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Requiem PC

Player: Brenna Beattie-Palmore
Character: Alisa Alexievna Ruzhanova
Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: None
Covenant: Invictus
Position: Priscus
Status: 3
Domain: Washington DC
VST: Julian G

Character Information

Name: Alisa Alexievna Ruzhanova

Aliases: Princess Alisa Gavriilevna Ruzhanova (While Mortal), Alice Pajari, Alexis Gabriel, Alice Frost, Alicia Snow, Allison deWinter, Adele d'Hiver, Aliz Esterhazy, Diana Almassy

Sire: Morena Vasiliyevna

Clan: Nosferatu


Covenant: Invictus

Status: Nosferatu 2, Invictus 2, Washington DC 3

Notable Traits: Pretty and elegant, with long dark hair and flashing dark eyes. Her skin is truly as white, smooth and flawless as the finest porcelain, and always as cold as snow, and her blood, due to her clan's interesting changes, is indigo, giving her blue lips and other hints of blue in her skin. Her movements are always perfectly quiet and smooth, like the fall of a snowflake, an image encouraged by the icy chill of her skin and sharp tongue. Perhaps its her age or her Russian royal ancestry, but the only shocking thing about her manner is the ease which she can swear, though never to a superior. Most assume that her soft-spoken, merry nature and dislike of strife and fuss means she's too pure to use profanity. It's more because swearing is so much more effective when used sparingly. She favors clothing in cool colors, icy white, jet black, blues, greens, violets, all to enhance her frosty beauty.

--Creep: Alien Grace, skin feels 20 degrees colder than ambient temperature, Vitae comes out blue, skin is perfectly white

Title or Position: Alder Lady Alisa Alexievna Ruzhanova, Countess of East Falls Church, Thrud of the Valkyrie, (to Mortals) CEO, Borealis Imports (as Alice Pajari) CEO, Polaris Security (as Alexis Gabriel)


--Lady Ruzhanova's bleached and blue complexion is the result of her being drowned in the Neva River during her embrace.

--Lady Ruzhanova's conquest of Falls Church is the result of a card game between the Invictus and the Brood. Lady R. cheated.

--Lady Ruzhanova once had a torrid love affair with a budding Japanese rock star, inspiring his glam rock style of dress and makeup. She will always be bitter that he dumped her.

--Lady R is rather touchy-feely with Maxim. Is she just messing with him or is it possible that the old bitch has romantic feelings for him?

--Her Ladyship used to have a haven on chicken legs in the forests of Russia.

--Lady Ruzhanova is in bed with every Mafiya Big Wig on the Eastern Seaboard. Literally.

--Lady Ruzhanova has a soft spot for rugged-looking Carthians.

--Lady Ruzhanova is actually not as old as she is... I hear she's only about 20 years embraced.

--Lady Ruzhanova has bad blood with certain powerful families in the Mother Country.

--The Alder Countess has recently been seen making eyes at the newly reawakened M. Arneaux de Chevalier. They've always had a strange friendship, but is there a scandalous side to their bond?


"She Stoops to Conquer"--Motto on Her Ladyship's Coat of Arms

"Don't start with me. I fed on more troublesome cockerels than you when I was an unreleased childe. I wouldn't sully my lips with your vitae, but I would wear your scalp for a nightcap!"

"Beware, just because the Alder Lady laughs with you, doesn't mean she isn't also laughing at you." -- Ramiel


"Frozen" by Madonna

"Miss Murder", both the original by AFI and the VNV Nation Remix

"Lacrimosa Dies Illa"

"Love Like Winter" by AFI

OOC Information

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Player Name Brenna Beattie-Palmore

MES Number US2005065593

Location Washington DC