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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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General Information


Name: Alaric Archard

Alias: Bae Wilson (mortal Identity)

Creature Type: Mage

Cell: Broward Florida

Local Accord Status: 5

Vault Status: 3 (Archivist)

Favorite Song: Wizard by: Black Sabbath

Notable Personality Traits: Honorable, Reliable, Knowledgeable

Physical Features

Age: 29 but looks like he could be younger
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Brown (buzzed)
Eyes: Right eye is hazel | Left eye is red
Dominate Features: has long scars going down left side of

his face over his eye

The War Against The Truth

Brief Background

  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Real Name: Unkown

Personal Information

Personal Information: Those who know his true abilities knows

that he tends to be very careful in his use of magic. "He learned
the day he became an awakened that magic comes with a price.
He is thoughtful and caring, but is willing to do what must be
done to stop the truth. He was trained by Gideon who was
killed during the Langley Massacre. This loss has left Alaric lost
and confused and he seeks to rebuild his own path in the world.

Though proud of who he is and the struggles he has overcome,

he often seems to hold a slight regret about how he became
awakened, often saying those who still sleep are truly blessed.


  • 2002: Awakened Due to Vampires attacking him on prom night
and Gideon (his mentor) saving him. Joined the Accord and the
Vault alongside his mentor.
  • 2003: Moved to New York for college, (majored in journalism
and minored in History) and continued studying under his mentor.
  • 2007: earned his bachelor, and completed his first novel which
earned him minor fame, as a writer.
  • 2007: Moved to San Diego California met Mesmer who became
a dear friend (non believer)
  • 2008: Had to leave California due to almost getting Mesmer
killed by a Truth cult of Vampires.
  • 2008: Gideon decides that Alaric needs to understand how
The Accord operates in different cities and how the Truth
can attack in many different ways. He decides they will
travel around the country.
  • 2008: Gideon during their travels begins to teach Alaric
the path “House of Ariadne”
  • 2010: Gideon Sends Alaric to South Florida to seek an
item of some sort that could alter the chances with the
war against the Truth. Gideon then Heads to Langley
where he dies at the massacre.
  • 2010: Begins making local connections with other
Accord members as he begins his search.

Allies, Aquaintances, and Enemies




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Goals/ Plans

• To locate whatever his mentor found here in Broward and use it to destroy the Truth (hopefully)

• To protect his fellow members with all his abilities

• To cautiously grow his powers (through wise choices)

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• Alaric has a hard time dealing with vampires due to some horrible past experience.

• Some think that his scar was at the hands of a Vampire.

• Alaric has feelings for his oldest Friend Mesmer.

• He has been in this war since his awakening and has a hard time fitting into Mage Society.

• Alaric came to this city in search of something left by his mentor Gideon, Gideon believed this (whatever it is) could change the course of the war against The Truth. This has stayed hidden from Alaric. His last lead was from Marcus but Marcus went nuts before he could tell Alaric what he knew.

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Personal Standings

• Alaric has been apart of the Broward Accord Cell since it's start over a year ago. He has almost died trying to stay true to it's goal and members. And has even been on trial within the local mage community for his actions against mages. Through it all he has stood by his choices, and convictions about what the Accord stands for (or what he believes it stands for). And now he is in a position of leadership, a position that no one else has held for very long. His only hope is that he can lead it well or leave it in good hands when he dies...
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OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Morgan Duty

MES Number: US2010045815

Location: FL-032-D

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