Albertus Magnus Albus

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sioux Falls, SD
Player: Derek Burrow
Storyteller: Krista Ward
Albertus Magnus Albus

Name: Albert Weiss
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: 1246
Generation: 8th
Sire: Vácslav Čapek
Position: Elder, Prince of Sioux Falls, SD, Regent of the 3rd Circle
Nicknames/Aliases: Capetanus Albert Weiss bani Tremere, Albertus Magnus Albus (his more common nickname within the Clan), Big Al, Albert the White, The Butcher of Vlk Brana


  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged
  • Sovereign
  • Commander
  • Authority
  • Loyal (Harpy of Sioux Falls)
  • Honorable (Prince of New Orleans)
  • Acclaimed (Tremere Primogen of New Orleans)


  • 1213: Born in Mala Strana, Bohemia.
  • 1230: Joins band of mercenaries fighting the Mongols in Hungary.
  • 1239: Contracted to escort magus of House Tremere to Chantry Vlk Brana in Northern Bohemia. Attacked on the way by Hermetics, but manage to fight their way free.
  • 1240-1245: Takes lead of the security forces of the Chantry.
  • 1246: The Chantry comes under siege by the Hermetics. Albert and his men are Embraced as a last ditch effort to stave off destruction. They succeed in routing the besieging forces.
  • 1247-1325: Escapes to Ceoris with his Chantry. Is given command of ghouled mercenaries and sent out to fight the Hermetics, assisting besieged Chantries and helping escort Tremere vampires and magi to Ceoris. He participates in the defense of Ceoris itself.
  • 1326-1493: After the cessation of the Massasa War (the wizard March of House Tremere), Albert is traded amongst Regents and Lords to hunt Salubri and contest Tremere territory against the Tzimisce. He trains Tremere and their security forces. Fights in the Omen War. Fights against the Anarchs
  • 1493: Albert attends Thorns as a guard to the Tremere delegation. Mouths off to one of the high level dignitaries of the Clan and is relegated to general dogsbody duty. Completely misses the discussions, backroom dealings, and backstabbing, instead being sent to run messages and attend to the horses. Describes Thorns as "the worst vacation I ever took".
  • 1494-2000s: Albert continues to be passed around Europe, hunting Salubri and fighting for Tremere interests, especially against the Sabbat and Anarchs. Acquires the (intended as insulting) nickname Albertus Magnus Albus ("Big White Albert") as a joke about his lack of magical prowess, mixing the name of a famous wizard with Albert's last name (meaning "white" in German).
  • 1738: Establishment of the Blood Magic Registry sees Albert with a new job: Bodyguarding Tremere registrars as they deal with members of other Clans.
  • 1881: Dragged along as muscle and bodyguard to the Conclave in London. Spends a truly epic several days partying once the Conclave is over.
  • 1914-1918, 1933-1936: Albert primarily defends Tremere holdings during World Wars I and II, organizing and training ghouls in their defense. He continues to assist the registrars with the Blood Magic Registry.
  • 1933: Another Conclave, more illegal blood magic, more work. The story of Albert's life.
  • 1989: Albert is dragooned into hunting down Gehenna cultists and rounding up Noddist literature.
  • 2015: Transferred to Toronto, Canada.
  • 2016: January- Transferred to construct/restore the Chantry of Red Deer, Alberta. Made Tremere Primogen for the Court of Red Deer. February- Fought in the Battle of Waco. April- Named the Canadian Tremere Clan Head. June- Fought against the Infernalists of Detroit (GLRE 2016 pre-convention proxy). July- Fought in the Battle of New Orleans (Cohort II). September- Transferred to, and made Seneschal.

Character Description

Albert Weiss is a big man, built not with the careful definition of a modern body builder but the heavy, fat, ropey muscles of a successful professional soldier born in a time before calorie counting and portion control. He stands at around 6'8", his black beard poorly trimmed before his Embrace, his hair grown longer than is really fashionable in polite society. His face bears several scars, some faded and some looking relatively young, the marks of previous battles. Big, calloused hands are adorned by a few gold rings, but he wears no other jewelery.
Albert tends to wear simple clothing, slacks and dress shirts which do little to compliment his figure. However, despite his size he moves with careful, controlled energy and total surety of purpose. The second adjective most people would use to describe Albert is dangerous.


  • Albert has absolutely zero talent for Thaumaturgy. Rumour has it that this has led to an inverse talent, a natural resistance to magic so strong that Albert's presence sometimes negates active spells.
  • Despite being at Thorns, Albert has never been heard to describe himself as an "Architect of the Camarilla". In fact, he seems to just want to forget he was ever there.
  • Albert has been promoted to Apprentice of the Seventh Circle three times, but has been punted down each time due to his big mouth.
  • Albert is the creator of the pulp character Albrecht Fell, a character created on the 1920s and very, very loosely based on Albert's own exploits. He buys the rights to the character every time they come up, and has written him under many names.
  • Albert smiled once... that kindred is dead now.
  • Albert is a member of Clan Assamite.
  • Shakespeare once said that "Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once" because of what he has heard and seen of Albert.
  • Albert wields an actual blessed sword, a holy weapon which broke an Infernal curse. Hilariously, he has apparently owned it for centuries without realizing its true power.
  • ...unfortunately, the demon lord Nubarus ate the sweapon only a few months after Albert discovered its power.
  • Albert was recently involved in some kind of dust-up at the Chantry in Sarnia, Ontario. While it is unclear what happened, rumours suggest it may have involved a fight with Thomas Wyncham, the member of the Council of Seven tasked with overseeing the Canadian Tremere.
  • Albert was recently transferred to Sioux Falls, South Dakota due to the above incident. Others say that he was sent down to deal with the Infernalism problem.


From Albert

  • "Arbitrium vincit omnia!" used as a battle cry ("Will conquers all", the ancient motto of Clan Tremere)
  • "Your enemy will fall, and you will savour her defeat. You will outlast her. It is the truest victory for our kind." advice given to a younger Tremere
  • "The man needs a ruler to measure his cock instead of trying to measure it with idiocy. [...] Ah. I have been informed this Prince is a woman. I am unsure if I wish to retract my earlier statements. Not because I think she is any less stupid, but because I wish to be clear and accurate in my statements of her unbelievably deranged idiocy." on the subject of a particularly stupid Prince
  • "Oh dear Jesus." upon being voluntold into being Keeper of Elysium
  • "I have made good on my threat. I will so again next month if you fail to act. Beatings will continue until morale improves." after having read a section of his latest novel to the Court of Toronto, making good on a threat to do so if no one else offered to host Elysium
  • "You are fighting with your magic wand as if you were a boy bedding his first woman, dick in hand unsure what hole to stick it in but DAMN sure he's going to cum on her. You have magic, you have fire, and you are DAMN sure you will set something alight. But the boy's first woman will leave unsatisfied, and like her our enemy will not be defeated this way." to a group of particularly overeager Tremere who REALLY wanted to set something on fire...didn't really matter what
  • "We cannot afford the hubris of assuming one attack will defeat, or even drastically weaken, our foes. You have a word for it now...damned if I can remember...something to do with tinned pork? You cannot tinned pork these foes with fire and pray for the best. You must be CONTROLLED with such weapons, and use it in turn to control your foes...what POSSIBLE significance could tinned pork have to your culture to mean the excessive and focused use of a single attack? I will never understand the New World's ridiculous idioms, I swear." Albert attempting to explain why spamming things with fire is bad and forgetting his slang
  • "The greatest magic in the world is having faith in the boundless stupidity of others." Albert on how all his recent political opponents have died due to scandal

From Others

  • "It takes real skill to be both blunt and eloquent. I can learn a lot form Elder Albus. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to." - Isabella Marie
  • "Albert is endowed with great strength and intelligence; an I find him to be a illustrious warrior. Albert is a man I admire for his achievements and noble qualities." Seer Ambrosia Paine
  • "Albert is the Tremere's response to Chuck Norris. And my god, the stories. Just be sure that once you get him started, you have time to let him finish." - Maria Aigner
  • "Amusing." - Eris Argyris
  • "Ask to fight. Stoneking give fight. Surprise many not take issue." - Stoneking
  • "When Tremere were asked to advise, I was made. When Tremere were asked to intrigue, Margareta Sasul was made. When Tremere were asked to war, Albertus Magnus Albus was made." - Rand Ryan
  • "Made for war, but not just a pretty fist, there is a brain behind there too." - Margareta Sasul
  • " He's a bit confusing to talk to. I still got no idea what he meant by tinned pork. He's got a Bardiche though, so that's pretty nifty. - Samuel Gable
  • " A Tremere with out Magic is not really a Tremere, Welcome to learn in Phoenix any time and I'll show you what a Real War-Tremere can do. - Shavo
  • "I believe Clanhead Albus to be a unique individual that I would like to get to know better." Kleio Astraia
  • "ROMANCE? Albert? Oh honey, there are exactly two men that this old heart still beats for, and Albert Weiss is not one of them. Let's not confuse the issue." - Madame Ponciliet
  • "You are no great sorcerer, Weiss. You are a blunt instrument, a weapon this Clan can wield where it needs to. You are also a relic of a war long past that we are unlikely to have to fight again. The impertinence and vulgarity you are known for [...] would be amusing in a skilled magician, but in a soldier it is just irritating." - Councilor Thomas Wyncham
  • "This guy right here... I find great joy in watching him work and watching him fight. I am not entirely sure how his crazy plans seem to work, but the fact is, they sometimes do. You either rise to the occasion, or you fall hard I suppose. Either way, he is definitely one to keep an eye on." - Grace Miller
  • "He stepped between me and one that I fear, when no one else has. It gave me the strength to stand up to her myself. That's not a feeling that I'll soon forget, and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay him for it." - Isabella Marie
  • "There are not many I trust these nights to lead us in war. Many have proven to be leaders with no team or plan. Quite disappointing, and highly dangerous. I find Elder Albus a true leader. He is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. It is a true honor, to be lead by him." Abigal Beauchemin
  • "The guy is good. Keeps the grumpy dragon quiet." Lotus Adair
  • "Scary Prince, but less of a stick up his ass than Crane. I can live with this one." Caspian Giovanni
  • "Albert is someone I consider a friend. Something that may surprise some people considering how hard it is to keep friends in this existence, but somehow Albert has achieved that vaunted position of "Someone Mike Dante Trusts". When someone drags you out of a burning car that builds a certain bond.And when they teach you to fight afterwards it builds that bond further. Prestation can't measure what I feel I owe him, but I intend to pay him back somehow." Mike Dante
  • "It is unfortunate that most of the times we have been in proximity to one another have been upon the field of war, dispatching hordes of infernal and destructive foes. I expect that given time and the good fortune of peace, we would have a great many things to discuss other than battle plans." Midas Madison


  • The Witcher (Andrzej Sapkowski)- Geralt of Rivia
  • Rome- Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson) and Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd)
  • Game of Thrones- Bronn (Jerome Flynn) and Ser Gregor Clegane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson)
  • Monstrous Regiment (by Terry Pratchett)- Sergeant Jackrum
  • Codex Alera (by Jim Butcher)- Valiar Marcus (but not his alter ego)
  • The Dresden Files (by Jim Butcher)- Donald Morgan


  • Miracle of Sound- "The Path"
  • Miracle of Sound- "Wake the White Wolf"
  • Game of Thrones theme song
  • Nightwish- "Over The Hills And Far Away"
  • Gaim no Kaze- "Just Live More"
  • NwA- "Straight Outta Compton"
  • Blue Oyster Cult- "Veteran of the Psychic Wars"
  • Ron Wasserman- "We Need A Hero"

Applicable Tropes

Looking For Ties

  • Tremere who were around in the early days of the Clan, especially those at Ceoris starting in the late 13th century. Albert helped break Hemetic sieges and escort Tremere caravans fleeing to Ceoris during the War...all sorts of possible ties. He was also sort of a general military dogsbody around the Chantry during those days.
  • Tremere registrars working with the Blood Magic Registry who Albert could have been a bodyguard to in the past.
  • Salubri, Tzimisce, and other "former" enemies of the Tremere who Albert could have fought in the past.
  • military-oriented members of the core Camarilla clans, plus the Gargoyles, who Albert could have fought alongside in Europe against the Sabbat and similar baddies,
  • Lords and Regents in Europe who could have used Albert's services to deal with one problem or another
  • Tremere who Albert has either insulted or been insulted by. Were you ever a Lord in Europe? Want to have busted down some mouthy thug in rank? Were you a snickering magical prodigy involved in coining his (intended to be insulting) nickname, mocking the sorcerously inept Elder?
  • Collectors or creators of antique weaponry, this being one of Albert's hobbies.
  • Fellow Kindred authors
  • General amusement.

Player Contact Information

Player: Derek Burrow
CaM Number:
Domain: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CND-08: Dire Epiphany)