so delightfully complicated." Nicholas Loring
  • "I am certainly my mother's son." Rafael Hernandez

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sonoma, CA
Player: Sasha Dillman
Storyteller: Jon Grimmer

I'm super interested in getting more ties to folks all over! I'd love to fill out my background with kindred of all ages, genders, orientations, and affiliations.

Please email the player if you wish to make ties!

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