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((This character has not yet been created. This is purely preemptive.))

Dr. Albert Kensing

Player: Rob Nunley
Creature Type: Human
Division: None
City: Raleigh, NC

Fayetteville Murders of 2003

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The Fayetteville Murders of 2003 refers to the series of eight murders committed in the area of Fayetteville, North Carolina from February 18 to July 2. The identity of the perpetrator of the murders is still unknown. Five women and three men were targeted, with ages ranging from 19 to 37 years old. The perpetrator was given the nickname "The Fayetteville Surgeon" by local news crews, so called for the precise method by which he extracted various organs from his victims.

One suspect was arrested under suspicion of having committed the murders, however after a lengthy trial, he was acquitted of all charges.

The Murders

Included among the victims were:

  • Julia Mann - Age 23 - Heart removed
  • Natalie Adams - Age 19 - Eyes removed
  • Victor O'Conner - Age 27 - Lungs and three ribs removed
  • Penelope Ferguson - Age 37 - Brain removed
  • Christian Green - Age 34 - Lymph nodes removed
  • Mary Harris - Age 29 - Pancreas removed
  • Linette Kensing - Age 32 - Brain removed

Each victim was found in their home with consistent bruising around the wrists, ankles, and neck as though bound. No major incidental wounds were found on any of the victims, with the only major injuries being surgical wounds around the sites of the removed organ(s). The cause of death in each case has been determined as either the removal of the organ, in the case of vital organs, or blood loss, which when paired with the bruising is indicative of the victims potentially being awake during the procedure. In the investigation into the murders, it was discovered that every victim had either visited or been involved in some way with the Cape Fear Valley Health Center no longer than two months before their time of death.

The Arrest and Trial of Albert Kensing

Albert Kensing, at the time aged 30, was a general surgeon at the Cape Fear Valley Health Center from 2000 until 2003, as well as the husband of the last victim, Linette Kensing. After her body was discovered by a neighbor on July 2nd, 2003, police arrested Dr. Kensing and after a short investigation, he was placed on trial for her murder, as well as the murders and torture of the seven other victims. On September 19, 2003, Kensing was indicted by a grand jury for eight counts of 1st degree murder. On September 28, 2003, Kensing was arraigned and pleaded not guilty on all charges. He was placed on trial on February 13, 2005, and found not guilt on all charges on March 8, 2005.

Albert Kensing's trial, while hotly debated, received strangely little media coverage.Opinion As well, immediately following the trial, the court records were sealed and reports were made that any news networks that continued to air coverage of the case were to face civil chargesCitation needed.


Albert Kensing was released following the trial, and having left his position at the Cape Fear Valley Health Center, was hired by a small biotech firm owned by the illusive Chiron GroupCitation needed. Rumors have placed Dr. Kensing in the Research Triangle Park area, after ties had been cut between him and his late wife's family in Fayetteville.

Behind the Curtain

Mages with ties to the area may know of one or more of the victims, all of whom were either Proximi or newly awakened Mages.

During the trial, Dr. Kensing's council was provided by the Chiron Group's large coffers, on the condition that he took their job offer following the trial. After six years as a researcher within the group, he requested a transfer to asset retrieval which was granted. In 2013 he had his first run-in with the Church of Ultimate Truth and joined the Accord shortly thereafter.

Rumors Throughout the Accord

  • Dr. Kensing really did murder those people, but it was covered up as part of a vast conspiracy.
  • He was framed for the murders so that he could be blackmailed by the Chiron Group.
  • He was personally trained by the Seers of the Throne as a weapon against the Pentacle Mages.
  • He enjoys conducting scientific experiments on members of the Accord.

Quotes Regarding Dr. Kensing

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