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Apocalypse PC

Player: April Douglas
Character: Alaska Rose Hayes
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Rank: Kinfolk
Domain: Puerto Rico
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Character Information


Name: Alaska Rose Hayes

Other Names: Liberty Star Hennessey, Carolina Worth, Megan Massey

Auspice: Born under the Ahroun Moon

Tribe: Children of Gaia--Pure Breed 3

About Alaska

Notable Traits:

Alaska's bike

Alaska is a lovely young woman looking to be in her early 20's. She doesn't look overly imposing, standing only 5'5" with gentle curves and a delicate look about her. She has ash-blonde hair cut in an adorable pixie cut and curling gently, glittering hazel eyes, and pale skin scattered lightly with freckles. She has a heart-shaped face and a sweet smile that almost seem out of place with the numerous facial piercings she sports. Nose, tongue, labret, conch, four piercings in her right ear and five in the left, all of which seem to be silver with various brightly colored jewels. She has a sparkling diamond dermal anchor nestled down in her cleavage. She has visible tattoos on the inside of both wrists--roses--and on the back of her neck--a tribal butterfly. She wears clothes fit for comfort and ease, usually jeans and a tank-top with a fitted leather jacket, heavy motorcycle boots, and a tattered old canvas bag that she's never seen without.

Alaska is well known for her computer skills, and her attitude. She doesn't have much patience for stupidity, and she has no problems making that clear, even if the person being an idiot is a Garou.

Alaska recently has developed the ability to use Gnosis, and she tends to use her abilities to heal in an emergency.

Alaska tends to be fairly cheerful, though she is almost always wary of strange Garou. She is often quick to anger, and quick to smile again. She likes to wear pink, and she loves her motorcycle. She's recently started wearing a lovely platinum ring on her left ring finger...

Alaska's Ring


  • January 1st, 1991--Born under an Ahroun to Rose and Mark Hayes, the oldest child.
  • March, 1993--Alaska's uncle Lukas, only 5 years older than she is, comes to live with the family after the death of his mother.
  • 1993-1997--Four younger siblings are born (open to character ties here.)
  • March, 2001--Lukas goes through his first shift. Alaska is there when it happens. Several older boys are torturing her and when one of them trips Alaska and harms her, Lukas attempts to protect her. No one is killed, although several of the boys are terribly injured. Alaska has trouble dealing with what happened, and Lukas is sent away to a sept far away to learn.
  • June, 2001--Alaska and family spend the summer in Spain in an attempt to help her through some of the issues she has after the ordeal with her Uncle. Alaska continues to have nightmares.
  • January, 2007--Lukas and his pack returns. He has become quite militant in his time away, and spends his time following in the footsteps of Imminent Strike. His pack needs someone to help them handle their day to day affairs, and he wants Alaska to come with them. Alaska leaves in the middle of the night.
Alaska's rose
  • 2007-2012--The pack, with Alaska in tow, do quite a bit of traveling.
  • January 1, 2012--Alaska leaves in the middle of the night following a successful attack on a hive in Montana. Several of their people are lost, but they win the day. Little is known about what actually happened, but Alaska was seen driving like a bat out of hell at 5am, her pack following after her a few short hours later. Since then, she has rarely stayed in one place for very long.
  • August 2012--Alaska has a son and promptly gives him up for adoption to a kinfolk couple that has helped her through the last difficult weeks of her pregnancy. She has not seen her child since then, and she is not in contact with the family.
  • 2012-October, 2013--Alaska travels from place to place, rarely staying for very long.
  • October, 2013--Alaska settles at the [Sept of The Golden Door]. She isn't sure about the place, but she needs to stop running for awhile.
  • December, 2013--Alaska is taken in the middle of the night by Lukas and her former pack. She spends several days in their possession before Damian finds her. The two spend the next two weeks hunting down the rest of the pack and killing them all, finally giving her some measure of closure to her past.


Friends and Family: (Please Add yourself here!)

  • Tears of Laughter - Sept Alpha. Alaska seems to be quite close to him.
  • Safiya - Friend
  • Ebony - Friend and Confidant
  • Rebecca Cole - Cousin
  • Tia Ragins - Friend and fellow Kin. These two aren't trouble makers, not at all.
  • Marina Petri - Friend and fellow Kin. These two aren't trouble makers, not at all.

Word on the Street

Alaska's tattoo


  • Alaska has a child somewhere out there, a little boy that she gave up for adoption.
  • She might look like a Child of Gaia, but with those computer skills, she's got to be a Glasswalker.

Quotes about her:

  • "I like Alaska. She's funny, smart and cute. Something tells me to never get on her bad side, though" - Ebony
  • "I'm told that Alaska's family didn't see more than her breeding potential when they looked at her. I have no doubt that Alaska would breed fine children, and hopefully will some day, but I've received more information from her research than I usually get from setting Pattern Spiders to service. There are vistas of talent in this girl that I'm exploring little by little." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "The spirit of my mother led me to her. My own spirit will keep me by her side forever. She is my partner, my heart and my home." - Damian Tears of Laughter
  • "Alaska is trouble. I like her. I wouldn't suggest pissing her off, she is a computer geek..." - Ebony

Quotes about others:

Alaska's tattoo
  • "He is my heart, my world, my everything. I know we won't grow old together, because that's just not how life works in the Nation. But I will love him and hold him close to me until I can't any longer. You can tell me it's wrong because he's Metis, or because I'm cheating some "real" garou out of a mate, and I'll tell you to fuck off. I have made my choice, and my choice is him." - Said about Damian Tears of Laughter


Alaska cam.jpg

OOC Information

Player: April Douglas

MES Number: US2002034121

Location: Missoula, MT