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Sabbat PC

Player: Kevin Smith
Character: Alan Bannerman
Clan: Brujah
Position: None
Status: Initiated, Loyal, Courageous,
Domain: C0-15-D
VST: Mike Tann

Character Information

Name: Alan Bannerman formerly "Gabriel"

Sire: Unknown

Clan: Brujah

Pack: Thrice-Denied

Status: Initiated, Loyal, Courageous

Title or Position: Grunt if that can be called a position :)

Known History

Little is actually known of the exploits of this Cainite. He's remarked on occasion that he laments the modern era and misses the nights of old hearkening unto an age where the Vozhd walked the earth and the Sabbat drank entire villages to fuel their war machine against the Camarilla but it could all be a lie or a delusion. All that is really known is that he came to battle in concert with the Chronicle under the auspices of the name Gabriel and had since that time rose to the position of Ductus only to watch on as it fractured around him. The Chronicle is no more and it died on his watch. He took back his chosen name of Alan Bannerman and joined with a forming pack. Thrice-denied they will come to be known and he hopes this will be where he can blood his fists for the betterment of the Sword. His power is well demonstrated and his lust for blood evident. Can he shake off this change and adapt as a Cainite should? Will he rise above his failures to be the razor edge of the sword he desires to be or grind himself to ashes in rage and ruin midst the walls of the ephemeral Camarilla fortress crying out in the night at the impotence of his god-like strength? (ooc: insert self-criticizing remark about melodrama here) The coming nights will be the testing crucible forcing the truth to those questions.



OOC Information

Player: Kevin Smith

MES Number: US2007121496

Location: Colorado Springs, CO