Alastor Voler

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Awakening PC

Player: Thomas Harden
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: in training
Position: None yet
Consilium: Olympia, WA
City: Olympia, WA
Cabal: None yet
VST: VST Rachel H.

Birth Name: ha! ha! ha!

Shadow Name: Alastor Voler

Sleeper Alias: Good try


Alastor stands right at 5'5, short spiky bleached hair stands at attention above blue eyes.

consistently figetting, he is a bubbly chatterbox who would flirt with anyone, as long as they stand still long enough

while this mastigos is not what most people think of when the word warlock is said, but behind the bubbly chipperness lies a a mind that would have no problems calling demons from the depts of your mind to make your life a living hell

Magical Tools

  • A silver Skeleton Key acts as a tool dedicated by the principles of his order
  • A tattooed mathematical equation, running from inside of his elbow to wrist acts as a tool dedicated to life and space. for those in the know, it is the Drake equation
  • A small iron disk, approximately three inches across and inlaid with brass and horn acts as a tool dedicated to his path


  • Born, Marseilles Franch 1991
  • Awoke 2011
  • Moved To Washington 2016


A Cacophony of sounds, a riot of situational fitting sounds surround him, as a wide Cheshire grin splits his face and his eyes flash a vivid green. Powerful magic might even cause moodswings and headaches in listeners, interestingly, the noise created by such a nimbus cannot be recorded and does not appear on sound recording equipment


Looking For

Business partners, rivals, family, and marks


  • has a thing for guys with guns
  • Regularly Breaks into places...for giggles
  • not in a cabal, he broke the last one up, due to sleeping with the other members
  • yes, that is a gun in his pocket, and yes he is happy to see you



  • Chat Noir from Miraculous ladybug